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Best-Selling Bridal Lace - Alexandra

Since its introduction, Alexandra lace has quickly established itself as one of the best-selling materials available from Platinum Bridal Fabrics. Elegantly designed and available in a stunning range of colours from subtle ivory to dramatic black, it is not hard to see the reason for the enduring popularity of this superlative wedding dress material.

Alexandra was designed with glamour in mind. A fine tulle ground has been heavily corded and beaded to produce a fine border lace with a width of 132cm, displaying the floral motifs to full effect. Each floral motif is intricately embellished with light-catching sequins, a variety of beads and a choice selection of shimmering diamantes. Both borders of Alexandra bridal lace are scalloped though feature a striking asymmetrical design; the narrow part of the border has a gentle 6cm depth while the main border has a fantastic, eye-catching depth of 40cm.

A matching lace trim is also available to complement this popular wedding dress material. The beaded and corded lace edging is supplied in full pieces of either 7m or 14m and has a varying width of between 6cm and 17cm. Exclusively available in a delightful ivory colour, the matching pattern of this lace trim repeats throughout the design at intervals of 18.5cm. Also available in the Alexandra collection is lace applique, supplied in pairs and beaded and corded to perfectly match Alexandra bridal lace and lace trim. Swirling leaves radiate around a central flower in a design that is an eye-catching 12cm x 31cm in size.

Using Alexandra lace, a beautiful dress has been created by pruutpaar.ee, a highly-regarded wedding planning service in Estonia. The dress can be seen in our exciting online gallery and shows how a creative designer can use this stunning fabric to create sublime garments that are uniquely beautiful.

Please enjoy browsing the Alexandra collection along with our online gallery. If you have used our bridal fabrics to create a stunning gown or accessory, please send us your photo to feature in the gallery and in these news pages.

The Platinum Bridal Fabrics team are always available on 01254 873333 or by email at info@bridalfabrics.co.uk to offer information, advice and inspiration to create your perfect wedding dress.

Jessica Bridal Lace - Vibrant and Versatile

Among our most popular bridal laces is Jessica, a stunning and versatile fabric. Jessica features a beautiful vintage lace style and is perfect for creating a bridal gown for a mid- or late-summer wedding with its light and airy appearance.

For the starting point of creating Jessica lace, our designer has chosen an extremely fine tulle ground with a generous 132cm width. This luxurious fabric has been beaded and corded to create the attractive central motif, comprising three sprays of gorgeous flowers which gradually increase in size. Each spray features elegant cording around its edges, drawing the eye to the surrounding leaves. The leaves themselves are equally attractive, with beads and sequins used to dramatic effect, highlighting the soft shapes. Jessica has identical borders; the gently scalloped edges embroidered with ivory and beads catch the light, playfully refracting and reflecting it to give the lace a shimmering effect. To finish, high-quality gold filigree thread has been combined with ivory thread, completing the unique beauty of this fabulous design.

To complement this beautiful bridal lace, our designer has also created matching lace trims and appliques. The lace trim is particularly beautiful, with the repeating floral pattern of Jessica lace rendered in sumptuous ivory and Champagne coloured thread and embellished with a selection of clear beads and sequins throughout. Although generally used to further beautify the wedding gown, creative designers also use lace trim to accesorise hats, handbags and even the wedding cake.

The designer at boobookittycouture.com, Aislinn, has used Jessica lace to create the beautiful dress that can be seen in our gallery. A company producing a range of bespoke garments, particularly those of a vintage style, boobookittycouture.com source only the highest quality fabrics to create their hand-made gowns and dresses, utilising haute couture and vintage sewing techniques.

Samples of Jessica lace are available upon request and the material can, like our entire range of bridal lace, be provided as a full roll or cut to any specified length.

For more information about the extensive range of wedding dress material available from Platinum Bridal Fabrics, please contact our dedicated team on 01254 873333 or email us at info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

Bridal Silk - Exclusive 10% Discount for June 2013

Throughout June 2013, Platinum Bridal Fabrics are offering an exclusive discount of 10% across our entire extensive range of beautiful bridal silk. These tactile fabrics represent the ultimate in luxury, lending a fine, sophisticated air to any wedding gown.

