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Exclusive! - Linda Davey Reveals Newest Bridal Collection 'Petit Four'

World-renowned designer Linda Davey of No.9 Bridal Couture in Western Australia has just released a fabulous new collection of wedding gowns. The collection, named Petit Four, comprises four diverse dresses which showcase Linda's exceptional skill and talent for creating truly magical garments.

Petit Four is a clever play on words, referring to the dainty French desserts of the same name. Each dress is designed to tie in with this delectably-sweet theme, which sees Linda working to her full potential and creating designs that are breathtaking, elegant and sophisticated.

For many years, Linda has been creating unique gowns that have led to her worldwide reputation. In constant demand, Linda makes bespoke garments from her trademark wedding dresses through to ball gowns, evening wear and even a range of exquisite lingerie. Her dresses have been seen on the red carpet and on guests at the recent Royal Wedding, each perfectly flattering the figure of its wearer and creating an extravagant splash of couture design. Taking inspiration from Oscar-winner Edith Head, a costume designer who created clothes for Hollywood legends such as Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, Linda was awarded the coveted title of Best Wedding Dress Designer at the Wedding Industry Awards in 2012.

Linda buys most of her wedding dress material from Platinum Bridal Fabrics and we are always thrilled to receive photographs of her expertly-crafted designs. We are extremely excited to share images of two of the new gowns from the Petit Four collection here.

The first dress is named Cupcake and features a gorgeous swirling design representing the sweet icing and buttercream on one of these tasty treats. To give the design a touch of city chic, Linda chose to steer clear of a traditional vintage length and added a matching fascinator to complete the outfit. Used in the creation of this pretty dress were two fabrics supplied by us: Cameo Champagne silk dupion and Emma guipure ivory lace.

The second gown, French Fancy, also uses Cameo dupion and has been embellished with Gemini crystal trim and Tucana beaded lace appliqué. Linda took inspiration from Vivienne Westwood and Vera Wang to create the dress, the design of which was done in 3D rather than using the traditional pen-and-paper method. To add the sense of Westwood drama, the skirt was expertly moulded into folds before a wide net petticoat from Jupon was added to provide the skirt with maximum fullness.

The word 'dupion' derives from the Italian doppione, which means 'double'. The name refers to the luxurious texture of these fabrics, which is created by the random pairing of silkworm cocoons very close together. These pairings make twisted fibre rolls known as slubs, creating an extraordinarily tactile and sensuous texture that differs slightly in degree throughout, making each piece completely unique. Woven in India, our 100% silk dupion is wonderfully versatile and, as can be seen from Linda's Cupcake and French Fancy dresses, can be used to create stunning, exciting and dramatic garments.

Emma guipure ivory lace, also available in classic white, is one of our bestsellers thanks to its timeless beauty. A repeating design of large central flowers is surrounded by a plethora of leaves and flowerbuds, giving a balanced fabric that is rounded off with motif-scalloped edges.

With an attractive and fashionable Celtic theme, Gemini crystal trim is a real eye-catcher, its swirling silver design achieved with the use of exciting metallic filigree thread. Further embellishing this winning design are expertly-applied diamante highlights, each catching and playfully refracting rays of light.

Tucana beaded lace appliqué takes its name from the beautiful Toucan constellation which appears in the skies of the southern hemisphere. Shimmering with stellar beauty, these exquisite motifs centre on a large diamante which sits in the middle of a large, ornate flower. Radiating still further outward, leaves created from tubular beads lead the eye back inwards to the petals, which are made from white spherical beads outlined with subtle white sequins.

Linda told us: "I order the majority of my fabrics from Platinum Bridal Fabrics. They ship immediately to Australia and are still cheaper to buy than wholesalers here in Perth WA". We are proud to provide our fabrics to such a talented designer and look forward to seeing more of her creations.

Please keep sending us your photographs and stories; we love to hear from you! Email us at info@bridalfabrics.co.uk or, if you would like to speak to a member of our expert bridal team directly, please call 01254 873333.

Summer Lovin' - Our Freshest Wedding Dress Embellishments for Next Season

Brides-to-be who receive a proposal on or around Valentine's Day are most likely to be planning for a summer wedding and are already beginning to plan the gown that will make them look and feel perfect on their big day.

In anticipation of this demand, as we know the bridal couture market so well, Platinum Bridal Fabrics have stocked three exquisite new products perfectly suited to creating a fabulous and unique summer wedding dress. This exclusive new range includes two new ivory lace appliqués and a stunning ivory trim, ready to be used by creative designers.

The new items are also ideal for customising off-the-peg wedding dresses, something that is becoming increasingly popular in the UK - Platinum Bridal Fabrics recently received a lovely email with some stunning photographs from bride Amy Sung, who customised an imported dress using our Louisa Chantilly lace.

The first in our decadent pairing of summer lace appliqués is Savannah, a striking motif rendered in a cascading bouquet shape with amorphous edges. With a height of over 13" and a width of 7", these appliqués are on the large and extravagant side; this extravagance is further enhanced with our designer's use of luxurious ivory and Champagne embroidery threads combined with pearls, ivory beads and light-refracting colourless sequins.

