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Three Lovely Laces

The arrival of new laces and fabrics is always an exciting time at Platinum Bridal Fabrics and so it is with great impatience that we are waiting until October for some beautiful new designs to arrive. Highly alluring and feminine, exquisite bridal lace can make even the plainest wedding dress material into a work of art when applied with creativity. We pride ourselves on having a huge selection of lace to choose from, enabling the bride to make her perfect wedding dress. Because a wedding dress is such a personal garment, we continually add new laces to our collection, giving the ultimate in choice and quality.

One of our new laces is the prettily-named ‘Miranda’. A beautiful corded ivory lace, it features a variety of different types and sizes of flowers, making it a highly feminine choice. The matching scalloped edges perfectly complement the design, which measures 132 centimetres in width.

We have called our next exciting new lace ‘Emily’. A more traditional design than ‘Miranda’, the matching edges of the lace feature delicate fringes measuring just over half a centimetre. Large flowers extend into the body of the lace, some as large as 8 centimetres. The design, which features a variety of weaving techniques to create a stunning tulle effect, will be available in ivory.

Our third new lace is a variation on an old favourite. Previously, the ‘Amelia’ lace was only available in traditional ivory but due to popular demand we are pleased to now be able to offer it in white. The lace has a motif of three flowers, delicately and expertly corded to outline their shape and measures between 137-140 centimetres.

All of these wonderful bridal fabrics will be available in October this year but we are offering a pre-order service in order to ensure our customers get their fabulous lace on time. As with all of our laces, they can be bought as a full piece or cut to any required length, making it convenient for the increasing popular idea of combining two different types of lace to make stunning, unique creations. Samples are available on request and our dedicated team are always on hand to assist and advise. Please browse our selection of lace and other wedding dress material, brocades and embellishments. Creating the perfect wedding dress is complex but rewarding; we intend to assist at every step with our expert knowledge and superior product quality.

For more information then please call us today on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

Winter Weddings

The winter wedding is becoming increasingly popular. Although winter used to be something of an off-season for nuptials, snowy ambience with the added bonus of reduced rates at most venues means more and more couples are deciding to tie the knot during the winter months. The winter aesthetic allows lots of room for creative, innovative wedding ideas. Themed food and drink menus, invitations and centrepieces can all add a wondrous, magical touch to the proceedings, as can expert creative touches such as carefully-placed candles and bunches of thick, warm velvet. Winter flowers are beautifully varied, including the sumptuous Calla lily and fragrant Amaryllis. A popular feature at a winter wedding reception is a roaring log fire, creating an elegant and luxurious atmosphere.

Great thought must be given to the winter wedding dress. Bridal fabrics are great in number and the choice must be perfectly suited to the bride. Lace appliqué, crystal embellishments and accents are perfectly suited to the low, flat light of a winter day, adding a glamorous and eye-catching look to the gown. Silver is a particularly good colour of wedding dress material for use during winter and looks very beguiling when teamed with coloured or black lace. As the dress is such an important part of the day, it often takes an extended amount of time to decide on the exact specifications. For this reason, many brides are already planning their winter wedding dress in the middle of summer.

One thing to consider is the question of warmth. The bride must be completely comfortable at every stage of the day and this includes keeping her warm. To overcome this problem, interlinings are often employed. These fit between the face and lining of the garment and protects and extend the life of the fabric. Most importantly, the interlinings provide a layer of insulation which adds to the warmth and comfort of the wearer.

Platinum bridal Fabrics provide a range of interlinings suitable for bridal gowns. Thick and durable whilst being soft and flexible, our superior interlinings can give a better drape and fuller body to the dress. As with all of our products, our experts can give full, clear advice on which type and style of interlining would be best for your particular needs. If you are thinking of a winter wedding, please contact our dedicated team for everything you need to make it perfect.

For more information then please call us today on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

On the Catwalk

The popularity of lace is never in decline. Although a staple element of the wedding dress, lace is currently enjoying a resurgence in its use for everyday wear as haute couture designers embrace its feminine, lavish charms. During the recent Paris Fashion Week in July, Elie Saab and Valentino both unveiled refined, elegant collections which relied heavily on the use of various types and colours of lace to achieve their stunning, glamorous effects. Valentino’s looks brought to mind fantasy princesses; simply cut gowns, dresses and coats with intricate lace detail that required hundreds of hours of weaving and embroidery. Saab’s collection had a very glamorous 1920s feel; his tulle, chiffon and lace creations shimmered in tones of blush, bronze and aquamarine.

Although the traditional wedding gown is always white or ivory, more and more brides are choosing something a little more daring and personal. Coloured lace can have a dramatic effect, turning a simple white gown into a stunningly beautiful creation. When laid over bridal fabrics, the beauty of coloured lace is truly revealed and the result can be uniquely attractive. Perhaps the most daring is black lace; although not usually associated with weddings, it can add an excitingly bold touch when used creatively.

Bridal Fabrics have selected a range of our most popular laces which are suitable for dyeing. With a wide range of colours from the soft pastel to the vibrant and vivid, our beautifully crafted laces can be adapted to suit any requirement. The creative, individualistic bride-to-be will find everything she needs to create her own unique wedding dress, just the way she wants it. As with all our bridal lace, any length can be cut to individual requirements and is guaranteed to exceed expectations. Once the type, colour and length of the piece is decided upon, the lace will be dyed to order; this bespoke process takes 7-10 days.

All of our fabrics, laces, brocades and embellishments are of the highest quality and we are committed to maintaining our impeccable customer service record. Please browse our site for ideas and inspiration and do not hesitate to contact a member of our team should you require any more information on creating your perfect wedding dress.

For more information then please call us today on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

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