The Platinum Bridal Fabrics range of wedding silk includes Dupions, Taffeta, Satins, Chiffon and Organza, meaning the perfect fabric to create a stunning and unique bridal gown can easily be found. Our silks, along with the entire selection of wedding fabrics available from our exclusive bridal suppliers, are manufactured to the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship, creating strong fabrics that effortlessly flow and drape. Creative designers will be able to use our silks to make wedding gowns of the finest quality that exude glamour and sophistication.

White silk is the most classic choice. With infinite versatility, the fabric can be either the standout centrepiece or the subtle base of the wedding dress, adapting perfectly to include other colours of lace and wedding flowers. One of the most popular white silks from the Platinum Bridal Fabrics range is Temptation, a truly sumptuous double-crepe silk with a unique sand-washed finish that gives this fabric a daring edge. Joining Temptation in our beautiful range of white silk is Sublime, the perfect name for this dreamy and dramatic fabric. Its satin silk formation is weighty and imposing, with a highly-lustrous face and a crepe-backed matt finish to the reverse.

Silk taffeta fabric is used when a bride really wants to make a statement. With a smooth, crisp finish, taffeta draws the eye and is incredibly tactile, meaning it is often used for theatrical garments such as corsets. Debutante, with its two-tone blue and purple colouring, is one of our most enticing bridal silks and could be used to stunning effect by a talented wedding gown designer.

Please enjoy browsing the extensive selection of bridal silk available from Platinum Bridal Fabrics and order before the end of June 2013 to enjoy your 10% discount on our already-competitive prices. Don't forget to use our handy wishlist function while browsing to save your favourite bridal silks for quick and easy future access.

For more information on our range of bridal silk and wedding dress material, please contact our customer service team on 01254 873333 or email us at info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.  

Vintage Lace - The Jane & Edward Collection

My Little Wedding Shop is an exclusive bridal boutique in beautiful Shropshire that is one of only three such stores in the West Midlands to boast official Rock My Wedding approval. This mark of recognition means that exceptional service teamed with expert individual styling is guaranteed to brides purchasing wedding gowns from My Little Wedding Shop.

The talented designer at My Little Wedding Shop, Jennifer Bone, recently launched the boutique's first own brand of bridal wear; the Jane & Edward Collection. Named after one of the most famous fictional romances, that between Jane Eyre and Edward Rochester in the passionate novel by Charlotte Brontë, the collection is inspired by the beautiful, elegant lines of a bygone era and is characterised by the use of fine silk and vintage lace styles.

We are incredibly proud and excited to announce that all of the lace and lace trim used in this stunning debut collection has been provided by DHJ Weisters and Platinum Bridal Fabrics. Commenting on her reasons for choosing us to supply the required bridal fabric, Jennifer said, "After searching suppliers all across the country, I found that the laces available from DHJ Weisters are the most beautiful and also the highest quality. All of our brides comment on the lace we use on our dresses and as a designer, I have been found laces that have complemented the feel of the collection perfectly".

Jennifer was asked to comment further on the evocative choice of Jane & Edward as the name of the exciting new collection. "The Jane & Edward brand draws on my love of iconic historical silhouettes," she said, before adding that she had "sourced stunning British laces and combined them with the finest silks to produce a collection of dresses that use texture and simple detail to complement the natural female figure". Each unique dress in the Jane & Edward Collection is made to measure, ensuring that the perfect fit is achieved. This will allow the bride to move freely and comfortably while allowing the vintage lace and tactile silk to be displayed and admired.

To launch the collection, models had hair styled by Mary Ragg and make-up by Michelle Clarke Graham. After being fitted with jewellery by Julia Ann Davenport, the models then wore dresses from the exclusive Jane & Edward collection and were elegantly and tastefully photographed by Dan Salter from Seven Weddings Photography. As can be seen from the resulting images, the bridal gowns are incredibly attractive, unique and exciting.

We look forward to seeing the collection grow and develop as brides return to the wedding gowns of a more elegant and refined era, combining a vintage lace style with the most stunning silk.

For more information on our extensive range of beautiful wedding lace and other bridal fabrics, please contact our expert team on 01254 873333 or email us at info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.  

