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Brand New Bridal Lace - Introducing Florence and Jacqueline

To ensure Platinum Bridal Fabrics continue to maintain its reputation for providing the widest possible choice of wedding dress material and bridal lace, we are constantly extending our range. The wedding dress is an intensely personal garment and choosing correctly is of paramount importance to any bride; providing her with a comprehensive array of choices is our speciality.

As the bridal gown has evolved through its many styles and colours, one thing has remained popular throughout: lace. It can be used to create a stunning variety of effects from the subtle to the dazzlingly extravagant, hitting many haute-couture notes along the way. We seek only the best varieties to add to our collection, travelling the world in order to find the hottest trends and most beautiful examples of this delicate, feminine fabric.

Platinum Bridal Fabrics is pleased to announce that we have added another two styles of beaded  and laser lace to our ever-expanding collection. The first is the exquisitely detailed Jacqueline, an ivory lace featuring dramatic, symmetrical scalloped borders, repeating at 7cm intervals. Embellished fabric is always eye-catching; this lace, featuring beads, synthetic pearls and filigree thread of a beautiful Champagne colour, is certainly no excepetion. The fabric has been laser-cut with leaf and floral designs utilising a delicate satin fabric which has subsequently been embroidered onto the tulle backing with a lustrously soft thread.

Our second new addition Florence is an exciting lace which combines a vintage feel with a modern edge. With defined symmetry in both of the gently-scalloped edges, Florence fabric reflects the current trend for the use of vintage lace to enhance many wedding fabrics. The many problems with buying genuine vintage lace, such as quality, availablilty and expense, are eliminated when choosing to opt for a replica and, with creativity, can be indistinguishable from the genuine article. Florence lace is embroidered with sequins and beads throughout the design, creating highlights and shadows which emphasise the texture of the delicate, laser-cut satin fabric. The downward sweep and flow of the floral garland design will have a magical elongating effect on the final dress.

Free samples of Jacqueline and Florence lace, as with our entire range of bridal lace, are available. This means being absolutely sure of the fabric you require is a simple task, particularly when coupled with expert advice from our dedicated team. Lace can be bought by the roll or cut to bespoke lengths to suit any requirement. Please enjoy browsing our collection and do not hesitate to contact us for assistance and support.

For more information then please call us today on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

Fit for a Queen - Chantilly Lace

Chantilly lace, named after the town in Northern France, dates back to the 17th century, when the Duchesse de Longueville set up lace-manufacturing facilities there. Due to the Duchesse's patronage and the town's closeness to Paris, the lace became wildly popular and has continued to be produced there right up to the present day. A particular favourite of Marie Antoinette's, Chantilly lace has an incredibly alluring feminine charm.

The only time Chantilly's lace-makers ceased production was during the French Revolution of 1789. Lacemakers were seen as being allied to the Royal Family and, after Marie Antoinette was guillotined in 1793, many of the skilled lacemakers met a similar fate. Production ceased until around 1804 when Napoleon I sponsored a revival of the beautiful, near-forgotten fabric. In 1844, a patent for a machine to fabricate Chantilly lace was applied for and granted; the lace produced was almost indistinguishable from the handmade version and so it became more affordable, thus beginning its rise to become perhaps the best known type of lace in production today.

Fine, delicate and flowing, Chantilly lace (sometimes known as Galloon lace) is made on a lightweight, hexagonal-mesh background and decorated with motifs. These can give an enticing shading effect and can also be outlined in a heavier silky thread to produce bold, three-dimensional designs.

Platinum Bridal Fabrics are excited to announce that we have fresh stock of the incredibly beautiful and feminine Natasha lace available. The richly-coloured ivory fabric has a very high cotton-composition, giving it a soft and drapy natural feel that makes it an ideal wedding dress material. It is also highly-suited to creating beautiful boleros, one of the top 5 bridal fashion items featured in a recent Platinum Bridal Fabrics news article. The closely-spaced corded floral motifs and symmetrical borders combined with gently-scalloped edges make this particular lace one of the most charming and feminine in our extensive collection.

For more information on this fabulous lace, or on any of our comprehensive range of brocade fabric, lace applique, embellished fabric and bridal lace, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our expert team.

For more information then please call us today on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

The Height of Fashion

Currently enjoying pride of place on catwalks across the world, lace has never been more popular than it is today. The delicate fabric has always held an allure for fashion designers, its elegant charm having a striking quality from a distance and a truly intriguing effect seen close-up. Always seen as a luxury fabric, lace constantly catches the eyes of avant-garde fashionistas who use its versatile qualities to astounding effect.

Recently shown at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) in Australia, the 'Lace in Fashion' exhibition featured an array of beautiful garments, using vintage lace to more modern examples. The event attracted many interested viewers, all of whom were astounded at the beauty and craftsmanship that had clearly been poured into the making of the exhibits. Excitedly commenting on the enduring appeal of lace, the NGV's International Fashion and Textiles curator Roger Leong said, "Lace was a textile that signified all that was luxurious, highly desirable and new. Throughout the twentieth century, lace has been the subject of many revivals and interpretations, always creating a symbol of elegance and occasion".

As can be seen from the photographs, lace is being used to create a variety of stunning effects on the catwalk. Adding style and grace to any garment it is juxtaposed with, the fabric's versatility is plain to see. In recent months, lace has been seen not only on garments but also on accessories such as handbags and belts. World-famous designer Christian Louboutin recently exhibited a pair of black lace shoes; the combination of strength and delicacy was truly a sight to see. This use of contrast is a strong trend in current fashion with regards to lace. A writer for Grazia magazine recently stated, "It's all about contrast; delicacy with density and antique with modern".

Bridal Fabrics are at the forefront of fashion, constantly updating our product list in order to provide the most up-to-date wedding dress material and lace. We strive to offer the widest range of material possible, constantly keeping our finger on the pulse of changing trends. One thing is certain: the popularity of lace as a fashion item is at an all-time high and looks set to reach ever greater levels in the future.

If looking at the beautiful photographs of lace in fashion has inspired you, please browse the rest of our website to see our comprehensive range of wedding fabrics, lace applique, brocade fabrics, embellishments and much more. Our expert team are always available to assist and advise.

For more information then please call us today on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

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