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4 New Laces: Caitlin, Simone, Deborah, Nikita

We are pleased to add to our already extensive range of Laces with the following:


Caitlin is a truly romantic lace being made up of beaded and sequinned flowers and hearts on a very fine tulle ground. There is a very fine, subtle silver thread that is used to highlight the outside of many of the details.

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We are excited bythe arrival of Simone lace. It is three dimensional, featuring flowers are made out of gathered tulle. The design incorporates diamantes, tubular pearl colour beads, sequins and heavy cording on a medium weight tulle ground. This really is an eyecatching design and will make a unique wedding dress for any bride.

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Deborah Lace was added to our range in July 2012 and is ivory in colour. We are expecting big things for this lace, as it is highly unusual, featuring raised flowers and leaves, which are embellished with sequins and beads. The background comprises of a non regular delicate thread being interwoven into an almost invisible tulle. This wedding lace measures 132cms across at its narrowest point and 137cms at its widest.

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Nikita in Ivory has been such a success story that we have decided to launch this lace in white. Nikita in white will be in stock from early September 2012 and can only be described as eyecatching. Each motif has a series of feathers radiating from the centre, which are attached using pearls and beads. The motif is further decorated with both ivory and colourless beads and filigree thread. The leaves of the bouquet are shaded with embroidery and embellished with sequins.

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New Appliques Ranges: Dorado, Mimosa, Columba

We are pleased to add to our already extensive range the following:

All are in stock and available in small quantities ex stock.



Dorado was added to our range in July 2012 and is a stylish diamond shaped applique, measuring 14.5cms tall and 8.5cms wide. The predominant colour is ivory, although some of the central beads have a tinge of champagne. Delicate Crepe petals have been sewn on, which are further embellished with a variety of different beads. The whole design sits on a background of tulle and elegant cording.

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dorado applique


Mimosa Appliques are supplied in symmetrical pairs and were added to our range in July 2012. The design comprises of a silver filigree thread outlining flowers and leaves.

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mimosa appliques


Columba was added to our range in July 2012 and is supplied in symmetrical pairs. Each motif measures 29.5cms tall and 13.8cms wide and is ivory in colour. These appliques are highly embellished with laser cut flowers in satin and georgette. The ground is a delicate tulle, onto which are embroidered beaded, silver filigree detail, and sythetic pearls.

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columba flower appliques

Decorating with Lace to Embellish Wedding Dresses

Lace has been used for decorative purposes for hundreds of years but can be used for many other purposes than just for embellishing wedding dresses or bridal gowns. They not only decorate clothing but can also be used to increase the beauty of home furnishings such as table cloths, curtains and bed linen. There are many ways for using laces for decoration as have been listed below. Some of these are common and age old methods whereas some others are entirely new and innovative ways for decorating with laces.

  • Lace can be used as a base material for creating costumes.
  • They can be used as decoration or trimming of dresses, especially for childrens' dresses.
  • They lend grace and elegance to wedding gowns. In fact, such gowns look incomplete without a touch of lace for their decoration.
  • It is good to match laces with color and texture of fabrics. If laces of particular color is difficult to find, they can be dyed because laces lend themselves for easy dyeing.
  • Black lace over black satin, white and silver lace with white, silver or light colored fabrics look amazing.
  • A lace shawl is a very good companion of gowns, especially wedding gowns.
  • A hat decorated with lace gives charm to the dress as well as wearer's personality.
  • Decorate handkerchiefs with laces and feel the sense of royalty.
  • Subtle uses of laces are more charming. For example a chair having lace seat will look as if overdone but a cushion with its cover decorated with lace looks wonderful.
  • When talking of home furnishing, experiments with different colored laces can be done. Colorful laces to make fabric collage on table linens will definitely look good.
  • Laces can be used as borders on delicate, say satin, bed linen or as lace edging on curtains.
  • Laces can even be used for making decorative wall hangings. For this, laces in varied patterns can be sewed or glued to a silk or satin covered cardboard backing. Glimpse of soft fabrics through the lace holes will create delightful experience.
  • Those who love to do crafts can use laces in more creative ways. They can be used for making fine lace dresses for dolls or can be effectively used even in scrapbooking.

Bridal Lace: The Perfect Choice for Wedding Gowns

Every bride wants her wedding day to be perfect and a central part of this is her dress. She wants to look her best, mesmorising her groom, and leaving the guests speechless. This just doesn’t only happen in movies - today with so much choice, you can make your own wedding dreams come true. One of the main things any bride will give special attention to is her wedding dress. While selecting her gown, she can focus her design around a particular bridal lace. Bridal lace is considered the perfect choice to embellish a wedding gown, making a woman look beautiful in every possible way. A simple gown can become eye-catching just with the addition of right type of lace .

Lace accentuates the beauty of the body, as it does not crease and follows the natural contours of the form being supremely flattering.

There are many different ways to experiment with lace. From classic lace appliqué to a more modern look with just a tinge of lace in the hems, nowadays brides are happy to experiment with lace. On one hand, lace can give a fresh daytime look to a gown, while on the other hand, the same wedding material can give a more formal effect. Many brides prefer to use lace as the primary fabric for their gowns while some others like to use a trim to highlight the hem of a dress. Lace can also be used for many other purposes in the wedding. The bride’s veil often incorporates elements of lace while the flower bouquet can be artistically draped in lace to give it a classic look.

There are a variety of different styles of lace. Chantilly lace is possibly the best known French lace. The other popular subdivisions of lace are beaded lace, corded lace, guipure lace and laser lace. Lace appliqués are also widely used for wedding gowns. These are highly decorative motifs that are sewn onto other kinds of fabric.

You can check out a wide range of bridal lace in the Platinum Bridal Fabrics online store. Platinum Bridal Fabrics is a subsidiary of the Weisters Family that has been involved in textiles since 1932. The Platinum Bridal Fabrics section was started in 2010 and has an exclusive range of wedding laces, appliqués, crystal edgings, plain fabrics etc. The lace appliqués from the company are of high standards that can be sewn into fabrics such as tulle, netting etc. Black lace of various kinds is also part of the exclusive range from Platinum Bridal Fabrics. You can check out the various designs, appliqués and gowns from the official website, order any material of your choice and get it delivered at your doorstep!


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