Couture Embroidery - A Unique Luxury

Platinum Bridal Fabrics are excited to introduce our sumptuous range of Couture Embroideries; wedding dress material designed for the creative bride. These unique fabrics bring a tantalising flavour of haute couture design combined with our signature dedication to the highest levels of quality.

Stars is one of our most beautiful couture embroideries, with its high levels of embellishment. The generous use of differently-sized sequins, coloured both ivory and highly-reflective silver, makes this wedding fabric truly live up to its name, creating soft starbursts of reflected light that shimmer as the bride moves. A pure silk fabric, Stars has an ivory Georgette base and can be adapted to suit eveningwear as well as the bridal dress itself.

Joining Stars in our exclusive array of beautiful couture embroideries is Caress, a soft and sensual fabric that is given strong definition by the use of wide areas of fabric at the edge of each overlapping scallop. These scallops, formed from a tactile ivory ribbon-like fabric, are embroidered extravagantly onto a base of pale ivory taffeta that gives Caress a classic appeal designed to perfectly complement a vintage lace style.

Another couture embroidery that will work well with vintage lace is Ringlets. This is one of our more unusual bridal fabrics with its ringlet extensions, each of which features a striking gloss satin edge to its delicate tulle base. The ringlets are free to bounce individually which will give the wedding gown a vibrantly eyecatching three-dimensional effect as the bride moves.

Like the imposing natural formsit takes its name from, Dunes features a design of undulating waves. These waves are created from alternating waves of taffeta that have been expertly folded by our designer to produce a bold and provocative effect, sinking to a generous depth of 12cm. To create intriguing relief on this ethereal fabric, the ruffled areas are slightly shallower, giving delightfully-surprising shape and definition.

These beautiful wedding fabrics join our extensive range of couture embroideries; please enjoy browsing the full selection. We invite our customers to send us photographs of their completed creations to feature in our exciting online gallery.

For more information on the comprehensive range of bride and groom fabrics available from Platinum Bridal Fabrics, please contact our experienced team on 01254 873333 or email us at info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.  

Bridal Lace Trim - Our Newest Selection

Adding individuality and style, lace trims are used to beautiful effect on a wide variety of wedding gowns. Platinum Bridal Fabrics provide an extensive selection of these gorgeous products produced to our usual impeccable standards; this range is constantly added to with the latest examples of these stylish bridal fabrics.

Five new lace trims have recently been added to our collection. These trims will match perfectly with the lace of the main gown, highlighting areas and giving added body and flamboyance. Lace trim can also be used to create beautiful matching garments and accessories such as shoes and handbags, a trend that has been noticed on catwalks around the world.

Sheila opens the selection of new lace trims available from Platinum Bridal Fabrics. With a soft and charming ivory colour, the delicate floral embroidery of Sheila is embellished with a selection of pearls, sequins and beads, creating a versatile wedding dress material

The sweet and pretty name of Eloise is perfect for our next gorgeous trim. Eloise is a classy, tasteful floral design in which cording is used to beautifully highlight details. Both edges are scalloped and fringed to give this lace an exciting, undulating quality.

Marilyn lace trim is designed in a vintage lace style with a striking floral motif repeating throughout the body. Formed from guipure lace, Marilyn is instantly eyecatching and its delicate fringes give a soft, feminine aspect to the ivory trim.

Clematis, named after the beautiful flower from the buttercup family, is a highly-embellished piece, covered in beads, flowers, pearls, sequins and delicate embroidery. Soft fringes coupled with dramatically-scalloped edges make this ivory lace trim fit well with the vintage lace style whilst still retaining contemporary appeal.

The last in our selection of new lace trim is Sarah, a wide trim that complements full-width Sarah lace. A floral theme is highlighted with delightful cording before symmetrically scalloped and fringed edges complete this striking lace trim.

Please enjoy browsing our newest lace trims and do not hesitate to contact our expert team for further information, advice and support. Subscribing to our regular newsletter allows you to receive the latest information, news, product updates and more from Platinum Bridal Fabrics.

To speak directly with our experienced team, please contact 01254 873333 or send us an email to info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.  

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