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How to find the perfect bridal fabric?

Some brides choose to either make their own wedding dress themselves or have a special one off wedding dress created by a dressmaker. Whatever your decision the question arises on how to find the perfect bridal fabric?

When choosing bridal fabrics for your wedding dress, you need to ensure that the fabric is selected to suit your needs and requirements as well as the dress design. You wouldn’t use say chiffon if you wanted a striking and constructed look because this is more suited for a soft, flirty look.

Bridal Fabrics cannot imagine walking into a fabric shop not knowing much about the types of fabrics and therefore we have come up with some of the most popular fabric choices and offered our advice on what they are most suitably used for in regards to a wedding dress.

How to find bridal fabric?

Brocade is one of the bridal fabrics which Bridal Fabrics specialise in because we are one of few weavers of brocade within the UK. The brocade is woven in our very own factory and in choosing brocade as a fabric you will get richer weaves with raised designs and these can be in the same or contrasting colours for a striking appeal. They should be used for heavier dresses which require full skirts and trains or for use on boned bodices.

Tulle or embroidered tulle is a popular choice and it is a fine mesh netting which is extremely light and is worn in combination with other fabrics. Layers of this can create a full skirt and it can complement a number of other fabrics for a stunning look. Bridal Fabrics have a number of tulles which feature embroidery and also embellishments including diamantes and glitter and these are available in varying weights. Tulle is normally used for the skirt of a wedding gown or for the veil of a bride.

Velvet is an extremely plush material which features a plain underside and comes in a range of colours. Classed as a luxury fabric because of its historical background and it requiring more thread to manufacture than other fabrics, velvet is used for wedding dresses which are historically themed and suggest a very royal feeling.  It is a warm but heavy fabric and thus is used on wedding dresses which will be worn in winter.

Chiffon is a very delicate fabric which is chosen because it drapes really well. It is really light in weight and is normally used for layering. In regards to wedding dresses it is normally used on the sleeves and in some cases it has been known to be used on wedding veils too. Bridal Fabrics have seen it used to complement satins and used to create sheer wraps and scarves for brides and bridesmaids.  

Satin backed crêpe is used within a wedding dress to create a soft look. It is a flowing fabric which has a crinkled texture and is very popular for both the brides dress and bridesmaid’s dresses. We recommend it to be used on dresses which are slim in appearance and thus the bride’s silhouette is shown off and flattered. What is fantastic about this particular fabric is that on one side it is satin but then you can turn it over because it is reversible and the satin can be complemented by the matt crêpe side within the same dress so you could use the matt side for cuffs, borders, panels or within the neckline.

Organza is very similar to chiffon only it is stiffer and thus can hold shape better. This is an extremely fine and lightweight fabric which is sheer. It is ideal for both the bride’s dress and for use on bridesmaid’s dresses. For brides who want a fuller skirt then this is the fabric to use; it falls to the floor so gracefully creating some really nice lines. Bridal Fabrics see many brides choose this fabric because of its sheen and the way in which it falls and hangs.

Duchesse satin is probably the first fabric which will pop into a person’s head when the term “wedding dress material” or “wedding dress fabric” is spoken. This offers the bride a feeling of luxurious because it is a rich material which features a glossy satin front and then a matt back. In most cases this fabric is chosen for wedding gowns where the bride would like a lot of embellishments using beading, jewels, crystals and diamantes because it is extremely strong.

Taffeta is one of the classics for use on bridal gowns and bridesmaids gowns. It is quite stiff and is usually made from silk or though in some cases it may be created using synthetics such as polyester. If the bride is looking for a ball gown style wedding dress then taffeta is ideal for this.

If you need help in selecting what bridal fabric to use for your wedding dress then why not bring your wedding dress design to Bridal Fabrics and we will help and advise you every step of the way.

For more information then please call us today on 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

Crystal Motifs Arrive In May!

Bridal Fabrics recently wrote to you regarding seven new crystal motifs which we have added to our collection. We would just like to remind customers that these are going to be in stock by the beginning of May and ready to purchase; they are totally stunning and will add that finishing touch to your wedding gown.

