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An Exhibition in Paris

Paris is beckoning once again as Duncan Weisters, MD of Platinum Bridal Fabrics, prepares to undertake his binannual fabric sourcing mission. Here, in this city of romance and haute couture, he will be selecting the finest examples of classic and contemporary bridal fabric to add to our extensive selection.

France has a long history of lacemaking with several types of lace still being used today. Chantilly lace for example, trace their origin back to the country. This history still echoes in modern-day design; many French designers continue to use lace in their work and the material is seen in some form during almost every fashion season. Paris is not just the national capital of France but it also the world capital of fashion and romance, meaning that some of the most beautiful laces are to be found in the city.

Duncan’s sourcing trip to Paris is scheduled for mid-September. In the weeks leading up to his departure, we are offering our customers the unique chance to help shape the future of bridal fabrics in the UK. If you have seen a particular lace somewhere and wonder if it can be sourced, if you have a special request or idea for laces that could be added our range, we invite you to let us know about it. Our customer service team will pass the information on to Duncan who will bear it in mind during the exciting and prestigious Parisian exhibition.

Platinum Bridal Fabrics are committed to providing the largest, most diverse range of bridal lace and other fabrics in the UK. We continually add new items to our selection and this regular sourcing trip is an integral part of our business practice.

Please check back soon for updates on the results of Duncan’s sourcing trip. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our regular newsletter to make sure you never miss any information from Platinum Bridal Fabrics.

For more information, please contact our team by calling 01254 873333 or by email at info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

The Beauty of Ivory - New Lace Trims

Platinum Bridal Fabrics are excited to introduce an array of new ivory lace trims, now available and ready to order. Five new items have been added to the collection and we will soon be adding, by popular demand, a trim to match the popular Naomi lace.

With asymmetric edges, Stacey ivory lace trim offers an exciting aesthetic. One edge features traditional gentle scallops while the opposite edge is trimmed to a striking, regal shape, swirling and flowing to contain the main floral pattern. This pattern has been extensively embellished with pearls, beads and expert cording and the trim is perfect for dress hems and veils.

Molly exhibits a classic style, with clean, elegant lines and a rich ivory colour. Both edges are scalloped and a further enticing effect is given with a delicate fringe. To highlight the most beautiful areas of the floral theme, our talented designer has used fine cording.

A guipure trim with a complex floral design, Marilyn has a gorgeous vintage lace aesthetic and its slim 2.5” width gives it a simple and refined appeal. Both edges of the lace are softly fringed and the intertwined flowers running through the design make Marilyn a truly classy choice.

Tasteful and classic, Eloise ivory lace trim features an extensive network of flowers in its design, giving it a translucent quality. Delicate cording highlights details on the design, which gives way to beautifully-fringed and scalloped edges. Eloise is also available from Platinum Bridal Fabrics as a white lace trim or as a full-width lace.

Our final new lace is striking and dramatic, with gorgeous scallops and fringes. Tatiana features a floral pattern which extends the full length of the trim, surrounding a main central flower. This pretty bloom alternates along the length of the design from side to side, creating an entrancing effect.

Please enjoy viewing our exciting new range of lace trims. To receive updates on when Naomi lace trim will be available, along with other exciting updates and features from Platinum Bridal Fabrics, please subscribe to our regular newsletter.

To contact a member of our experienced bridal team, please contact 01254 873333 or email us at info@bridalfabrics.co.uk

Metallic Lace - A Dazzling Display

Platinum Bridal Fabrics are extremely excited to introduce our dazzling new range of metallic laces. Bold, vibrant and dramatic, these exuberant fabrics will allow designers to create spectacular wedding dresses, ball gowns, evening wear and theatrical costumes that are works of art in their own right. Although highly contemporary, our selection of metallic laces still retains a subtle vintage lace quality that makes them incredibly versatile.

