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Ivory wedding veil with butterflies using ivory lace Hilda 1
A showstopping veil with 3D butterfly embel­lis­hment from Harry Holtby Couture using ivory lace Hilda.
Modern Wedding shoes made using ivory lace Keegan 2
Amazing shoes for the bride using ivory lace Keegan.
Modern Wedding shoes made using ivory lace Keegan 1
Amazing shoes for the bride using ivory lace Keegan.
Cornelia Dress1
Sequinned Lace Appliques Cornelia being pinned to a dress by Susie Grist Couture.
Cape with Gravity Crystal Trim
A wonderful new cape design featuring Gravity Crystal Trim.
Faith Lace Trim
A Stunning head piece designed by Sian Collins of Blossom and Bluebirds. This piece uses Faith Lace Trim.
Iowa Lace Trim
A lovely veil embellished using Iowa Trim and designed by Sian Collins of Blossom and Bluebird.
Lucy Lace Dress
Lucy lace was used to create this stunning cover up.
Naomi Ivory Lace Veil
This magnificent Veil was created using Naomi Ivory Lace.
Majestic white and Andromeda Trim Dress
This dress uses our Majestic White Satin material and Andromeda Trim
Naomi white accessory2
A stunning accessory bag to match a first holy communion dress made with our Naomi white 3D floral lace in white. Thank you Dodie Designer Dressmaker.
French Fancy Dress
This dress 'French Fancy' was created using Cameo Silk, Tucana Mofif and Gemini Trim. It was created by the wonderful No:9 Bridal Couture
ivory Columba Applique
This very pretty flower girl dress was made by Brenda Rowe of Brenda's Bridal Boutique & uses our Ivory Columba applique.
Mimosa Appliques Dress
This stunning dress was sent to us by DeeDee. Mimosa Appliques were used to create the stunning effect on the back and the arms.
Rosemary Jane - Belinda Appliques
Another amazing dress by Rosemary Jane Designs. 'Shannon' used our Belinda Appliques to create this wonderful & unusual effect.
Naomi White Lace Headpiece
This breathtaking head piece was created by Jane Moran Designs and uses our Naomi White Lace
Buffy Goodman Embroideries Upclose
A close up of the beautiful Mistral Crystal Embroideries. Photos from www.­­buffy­go­odman.­­­com
Olivia Beaded Veil
This elegant, beautiful Veil was created by asy­­ouli­­ke­­it­­wed­­din­­gve­­ils and uses our Olivia Beaded Lace
Pisces Crystal Embroidery Headpiece
The last headpiece in this collection, uses our Pisces Crystal Embroidery.
Pegasus Crystal Embroidery
Created again by Eva, this headpiece uses our Pegasus Crystal Embroidery.
Darcey Lace Trim in Ivory Headpiece
From the same collection, this headpiece also uses Darcey Lace Trim
Darcy in ivory headpiece
This headpiece was created by Eva of Esoza using Darcey Lace Trim
Jessica Lace Shoes Decoration From Side
Same Shoes decorated with our Jessica Lace, view from the side
Jessica Lace shoes decoration
These shoes are decorated with our Jessica Lace. Amazing!
Reverse of Chantilly Lace Bolero
Reverse of Chantilly Lace Bolero, made using Francesca Lace
Francesca Chantilly Lace
This beautiful Bolero was created using Francesca Lace
Faux Fur Cape
Created by Claire Taylor, bridal wear maker in Nottingham, using our Ermine Faux Fur, Contessa satin and finished with Alaska crystal embel­lis­hment.
Lynx Applique, Pegasus, Lobelia
This beautifully detailed dress was sent to us by designer Sarah Harding. It uses Lynx Applique, Pegasus, Lobelia & Hercules Appliques.
Courtney Lace Trims and Appliques
Courtney Lace Trims & Appliques were used to create this dress. Sent to use by the Bride's mother Grace who created it.
Courtney Lace trim
A close up of the dress to your right. The details of the dress created using Courtney embel­lis­hments is stunning and definitely the right choice!
Bronte Trim Example1
This fabulous dress and matching head piece was designed and made by Pannewitz Couture using our Crystal dress trim Bronte.