The crystal motifs will be added to our existing crystal embellishments range. These can be used for a wide range of applications but for the most part they are used in order to finish off a garment and for adding that sparkle! Our customers can take advantage of crystal embellishments which have been embellished with pearls, diamantes, beads and sequins.

We have added seven new crystal motifs to our collection which we hope our customers are going to love when they become available in May. These crystal motifs are of extremely high quality and all have a striking appeal to them. As mentioned earlier they will add a touch of class and sparkle to any wedding gown and just give it that last WOW factor!

  • Leo is the first of the crystal motifs and it features a small cluster of crystals which have been arranged in a flower pattern and it is from this where leaves branch outwards.
  • Pegasus is the second crystal motif to join our collection and this is similar to Leo in that it features a small cluster of crystals which have been carefully arranged to branch out and then curl up into a tight swirl pattern.
  • Scorpio is the third of the crystal motifs and this has been added because of its compact design which then branches out and travels along the various strands. But when you get back to the centre there are a number of crystal star designs.
  • Aquarius is the fourth of our crystal motifs and this one features a quirky design which has larger gems surrounded by much smaller ones and then loops of fabric featuring crystals which are embroidered over the top.
  • Pisces is the fifth crystal motif which we have chosen as part of our crystal embellishments range. It features a compact design whereby large crystals are in the middle and then smaller ones work their way out in a circle until it reaches the edge of the motif where a wavy edge is created.
  • Venus is the sixth crystal motif which will be available from the end of May; it features a large gem within the middle of the design and then a range of gems which work their way outward from this. Peals have been incorporated into the design and at the motifs edge triangular gems are used.
  • Mercury is the seventh and final crystal motif which we have added to our crystal embroidery and as a larger design it features a flower design which has been created using looping thread and this has gems in the middle and then a number of strands which branch out from this and curl at the edges.

All of our crystal embellishments are hand embroidered and we choose them based on whether or not they will bring something different to our range. These motifs are certainly something special and have such a striking appearance. When added to a wedding gown these crystal motifs will twinkle and sparkle as they catch the light; adds a final special touch to any wedding dress design.

For more information then please contact us on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

New Bridal Laces Added to our Extensive Collection

Bridal lace has always been one of our specialities at Bridal Fabrics; we have an extensive range of bridal lace available and probably the largest selection within the UK. With this in mind we have now widened this choice and added even more bridal lace to our range.

In total fourteen additional bridal laces have been sourced and added to our range -  these will be available within the next month for our customers to purchase. Below we explain what they are called and what they are like:

  • Adele Lace offers something a little different to our customers in that it has a base fabric which is made from fine, almost invisible tulle an. A fine thread has then been used to embroider onto the tulle and this will almost be invisible when the lace is over the base fabric.
  • Caitlin Lace is an ideal bridal lace for a wedding dress because it is extremely romantic. Featuring beaded and sequinned flowers and hearts on a very fine tulle ground this is truly attention grabbing. Many of the details have been carefully highlighted using a silver thread.
  • Deborah Lace is perhaps one of the more unusual laces to join our collection. It features raised flowers and leaves and these are embellished with sequins and beads. A non-regular delicate thread has been used during manufacture and this has been woven into an almost invisible tulle fabric.
  • Jennifer Lace is again an unusual bridal lace however; this can be used to create a romantic rippling effect ideal for creating ruffles. This bridal lace features flower designs which have then been embellished with beading to add a finishing touch.
  • Katherine Lace has a flower and leaf design and is very lightweight. It’s simple yet highly decorative because of the detailed embroidery. The symmetrical edges of this bridal lace are scalloped with a delicate fringe extending for 5-6 mm. 
  • Layla Lace is extremely bold and striking with its defined flowers and spiral background, this is a bridal lace which will get attention. It has been embellished with crystals and beading for that added special touch. Featuring a fringed edge which is similar to the Katherine Lace it would be an ideal choice for a wedding gown.
  • Matilda Lace features a series of abstract flowers on open French Lace style ground and each of these abstract flowers have been heavily embellished with beads and sequins. Within the flower design there are petals and these have been outlined with fine cording as have been some of the leaves. It has been bordered with a scalloped edge on both sides of the bridal lace.
  • Natalie Lace is a corded lace which has been woven onto open tulle ground and features magnificent floral flowers extending onto the body of the lace. The edging of this lace has been scalloped and this adds a romantic wave to the bottom of the lace.
  • Nikita Lace is the lace with the WOW factor! It’s our first lace at Bridal Fabrics to feature feathers. Each motif on the lace has a series of feathers which radiate out from the centre. These have been attached using embellishments of pearls and beadings. The leaves of the flower designs have been shaded with embroidery and further sequin embellishments added. A fantastic bridal lace this has to be seen to be really appreciated.
  • Simone Lace is extremely special in that it features a three dimensional aspect; the flowers have been created from gathered tulle and the design incorporates diamantes, tubular pearl coloured beads, sequins and heavy cording on a medium weight tulle ground. This particular bridal lace would be ideal for use on a bridal gown of someone who wants to be noticed!  
  • Abigail Lace is a delicate guipure lace which features finely detailed flowers which have been interwoven with more traditional guipure weight of cord. The edges of this lace are symmetrical and have a delicate scalloped edge which has been composed of tiny little loops.
  • Eva Lace has been composed of a spiral motif and a flower with leaves motif. It is an open design and so wouldn’t be suitable for use over a sheer fabric. It has matching borders and the edging features the leaves of the flowers adding a non-straight edge.
  • Penelope Lace is one of our personal favourites and it features a flower design with sepal type baubles. The flowers on this design measure around 4.8cm from point to point and the border of this bridal lace matches the main body. The flowers feature cut out petals and thus it wouldn’t be suitable for use over a sheer fabric.
  • Phoebe Lace is very similar to Penelope Lace featuring a flower design which has cut outs and thus isn’t suitable for use with a sheer fabric. It looks extremely delicate and has identical borders. This is a beautiful bridal lace and would look extremely stunning on any bridal gown.

Bridal Fabrics as mentioned are the leading supplier of bridal lace; we have our expert team on hand to offer help and guidance to our customers. Contact us today and come and see our vast selection of bridal lace as well as our other bridal fabrics.

For more information then call us on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

How Long Does a Wedding Dress Take to Create?

A number of brides will come to us at Bridal Fabrics in order to choose their bridal fabrics and bridal lace for their wedding dress gown. They want to know the timescale for the process of getting a wedding dress and so Bridal fabrics have outlined things you need to do before the big day in regards to the wedding dress.

Ideally twelve months before the date of the wedding,  you should be deciding on a budget, style and colour of wedding gown. A great idea is to research a number of designers and stockists to see what styles are in  vogue as well as consulting your family and friends. You should then know your budget and style of dress you are looking for as well as colour and style.

Between eleven to eight months before you should be making appointments to try on your favourite dresses and research the most appropriate accessories, underwear and shoes . When you are at the appointments, make a note of the dresses which you like the best and the pros and cons of each design so that you do not need to rack your brains later on. You need to then think about the dresses and if you haven’t found one which you like then think about purchasing bridal fabric and having a dress custom made.

Next at the eight month stage, you should be able to either make a decision on the wedding dress you like and put down a deposit on this or confirm with a dress maker about the design of the dress and choose your fabric. Platinum Bridal Fabrics have a vast range of wedding fabrics, laces and appliques available for purchase either online, by post or from our factory. It is at the eight month mark where your dress either needs to be in manufacturing stage with a dress maker or confirmed with a wedding dress retailer.

Between eight months and 2 months you will be required to go to a number of fittings for your wedding dress and it is at these which you need to take with you your chosen wedding day underwear and also your shoes, accessories and other items so that the dress maker or dress fitter can see the required length of the dress with say your shoes on and those final touches can be made.