Kate is an extravagantly-beautiful gold Chantilly lace on a fairly open black tulle ground. A single edge, gently scalloped, frames the motif, which comprises an elegantly-shaded floral bouquet. Rising more than 20 inches from the lace’s delicate border, a striking and magnificent floral decoration is surrounded by eye-catching foliage designs. This lace has a very regal quality, one of the reasons that it was one of the four laces used to create Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding Dress.

One of our more glamorous laces is Harper, a French Chantilly lace that is now available with gorgeous gold detail on a soft ivory tulle. Rose motifs, alternately shaded and highlighted, dominate this enticing lace, which has an extremely lightweight and feminine handle. Symmetrical edges are softly scalloped, completing Harper lace.

Natasha lace, delicate and tactile, features lightly corded floral motifs and symmetrical borders. A beautifully-soft golden thread has been expertly woven into tulle of either gold or black, creating a fantastic effect that makes Natasha one of our most exciting metallic laces.

We would love to receive photos from our customers of the garments they have created using any of our extensive range of bride and groom fabrics. All pictures sent will feature in our online gallery. Please send your photos to info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

To speak with a member of our experienced bridal team, call us today on 01254 873333.

Our Newest Lace Appliqués

Several exciting packages have recently arrived at Platinum Bridal Fabrics, containing the latest additions to our range of lace appliqués. Five new examples have been added to our selection, each with unique characteristics that will provide creative dressmakers with infinite scope to create truly stunning wedding gowns and accessories.

The exotic and pretty name of Ingrid has been chosen for the first new lace appliqué to join our exclusive collection, perfectly suiting the evocative nature of this gorgeous piece of material. Gauzy, subtly-defined edges give a dreamlike quality to this most delicate of appliqués which, though incredibly versatile, perfectly complements Bethany lace.

A vintage lace style is presented by Sarah, our next brand-new lace appliqué. With a gorgeous tone of pale ivory, Sarah lace is corded in a bold floral design with curving, sweeping stems comprising the main focus. A perfect match for Sarah lace and lace trim, our designers have found that this appliqué also teams beautifully with Mackenzie lace trim.

More than a touch of vintage artistry is also evident in Chloe lace appliqué, its beading and cording instantly evoking the glamour and sophistication of a bygone era. Chloe lace and appliqué have been available in White and Champagne from Platinum Bridal Fabrics but we are pleased to announce that, due to popular demand, Chloe is now also available in Antique Ivory.

Belinda lace appliqué is available in two sizes and, with its tasteful and refined appearance, is an elegant addition to our collection. A compact floral design has been embroidered using a soft, tactile thread before dazzling highlights have been added with the expert use of mixed-denier cording. This appliqué looks stunning when sewn onto a wedding dress at regular intervals, adding a touch of class and sparkle.

We have received many emails asking us when the popular Naomi lace would have a lace appliqué available to match. We can now reveal that the wait is over and we have added both small and large versions of Naomi lace appliqué to our collection. The gorgeous appliqué is truly magnificent, catching light in a myriad of ways thanks to its heavy embellishment of filigree thread, spherical and tubular beads, laser-cut satin and ivory embroidery thread.

Please enjoy examining these latest additions to our comprehensive range and do not hesitate to contact our experienced bridal team for further information. Call us on 01254 873333 or email us at info@bridalfabrics.co.uk

Breathtaking, Beautiful, Brand New - Laura Lace

Bursting on to the bridal scene with a sense of freshness and finesse, Laura ivory lace is one of this month's biggest talking-points at Platinum Bridal Fabrics. The gorgeous fabric, which features an elegantly-banded design, has already attracted a lot of interest from our customers and is predicted to make a real splash this season.

The width of Laura ivory lace is a luxurious 56.5" (144cm), perfect for creating flowing, dramatic wedding gowns. Each edge of the fabric is trimmed with a delicate fringe and the gentle, matching scallops add a traditional edge to this exciting contemporary lace.

Striking bands of lace form interconnected waves across the main body of the fabric, each linked by a series of delightful fringes. This formation makes Laura lace extremely aesthetically pleasing, drawing the eye along each band; each of these bands features a complex floral design that has been expertly-embellished with the extensive use of cording and light-reflecting beads.

