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Don't forget that we offer a making up service for Waistcoats, Ties, Scrunchies etc

Just a short reminder for customers that in addition to being stockists of a range of bridal and groom fabrics, we offer a making up service, in house at our Macclesfield sewing factory.
We can offer a choice of styles for Wedding Waistcoats and a variety of neckwear garments.
Please enquiry for further details.

Who drives the range of fabrics qualities in the future?

We always strive to keep up to date with current trends by attending trade fairs right across Europe. As we also make Furnishing Fabrics, we can benefit from knowing the market trends for both products, certainly at least in terms of colour. This year, we have attended fairs in Belguim, Germany, France and throughout the UK. We are constantly looking to add to our range and this will be evident in Spring 2010 when we launch new qualities. If however,you feel that there is a particular market trend that we should be following, please don't hesitate to let us know your thoughts.


Addition of a new loom for the manufacture of additional Brocade Fabrics...

Spring 2010 will see an increase in our manufacturing capacity for jacquard brocades. The launch of our own collection has been extremely succsessful and has meant that we feel that we will be able tofurther  develop the business throughout 2010. The additional capacity will augment our flexibility with new designs and production capacity further. We look forward to any queries you many have.


Brocades available in Bespoke Colourways

Platinum Bridal Fabrics is the trading name of DHJ Weisters Ltd, based in Darwen Lancs. Rather than just being a mere wholesaler of Bridal Fabrics, laces, tulles, etc, we are actual weavers of Brocades, Neckwear, Furnishing and other speciality fabrics. This means that we have far more flexibility than would otherwise be the case, when it comes to lead times and specifically alternative colourways. It is obviously more costly for us to weave a short length in a specially commissioned colourway, but if this is of interest, please let us know.


Be the first to know about our new designs

New Waistcoat Brocades



New Groom Fabrics

Our Design team is constantly working on new concepts and design ideas. If you ever have a brief that you would like us to investigate, we are always open to suggestions.

We will be launching new additions to our collection in March 2010.

In the mean time, if you would like us to sample any of the exisiting designs in a revised colourway, specifically for you, this service is available but with a minimum run of 5 mtrs.

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