Three weeks before you should collect the dress; ensure at this stage it is fitted correctly and if it isn’t supplied with a cover then you need to take a cotton sheet with you to cover it over ensuring it doesn’t get dirty.

At this stage you should also find a dry cleaner that specialises in cleaning wedding dresses. You need to have an arrangement to get it dropped off after the wedding prior to your honeymoon so that it can be cleaned immediately.

One week before the date you should try the wedding dress on one last time and then resist the temptation of parading around in the dress because if there is any dust or dirt then this can lead to accidents. The day before you should remove the cover from the dress and then hang this up to air somewhere out the way where it will not pick up any smells. Check the dress at this stage for creases and steam any out depending on the material.

On the big day carefully put your wedding dress on, being careful of makeup and getting any other items such as food or drink on the dress. You should have the dress dry cleaned after the wedding and this should have been arranged as mentioned earlier.

Whether you have purchased your wedding dress from a shop or purchased fabric from say Bridal Fabrics then you should want to preserve it unless of course you are selling the dress. If you are keeping the dress then you can purchase special boxes which will help keep your dress in pristine condition for years to come.

For more information about bridal fabric then contact us today on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

Wide Selection of Wedding Dress Fabrics!

Now that the worst of the winter months are over, we can start to look ahead to planning beautiful weddings and more excitingly Wedding Gowns. Brides all over the UK are busy planning, requesting samples to look at and contacting dress makers. Platinum Bridal Fabrics has the UK’s best range of Bridal Fabrics, Laces and Crystal Edgings and trimmings to make the wedding dress of your dreams.  

We are often thought of in the trade as Lace specialists, but also have a great range of both silk and polyester fabrics to choose from. We offer Fabric samples free of charge and all our fabrics are available by the cut length on a next working day service. Come to us for all types of wedding fabrics imaginable:

Debutante –  Luxurious Silk Taffeta, measuring 138/140cms wide, with the classic taffeta rustle. We offer a range of 10 colours, 4 of which are aimed at the Bride’s dress and the other 6 for the Mother of the Bride or Bridesmaids. Debutante is a medium weight silk Taffeta and is great not only for wedding dresses but also ball gowns and “full” skirts, due to its crisp handle.

Supreme - Polyester Silky Duchess Satin, measuring 148cms wide and available in a range of 8 colours. Many people believe that is a silk fabric until we tell them the truth. It is a heavy, luxurious warp faced glossy satin, with a soft smooth handle and wonderful drape, which make it perfect to create full and beautiful dresses or skirts. It is principally used as the main fabric in wedding dresses as it flatters all shapes and looks so special. Duchess Satin originated from ancient China but in 2012, we have sourced this quality from Japan.

Cameo – Chinese Silk Dupion, measuring 110-112cms wide and available in a range of 13 colours. This fabric quality has an irregular weave with tiny slubs and nips showing. It is sometimes also referred to as raw silk and is used by many of the top couture bridal designers. Silk Dupion is a beautiful soft, yet firm fabric that is suitable for any style of wedding dress.

Contessa – Polyester Matt Duchess Satin measures 148cms wide and is available in a range of 22 colours. This fabric uses highly twisted yarns to create and highly dense weave and a “non snag” quality. Contessa has a firm handle and a very rich appearance which makes it perfect for corsets, waistcoats and full gowns as it maintains its shape during wear.

Princess – Polyester Satin Backed Faille, measuring 148cms wide and available in a range of 10 colours. This fabric is smooth and lustrous on the satin side and slightly crepe on the other. It is ideal for shift dresses or gowns that need to flow and drape. The colours appear extremely rich and lustrous.

Silhouette – Polyester Georgette, measuring 148cms wide and available in a range of 8 colours. This is a very light weight, “floaty” fabric often used as an overlay to a satin or dupion dress, giving it an elegant and floating appearance. It is also used in blouses, ribbons, scarves and lingerie. The threads used in Georgette Fabric has highly twisted, which causes them to crinkle slightly as they relax. They give it a crinkly, crepe like textures, which feels slightly rough but gives the fabric a bouncy flowing look.