As such a breathtaking fabric, Laura ivory lace must be seen to be believed. As with all of our fabrics, a high-quality photograph is available which can be greatly magnified in order to appreciate the full detail. Samples of Laura lace, which is available as a full 3m roll, part roll or cut to a bespoke length, can be obtained upon request.

We look eagerly forward to seeing the beautiful garments created using Laura lace - please send us your photographs to feature in our online gallery.

For more information on the extensive range of wedding dress material available from Platinum bridal Fabrics, please call our expert team on 01254 873333 or email us at info@bridalfabrics.co.uk

Exclusive Summer Offer - 10% Off All Crystal Trims

Crystal trims, those beautiful and delicate embellishments, have experienced an explosion in popularity this summer. Designers and brides-to-be have delved deep into our exclusive collection of these finely-crafted products, producing stunning results with not just wedding gowns but also bridal accessories such as handbags, shoes and even the wedding cake itself.

The Platinum Bridal Fabrics collection of crystal trims is diverse, offering everything from classic vintage looks to striking contemporary designs. When used on the waist and bustline of a wedding gown, crystal trims highlight and shape the area, adding a touch of sparkle and glamour as they do so. An extensive choice of styles and edgings is matched by an astonishing array of embellishments to create the alluring effects of our crystal trims, each of which is unique.

Many of our crystal trims take their names from celestial objects, a reflection on the splendour and magnificence of each beautiful example. Within the selection is a great variety of styles, each offering a special quality that makes it stand out from the rest.

Neptune, with its alternating scalloped edges and bold pattern, creates an instant sensation. Elegant and magnificent, Neptune features an array of embellishments including tulle-covered opaque crystals, silver beads, white sequins and ivory pearls, to make this gorgeous trim display a luxuriously opulent quality.

As exciting and evocative as its namesake, Supernova crystal trim is simply breathtaking. It is among our most reflective crystal trims and offers a glamorous, sophisticated look with its extensive use of metallic Champagne thread. Adding to the eyecatching qualities of Supernova crystal trim are Champagne tubular beads, transparent sequins and several large diamantes.

In line with the current trend for crystal trims, Platinum Bridal Fabrics are pleased to offer our customers a 10% discount on the listed price of all crystal trims in our collection. This offer starts on 19th August and is only valid until 19th September 2013 so please order soon to avoid disappointment - our range of crystal trims can be found under the 'Crystal Embellishments' section of our website, which also offers access to our complementary crystal motifs.

To contact our dedicated and experienced bridal team for ideas, information and inspiration, please call 01254 873333 or send email to info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

Wedding Bells at Platinum Bridal Fabrics!

Since J.H. Godfrey Weisters arrived from Germany in 1932 and became involved in the textiles trade, the roots of his company have continued to grow. Duncan Weisters, the current Managing Director of DHJ Weisters Ltd and Platinum Bridal Fabrics, joined the company in 1998, launching the bridal wear venture in 2010. We are excited and pleased to announce that, after several successful years helping brides and grooms achieve their perfect wedding day, Duncan himself will be tying the knot on August 10th 2013.

In his everyday work, Duncan handles hundreds of different bridal fabrics, using his skills to select the finest examples to add to the ever-growing Platinum Bridal Fabrics collection. All details of the dress that his bride-to-be Caroline will wear are however being kept closely under wraps; the only information currently known by Duncan is that the dress has been designed and made by Ritva Westenius, five-times winner and current holder of the British Bridal Designer of the Year title.

Finland-born Ritva Westenius has been at the cutting-edge of bridal couture for more than 35 years, a career which has elevated her to iconic status. Using innovative design and artistic flair, Ritva creates wedding gowns that have a timeless elegance and simplicity but that still have a contemporary edge. As well as being awarded British Bridal Designer of the Year and numerous other titles, Ritva has also received the coveted Outstanding Contribution to the Bridal Industry award. Ritva's daughter, Chenca Williams, is now a co-director of the exclusive design company and has brought her own vision; passionate, flamboyant and dramatic, Chenca draws inspiration from her 25 years as Principal Dancer in the Royal Ballet.

