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Brand-New Bridal Fabrics - Coming Soon Direct from the City of Romance

Paris has, for many years, been recognised as a hub of the haute couture industry. The city also has traditional associations with romance and so it is no surprise that many of the finest examples of bridal lace are sourced from this thriving fashion metropolis.

As part of the Platinum Bridal Fabrics ongoing commitment to be the bridal lace suppliers of choice in the UK, we continue to add to our already-extensive range of wedding fabrics. Twice-yearly and sometimes more frequently, representatives from our company head out on a sourcing trip to Paris, returning a short time later with a selection of the finest bridal lace currently available. During these trips, our representatives are presented with a huge amount of bridal lace and brocade fabric, of which only the very best examples make it into our selection. Our team critically examine every fabric and choose only those that have an emphasis on superlative quality.

Our last sourcing trip to Paris was incredibly successful. A total of fifteen new laces were added to our collection along with twelve of the most beautiful crystal embellishments, all of which proved instantly popular during the winter season of 2012. The vintage lace style, which has seen a steady rise in popularity from the aisle to the catwalk, is still big news, particularly amongst French designers. Several of the new additions last year were in this beautiful style and we expect our team to return with more this time.

We look forward to sharing details of the new products with you so please check back soon for updates. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our regular newsletter which is packed with ideas, features, special offers and other exciting news from Platinum Bridal Fabrics.

For more information, inspiration and advice, please contact our helpful and experienced customer service team on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

Affordable Luxury - Exclusive Offers on Bridal Lace

Providing beautiful, high-quality wedding fabric in an extensive selection of styles and price ranges is the Platinum Bridal Fabrics speciality. The 'Exclusive Offers' section of our newly-revamped website always contains a changing array of items designed to offer the most versatility for the best available price. Here we look at some of the stunning bridal fabric that is currently featuring in this section.

Harriet lace has long been a cost-effective choice as it has plain edges. These in no way detract from the geometrical beauty of Harriet wedding lace; heart-shaped motifs form an exquisite diamond with smooth, pure lines that give a vintage appeal. The exclusive fabric is only available in cream which is more yellow that its more traditional ivory cousin, making Harriet an elegantly unusual choice.

Another unusual bridal lace in the 'Exclusive Offers' collection is Barbara, an embellished fabric with a stunning design. A multitude of beads, pearls and sequins form striking vertical lines which link with large diamond motifs, delicate geometric forms in the body and a neatly-enclosing border. This is a luxury choice and will give any wedding gown a uniquely attractive quality.

Nikita, available in white or ivory, is one of our most flamboyant choices. Eye-catching motifs radiate with feathers which are attached with beautiful beads and pearls while filigree thread further enriches their sumptuous qualities. Bouquet-leaves are elegantly shaded with expert embroidery and given a final embellishment using sequins that playfully catch the light. This theme of complex embroidery and beading continues into the matching borders of this dramatic and exciting vintage lace style.

As with all of our bridal lace, these desirable products are available in full or part rolls or cut to bespoke lengths. We deliver a personal service to our customers and our experienced staff are always available to offer ideas, advice and inspiration on how to create the wedding dress of your dreams. Please enjoy browsing our exclusive offers and do not hesitate to contact us.

Our professional and dedicated staff are available by calling 01254 873333 or by sending email to info@bridalfabrics.co.uk

Harmony in Design - New Complementary Lace Appliqué and Trim

The Platinum Bridal Fabrics extensive array of wedding material continues to grow as we seek to further our enviable reputation as one of the most diverse bridal fabric suppliers online. New complementary lace trim and lace applique have been added to our range as part of this commitment and will be available to purchase from April 2013.

Lace trims are used to add the perfect finishing touch to a bridal gown. The beautiful fabric is rendered in a range of exciting designs, from the plain yet subtly attractive to full-on, ornate creations that give a truly luxurious and dramatic feel. Vintage lace styles and dress fabrics continue to grow in popularity and adding lace trim is a way to enhance the effect. Not only used on bridal dresses, lace trim is being extensively utilised in a number of other applications: creative wedding planners are adding lace trim to jewellery, shoes, handbags, accessories and even wrapping it around the wedding cake.

Rachel is a corded bridal and is one of our most interesting and complex designs with finely shaded floral motifs and a pyramidical border. We have added complementary Rachel trim in beautiful ivory to our range of wedding dress fabrics and look forward to seeing how creatively it can be used by our customers. Two brand new trims will also be joining the range: McKenzie and Morgan. These exclusive and gorgeous trims have caused great excitement at Platinum Bridal Fabrics.

Lace applique provided as symmetrical pairs, are sewn directly onto a wedding gown, alone or to complement a matching lace trim. With emphasis on a fabulous, decorative look, lace appliqué is beautifully designed and can take a wedding dress beyond the sublime when used to full effect.

Originally available only in black, Eloise lace now comes in both white and ivory. Eloise is a sumptuous corded border lace with a medium tulle ground which is scattered with delicately-small floral motifs, breaking up the ground of the tulle and providing a pretty effect. Occupying a prominent central position, a corded motif comprising five dramatically-shaped flowers is the true focus of Eloise. To complement this fantastic fabric, Eloise lace trim and lace appliqué are now available in white or ivory. Another lace that has also had complementary lace trim and lace appliqué created especially for it is Sarah, an incredibly feminine ivory fabric with swirling leaves and flowers that is a Platinum Bridal Fabrics favourite. Belinda lace appliqué, in a choice of sizes, is a further addition to our range.

Don't forget to use our brand-new 'Wish List' function when browsing our site to save particular favourites for later viewing and please check back soon or subscribe to our newsletter to be kept up to date with the latest news, photographs, ideas, new products, trends and special offers from Platinum Bridal Fabrics.

For further information, advice, ideas and inspiration, please contact a member of our expert team directly on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk

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