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More New Crystal Wedding Dress Embellishments

We hope you have enjoyed browsing the latest crystal embroideries that have been added to the eclectic Platinum Bridal Fabrics selection. Our last article featured details of some of the new wedding dress embellishments and here we present several more for you to discover.

Aquila takes its name from the Latin word for ‘eagle’ and the motif perfectly captures the beauty and majesty of the rare bird with its dramatic sweeping wings. Wonderfully metallic, the design is embellished with pearls and beads which surround a large central diamante.

The simple asymmetric teardrop shape of Jedi crystal embroidery belies the complexity of its rendering, which utilises an extensive selection of materials including beads, gauze, pearls, filigree wiring and diamantes. Ideal for embellishing the wedding dress at the hip or belt, Jedi crystal embroidery shimmers with glamour and style.

Bold and beautiful, Greco crystal embroidery has an attractive shell shape which is embellished in sections. Swirls of beads and diamantes radiate around large central pearls to create a glistening and lustrous effect which is further enhanced by filigree and gauze; this asymmetric design is a real show-stopper.

Astrantia, the Greek word for ‘star’, is the perfect name for our next crystal embroidery. With a slim diamond-like shape that features undulating edges, this wedding dress embellishment is ideal for use at the waistline of the bridal gown. A particularly glamorous crystal embroidery, Astrantia makes expert use of sequins and chiffon in its esoteric design.

One of our more unusual designs is Aster, which has no clearly-defined top or bottom. This allows for creative use as the motif, which is composed of chiffon flowers embellished with filigree, pearls, diamantes and beads, can be sewn onto the bridal dress in any desired position. The design has an overall ivory tone though is also shot through with edges of white and silver.

Daring and dramatic, Muscari crystal embellishments have an elongated teardrop shape which is centred with a large diamante. This central stone is circled by smaller diamantes which give way to symmetrical wings that have been heavily beaded and further decorated with dazzling sequins.

Please enjoy browsing our new crystal wedding dress embellishments. For more information on our extensive range of wedding fabrics, please contact our team on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

A Beautiful Bridal Dress from the BBC and Royal Ballet Designer

Platinum Bridal Fabrics recently received a lovely email from Lindsey Wise, a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer with an extensive and impressive body of work. When Lindsey tied the knot, she asked her mother Jenny Wellon to create the bridal dress, the stunning results of which can be seen in the photographs accompanying this article.

Jenny Wellon creates bespoke gowns with an expert touch, designing with a rarely-seen flair and panache. With a background in dressmaking that has seen her costumes used by the BBC and the Royal Ballet, Jenny chooses materials of great beauty and superlative quality to perfectly suit the style, proportions and taste of each individual wearer. Many of the guests at Lindsey’s wedding expressed great admiration for her dress and Jenny has since received several new orders for her exciting and unique creations.

Jenny lovingly crafted her daughter’s gown using Samantha ivory lace with the addition of Columba lace embellishment. Samantha French Chantilly wedding lace features an attractive webbed ground with a floral design, elements of which are elegantly shaded with a fine cord and denser areas of webbing. With a double-scalloped edge and delicate fringe, Samantha ivory wedding lace is classy, elegant and refined. Columba, the embellishment chosen to perfectly complement Samantha wedding lace on Lindsey‘s dress, is truly stunning, with Georgette and satin laser-cut flowers highlighted with embroidery, beads, pearls and silver filigree.

Selecting from our wide range of wedding dress material can be difficult as there is so much to choose from; as Lindsey told us in her email, ‘..you had so many amazing fabrics it was very hard for us to decide what to use!’. As always, we endeavour to make this process easier with our samples service, of which Lindsey commented, ‘The samples you sent to us were a very generous size and this really helped.’

We would like to thank Lindsey for her lovely email. You can visit Jenny’s website at www.jennycouture.co.uk for more information on her work and to see more photographs.

For more information on our vast selection of wedding fabrics for both brides and grooms, please contact our team on 01254 873333 or email us at info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

Wedding Dress Embellishments - New Crystal Embroideries

Fans of crystal motifs are in for a treat with the latest additions to our fantastic collection. 19 new crystal motifs are now available, each with their own unique charm and beauty; ready-to-sew directly onto the bridal dress, these motifs are guaranteed to add the perfect finishing touch to a wedding gown or bridal accessories.

Carina is a beautiful wedding dress embellishment that has been hand-embroidered with beads, gauzes, sequins and diamantes to give a full-on, shimmering effect. With a bold and generous size of 34 x 7.5cm, this striking motif will create an instant focal point.

Long and slim with a gorgeous tapering shape, Velocity crystal embroidery is designed for use at the waist of a bridal dress to add a tactile and eye-catching edge. An ivory tulle has been embroidered by hand to produce the stunning effect, with the expert use of pearls, beads and diamantes.

Indian motifs are increasing in popularity and Platinum Bridal Fabrics have added some superb examples to our collection. Crux, Glacier, Stargazer and Constellation are all designed to add sparkle and excitement to the waist and shoulders of the wedding dress with their gorgeous arrangements of shimmering embellishments.