Majestic – Polyester Duchess Sating, measuring 148cms wide and available in a range of 52 colours. This is a slightly lighter weight than Contessa and a more draping handle. It is commonly used in bridesmaid dresses, ties or cravats for the groom or for Mother of the Bride. Majestic is an extremely versatile fabric that can be made up into a whole variety of shapes and styles that is relatively resilient to creasing.

Ermine – Synthetic Fur, available only in Ivory. Ermine has a luxurious deep pile and is perfect for Wraps, Shrugs, Capes and Muffs.

Emperor – a Cotton Pile Velvet, measuring 148cms wide and available in a tailored choice of 4 colours. Our velvet is medium weight and made out of cotton. It can be used all year round but is most commonly used in the colder months. It can be used in a variety of purposes – bodices, skirts, sleeves and overlays. Away from the Wedding theme, we supply this into the theatrical market and also Morris Dancing.

Stardust – Polyester Organza, measuring 148cm wide and available in 3 colours. Elegance is a little like Georgette, but slightly heavier and stiffer with a slightly crisp handle. It is great for overlays, veils, trains and full skirts.

Carnival – A polyamide Tulle, measuring 150cms and available in 24 colours. A very fine net, that is slightly stiffer than chiffon or organza but looser than netting. Tulle can be used for many uses from Bridal Dresses over lays, ballet Tutus, underskirts and petticoat, to create a shapely bell sharp. Tulle netting is often starched to give it extra rigidity. Veils are often made out of Tulles, as it obscures the features of the wearer's face, whilst allowing the wearer to see out.

Crystal Embellished Fabrics – We have sent 3 of our standard base fabrics to be Embellished by Crystals in Austria, using Swarovski Crystals. The crystals are spaced at intervals of 10cms on the Carnival, Stardust and Contessa. These will add sparkle to any wedding dress.

Elegance - Polyester Yarn Dyed Taffeta, measuring 148cms wide and available in 3 bridal colours. This is a smooth, crisp plain woven fabric, suitable for use in ball gowns and wedding dresses.

Ascot - Polyester, economy satin, measuring 149/150cms wide and available in 20 colours. Ascot is highly lustrous and can be used both for trimmings and as a luxury lining fabric. It has a very smooth handle and will provide body to a skirt or dress.

If you are not sure what material you would like then why not call our expert team on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

How to Choose Your Wedding Dress Colour?

The wedding dress is a major focus of the wedding; it is what makes the bride feel special on her big day. There are many different styles and variations but how do you pick the wedding dress colour on your wedding day?

Many brides wrongly believe that white or ivory is their only choice. Traditionally white was the colour to represent innocence and exquisiteness. However, there are a number of brides who now want something different; something striking and thus they choose not to wear white.

When choosing a colour, you first have to decide whether its for the entire bridal gown or just for a sash or embellishment. Also think about your skin tone and how it will match the bridesmaid's dresses.  If you’re pale then you do not want to be drowned out and whitewashed and so you need to bear this in mind.

Whatever colour you have chosen these needs to be replicated across the whole wedding day, that’s in the flowers, bridesmaids’ dresses, groom and groomsmen outfits as well as the ribbons on the transport. You want to stand out on your big day but not for the wrong reasons; pick the colour carefully!

The colour could well be determined by the season; obviously for summer weddings you’re not going to want dark and dull colours. Springtime will see colours such as pink, lilac and blues whereas for summer you may see slightly bolder variations of these colours. When the seasons change from summer to autumn then we see more orange, gold or yellowy colours before heading into winter for deep reds, blues and even metallic blues.

One of the easiest ways to choose a colour is to go and try on a number of different colours and styles until you find one which will complement you the best and one you look and feel great in.

Bridal Fabrics have a wide selection of bride and groom fabric in a whole range of colours and textures. Come and speak to us about our fabrics today or browse the huge selection online now!

For more information then please contact us on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

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