Everyone at Platinum Bridal Fabrics would like to congratulate Duncan and Caroline on their upcoming marriage and wish them health and happiness together for the future. We also look forward to seeing Caroline's dress, which is sure to be breathtaking - check our gallery soon for pictures!

Pure Luxury - Silk and Satin

The Platinum Bridal Fabrics collection of silks and satins offers pure, untainted luxury. Used creatively, these stunning fabrics can create a dazzling and unique wedding dress while their dramatic appearance means they are also suitable for creating ball gowns, evening wear and corsets.

Splendour Silk Crepe-Backed Satin truly lives up to its name, with its heavy, magnificent and regal drape. Put simply, Splendour is the smoothest, most tactile fabric you will encounter and a comprehensive colour palette of 40 vibrant and pastel tones means that any desired aesthetic can be created. The fabric is 54" in width and, like our entire range, can be supplied in full or part rolls or cut to any bespoke length.

As the 'queen of fabrics', Splendour is a premium product. We do however also offer an exciting range of crepe-backed and duchess satins in polyester that are similar; these beautiful fabrics include Majestic, Supreme, Princess and Contessa.

Contessa, a matt polyester duchess satin, comes from Japan, where it is densely woven from twisted yarns to give a striking appearance while resisting snags. This rich fabric has a very firm handle and completely maintains its shape while being worn, making it a perfect fabric for creating waistcoats and corsets. Available in a choice of 20 colours including Cappuccino, Kingfisher and Sunflower, Contessa is one of our best-selling fabrics.

With its excellent drape and lustrous finish, it is not difficult to see why Majestic is our best-selling polyester duchess satin. A matt finish that works perfectly with highly-structured designs adds a touch of real class while the choice of 52 exciting colours that includes Fuchsia, Amethyst and Orchid means that Majestic is also one of our most versatile fabrics.

Please browse our full selection of satins and don't forget to check out our online gallery for ideas and inspiration. For more information from Platinum Bridal Fabrics, please call 01254 873333 or email us at info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

Spotlight on Naomi and Elizabeth

Two of our bridal laces, Naomi and Elizabeth, stand out for their particularly beautiful qualities. Although quite different from one another, both have a distinctive and unique appeal that commands attention.

Naomi, a corded border lace available in white or ivory, is truly breathtaking with its sensuously-fine tulle ground decorated with laser-cut floral designs. A large, three-dimensional bouquet comprises swirling leaves surrounding two flowers, each with an eyecatching diamante at its centre. Heavy embroidering on the leaves adds to the texture of this gorgeous lace and tubular beads have been hand-sewn using a continuous thread of dazzling silver filigree.

The borders of Naomi are identical and the gentle scallops are completed with the addition of a short and stylish fringe. Each border features a smaller representation of the two diamante-centred flowers in the main body of the lace, accurate right down to the striking silver filigree thread; 36 of these motifs feature in every metre of Naomi lace. To complement this most luxurious of fabrics, matching lace appliqués are also available in a choice of sizes.

So beautiful is Elizabeth ivory corded border lace that we quickly ran out of stock upon receiving our supply. Back by popular demand, Elizabeth lace has a strikingly-unusual design with undulating floral garlands taking a horizontal path across the open tulle ground. Vertical stitching imbues this fabric with a vibrant quality while scalloped edges are given an alluring texture with a highlighted fringe. Platinum Bridal Fabrics are pleased and proud to welcome Elizabeth back to our collection of ivory lace.

Detailed images of all our laces are available, as well as samples upon request. Please enjoy examining Naomi and Elizabeth lace along with the rest of our exclusive collection. To speak with a member of our expert bridal team, please call 01254 873333.

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