We are extremely excited to introduce Paphos crystal embroidery. Named after the birthplace of Aphrodite, goddess of Love, this exquisite piece is created from overlapping folds of chiffon which, placed onto a base of silver filigree thread and beads, are further embellished with diamantes and rich ivory sequins. With its bold diamond shape softened by feathered edges, Paphos is designed with glamour and sophistication in mind.

Dynasty is a vibrant and quirky addition to our range of crystal embroidery wedding fabrics. With an abstract star shape, this unique adornment is heavily embellished with beads of many sizes; the largest beads are crowned with light-refracting diamantes which create a magnificent and opulent display.

Look out for more news soon with details of our other fantastic new crystal embroideries and wedding dress embellishments. Please enjoy browsing our latest additions and don’t forget to subscribe to our regular newsletter to keep up-to-date with the latest from Platinum Bridal Fabrics.

You can call our bridal team on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk for information on any of our comprehensive range of wedding dress material.

Wedding Dress Embellishments - Crystal Trims

A crystal trim is the perfect finishing touch to a wedding gown, highlighting the shape of the bridal dress and often used at the bust and waistline. Check out this gorgeous selection new in stock: from subtle to flamboyant, every bride’s perfect trim is available at Platinum Bridal Fabrics.

Genesis crystal trim is beautifully-geometric, with diamonds appearing from tightly-packed areas of pearls and beads. The diamonds repeat equally along the full length of this bold trim and are occasionally highlighted with carefully-placed diamantes which catch and refract light playfully.

Brides looking for a touch of soft glamour need look no further than Culture, a delectable ivory wedding dress embellishment. Pearls frame the edges along the full length of the trim and radiate inwards to mix with beads, forming petite and pretty floral designs that are enhanced with occasional diamantes.

Marathon dress trim is one for pearl-lovers, as it is so heavily embellished with the sumptuous gem. As well as the varied sizes of ivory pearls, diamantes and sequins are used to fantastic effect on this sumptuous trim.

Esoteric and abstract, Ursa crystal wedding dress trim commands attention. Undulating waves of ivory pearls surround rarely-used white sequins which, as they alternate with diamantes and beads, create a stunning display.

Astro is the perfect name for our next crystal trim, which immediately calls to mind the beauty and majesty of the stars. Pearls and diamantes are hand embroidered onto the fine ivory tulle base; a large pearl or diamante is encircled by smaller sizes, alternating along the length of the trim to form a galaxy of brightly-shimmering motifs.

Big, bold and beautiful, Exodus crystal dress trim is over two inches wide and features a dazzling riot of gorgeous floral designs created from beads and diamantes. Metallic wire coils around in the space between flowers, creating a striking three-dimensional effect that is exciting, evocative and elegant.

The Platinum Bridal Fabrics range of wedding dress embellishments includes something to suit every taste. Please enjoy browsing our newest crystal trims and do not hesitate to contact our dedicated bridal team on 01254 873333 or by email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk for information and inspiration.

Ivory Lace Appliqués - New Products Added

The Platinum Bridal Fabrics collection of appliqués designed to complement and complete the bridal dress has been extended, as detailed in a recent article. Here we look in more detail at some of the other sumptuous ivory lace applique newly added to our exciting and diverse selection.

Delightful and enchanting, Mona ivory lace appliqué is heavily embellished with skilful cording and a riotous display of pearls, sequins, beads and diamantes. Ivory embroidery thread forms the background of the design, the details of which have been hand-embroidered to produce a visually-stunning effect.

Lois is a motif that has been created with complex and delicate cording which, mixed with expansive areas of fine embroidery thread and complementary floral designs, creates a three-dimensional appearance that is incredibly tactile and eye-catching.

The name Margo is derived from Margaret, which in turn is derived from the Latin word Margarita, meaning ‘pearl’. It is therefore the perfect name for this lace appliqué which makes extensive use of the gorgeous gem to create its breathtakingly beautiful effect. Margo ivory lace appliqués also feature a hand-picked selection of beads and sequins to complete their elegant design.

Measuring 36 x 18cm, Cornelia ivory lace appliqués are among our largest and as such are incredibly striking. Though bold and impressive, Cornelia appliqués feature a refined and tasteful mélange of ivory embroidery threads and colourless yet sparkling sequins, shot through with a subtly glamorous fine silver thread.

Lustrous and luxurious, Bernadette appliqués are based on soft ivory tulle onto which has been embroidered an undulating floral design. To highlight the swirling leaves and flowers, an eclectic selection of pearls, beads and clear sequins has been used, offering a sweet and delicate charm.

Silvia ivory lace appliqués are cute and petite, measuring just 14 x 8.5cm each. Creative cording has been used to produce an appliqué that is at once vintage and contemporary; this product is predicted to become a firm favourite at Platinum Bridal Fabrics.

All of these impressive appliqués are now available for pre-order and will be in stock in December 2013. Please call us on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk for further information on our comprehensive range of wedding fabrics.

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