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The Summer 2013 Collection

Summer is in full swing and a number of exciting trends in bridal lace have emerged. The Platinum Bridal Fabrics Summer 2013 Collection , based extensively on customer suggestions and market research, comprises an exclusive selection of the hottest lace trends for the season.

When viewing all six items in our collection at a single glance, a clear trend for laces of quite an open weave can instantly be detected. This type of lace is perfect for hot summer days, allowing the bride to stay cool and creating an attractive effect as it catches playfully in even the slightest of breezes. Another clear connection between these six summer laces is an emphasis on swirling, pleasingly-feminine curved designs which, as they undulate through the body of the lace, create an effect that is so beautiful as to defy description.

Clarice is one of the most original laces our experienced team have yet seen. Rendered in a delicate pale ivory colour, Clarice lace features an embroidered pattern of abstract windmill shapes which lock together across the fabric. The interlocking 'blades' of the windmills are formed from an attractive yarn that forms an intricate plait down the centre, leading to the trimmed and scalloped edges.

Created to be spectacular, Patience ivory lace is a stunning 55" in width and has been expertly-designed to utilise both lustrous and matt yarns in its manufacture. This juxtaposition of yarns means Patience is a real head-turner, an effect which is enhanced by the lattice of large holes that forms the body of the lace. Completed with a soft and delicate fringed edge, Patience lace captures the very essence of a romantic summer wedding.

Substantial yet ephemerous, Vivienne features an incredibly light ivory tulle base which has been embroidered using lustrous and luxurious ivory thread. This thread forms interlocking loops and swirls which, when viewed together as a whole, form the repeating cascade that is the signature of Vivienne.

Please enjoy browsing the full Platinum Bridal Fabrics Summer 2013 Collection. As always, we welcome any comments and suggestions from our customers and invite you to send us photographs of your bridal creations to feature in our extensive online gallery.

Please send comments, suggestions, photographs or queries to info@bridalfabrics.co.uk. If you would rather speak to a member of our team personally, please call us on 01254 873333.

Brand New Products - Serena and Suzanne

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the widest, most diverse range of wedding dress material to our customers, Platinum Bridal Fabrics continue to add new products to our already-extensive range. The two most recent additions to our collection are Serena, a gorgeous ivory wedding lace and Suzanne, a very special ivory lace trim.

Serena ivory lace is composed of a dense and complex floral pattern that commands attention. A soft, guipure lace, it is a generous 52" wide and has been created using many different types of yarn, the most attractive of which is the delicately-subtle silver thread that provides occasional dazzling reflections. This use of multiple yarns means that Serena exhibits a great deal of texture and relief, further adding to the fabric's unique and special qualities. Matching scalloped edges complete Serena which, like our entire range of bridal lace, can be supplied as a full roll, part roll or cut to a bespoke length.

Announcing itself boldly with a curving, sweeping floral design, Suzanne ivory lace trim creates an instant sensation. The trim has a unique dual quality, representing a fine, elegant vintage lace style but with an exciting and modern twist; one edge of the fabric features a dramatically-varying width that is a stunning 9.5" at its widest point, giving an opulent and flamboyant feel. The other edge of Suzanne is traditionally-scalloped and the intricate detail throughout the gorgeous floral pattern is achieved using a variety of expertly-designed corded elements.

Detailed, high-definition images, which can be magnified, of both Serena and Suzanne are available in order to allow our customers to closely examine the beautiful designs.

Even as this article is being written, new products are arriving at Platinum Bridal Fabrics. Please subscribe to our regular, feature-packed newsletter to receive updates on these products and all of our latest news, information, trends and special offers.

To speak with a member of our bridal team, please call 01254 873333 or email us at info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.  

Our Latest Exclusive Offer

Our latest selection of exclusive offers has been updated and we are now offering a 10% discount on some of our most exciting bridal fabrics. For just one month, this offer will apply to any fabric purchased from the Elasticity, Cameo and Debutante ranges.

A beautifully versatile fabric, Elasticity is a silk stretch satin that is exclusively available in classic ivory. With an expert weave, this breathtaking material is designed to stretch only laterally, resisting vertical stretching and providing a stunning effect.

The Cameo range is rendered in fine silk dupion and offers a generous 44" width. the fabric is composed of an irregular weave which allows the miniscule nips and slubs to remain evident. Also referred to as raw silk, this fabric is the choice of several haute couture designers and its firm yet soft texture lends it a great versatility. Expertly-woven in India, fabric from the Cameo range is available in a choice of 13 colours, from classic white and ivory to vibrant sapphire, jade and silver.

Arriving on the bridal scene with elegant style and panache, the Debutante collection is so striking that it has become a staple of corsets, theatrical costumes and avant-garde fashion. A smooth and crisp fabric, Debutante is yarn-dyed, meaning that the colouring is not achieved through a piece-dying process but rather from the combined warp and weft yarn at the weaving process. The process creates a fabric with a 'shot effect' that is truly eyecatching. 10 exciting colours are available in the Debutante range, from the truly arresting onyx to the subtle yet intriguing tone of burnt orange.

Please enjoy browsing these beautiful fabrics and order soon to take advantage of our special 10% discount.
For more information, you can contact our dedicated customer service team by calling 01254 873333 or by sending an email to
info@bridalfabrics.co.uk. Don't forget to subscribe to our regular newsletter to keep updated on the latest news, information, trends and exclusive offers from Platinum Bridal Fabrics.

Crystal, Satin and Lace

The latest Platinum Bridal Fabrics selection of exclusive offers is proving incredibly popular. It includes, along with the currently-trending Antique Grey Lace, a beautiful selection of crystallised materials and the exciting Princess Faille.

Our selection of crystallised wedding dress material is truly luxurious, designed for the bride who wants her dress to make a real impact and to be the talking-point of the day. Currently available in our exclusive collection are crystallised tulle and organza in ivory colouring, while the beautiful Duchess satin is available in both ivory and white. These ephemerous fabrics are decorated with genuine Swarovski crystals which are designed to collect and reflect the maximum amount of light.

Known throughout the world, Swarovski are the leading provider of beautiful crystals. The company is the brainchild of Bohemian (modern-day Czech) Daniel Swarovski who, sponsored by Austrian financiers, created the brand after patenting an electric glass cutting machine during an apprenticeship at his father's factory. Platinum Bridal Fabrics are proud to supply material featuring crystals of such rich history and superlative quality.

Princess Satin-Backed Faille is ideal for creating wedding gowns and bridesmaids' dresses thanks to its fulsome draping qualities. The face of the fabric has a lustrous satin finish while the reverse is crimped, giving an exciting juxtaposition of textures that can be supplied in a vast selection of entrancing colours including Claret, Cerise, Scarlet, Black and Sapphire. Splendour is a comparable fabric but is rendered in 100% silk; this and other exciting silks are soon to feature in a forthcoming article.

Lots of ivory laces and trims have been added to our selection of exclusive offers, one of which is the breathtaking Kirsten. This fascinating Chantilly lace features a design of abstract flowers with a vintage feel, which interlock across an open ground of soft tulle. Feminine, floaty and diaphanous, Kirsten has enticing fringed and scalloped edges and also has one of the softest handles of any lace we supply.

Please enjoy browsing our latest selection of exclusive offers and do not hesitate to contact our team on 01254 873333 or email us at info@bridalfabrics.co.uk for advice, ideas and inspiration from our expert bridal team.

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