Joining Savannah in our newest range of wedding dress embellishments is Lois. The name is derived from the ancient Greek meaning 'most desirable‘, certainly an appropriate name for this delicate and diaphanous appliqué. With a rich yet subtle ivory colouration, Lois appliqués feature complex cording to form a unique floral arrangement that, highlighted with extra three-dimensional corded flowers, creates a truly arresting visual display of unmatched beauty.

Lace trim can be used in a variety of ways, from the neck or back of the wedding gown to accessories such as shoes, handbags or even the wedding cake itself. Joining our extensive selection is Janet, a pretty and feminine design that is right on trend for the coming season. With a tulle background embellished with expert cording and embroidery, Janet is further embellished with a scattering of dazzling sequins to complete its exotic and evocative effect, making it perfect for a summer wedding where it will catch and playfully reflect the rays of the afternoon sunshine.

HD photographs of all of our products, taken against a contrasting background to allow the full effect to be experienced, are available on our website and a zoom facility allows for close examination of the fine detail. Please enjoy checking out our newest products and don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter to make sure you never miss the latest product updates, special offers, exclusive photographs and other news from Platinum Bridal Fabrics.

Please contact us for information and inspiration - our expert bridal team are standing by to offer professional advice. You can call us on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

Have it Your Way - Custom Wedding Dress Design

All brides want to look unique on their big day and off-the-rack wedding dress customisation is becoming increasingly popular. Platinum Bridal Fabrics were recently thrilled to receive photographs of a customised dress; so beautiful was this garment that we had to get in touch with its owner, Amy Sung, to find out more.

Amy's fabulous dress is the result of many months of research, planning and eventual sewing. Deciding to take a risk, she ordered the Bettina dress from high-profile New York clothing company J Crew, without even being able to try it on. Amy describes this as a 'leap of faith' but felt that she had to have the Bettina dress thanks to its gorgeous back and unmatched drapey and floaty handle. When the dress arrived from the USA, its size was altered by local dressmaker Eve and Adam, before Amy finally took it home to customise it and make it her own.

Having studied Fashion at Northumbria, Amy was confident that she could customise the beautiful Bettina dress to her vision. Using Louisa lace from Platinum Bridal Fabrics along with chiffon, Amy carefully took apart the dress, replacing pieces with her chosen fabric to create the garment seen in these stunning photographs taken on the beach at Newton-by-the-Sea.

Louisa Chantilly lace is supplied in panel form, perfect for a customisation project like Amy's. With matching scalloped borders of swirling foliage that feature an eye-catching and dramatic depth of 50cm, this lustrous design features a small yet exquisite floral design in its body that is created with bright yarn to give a delicate and evocative sheen.

We asked Amy what had drawn her to Louisa lace. She told us: "I noticed it is the exact same pattern as the Kate lace Bridal Fabrics sell and that was used in Kate Middleton's wedding dress. I was sold by that! The Kate lace was just as beautiful but I really needed a fabric that was as wide as possible as I was using the lace for the whole skirt part of the dress." From leftover lace pieces, Amy created a range of unique decorations for the wedding venue.

When asked if she would recommend Platinum Bridal Fabrics, Amy said: "Yes, of course. They are helpful if you ever need help and advice in choosing a lace. I think anyone could find a lace to suit their style from Bridal Fabrics. I am quite thorough when it comes to finding the best value for money. I did spend quite a bit of time looking for lace online and ordering samples. Bridal Fabrics’ laces were competitively priced and they were very generous at giving samples."

We would like to thank Amy for sending in her photographs and her quick response to our return email. Platinum Bridal Fabrics wish Amy and her lucky husband health and happiness in their future lives together.

If you have made a wedding dress as equally stunning as Amy's custom creation, then we would like to hear from you. You could soon be featuring in an article such as this, which represents a valuable publicity opportunity for our trade customers.

For more information from Platinum Bridal Fabrics, please call 01254 873333 or send email to info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

February Fun - Check out our Special Offers!

February is the month of romance with Valentine's Day happening right in the middle. To celebrate and to acknowledge the many marriage proposals that will undoubtedly be made this month, we are offering a 10% discount on some of our most beautiful bridal lace appliqués and crystal trims. The offer is valid until 22nd February this month so order soon to claim your fantastic price discount on these gorgeous embellishments, some of which are detailed below.

Since its introduction to Platinum Bridal Fabrics, Brogan ivory wedding lace has been enduringly popular thanks to its exquisitely-beautiful design of heavily-shaded floral motifs surrounded by a swirling maelstrom of foliage. To complement this popular fabric, Brogan ivory lace trim is designed to perfectly complement Sarah lace, its delightfully-elegant cording and fringes dramatically building on the floral design.

Many of the crystal embroideries in our extensive collection are named after planets, constellations and other celestial objects, reflecting their powerful, universal and heavenly qualities. Featuring in our exciting February selection of special offers is Capricorn, a wedding dress embellishment that oozes sophistication; beautifully-edged, the stunning fabric uses silver tubular beads along with opaque sequins and diamantes to create its subtle yet striking effect.

Lace appliqués are perfect for adding the final flourish to the wedding gown of your dreams. Several appliqués are available as part of our February promotion, including the delicate and ethereal beauty of Olivia. These attractive appliqués are created using a laser, giving them a three-dimensional beauty that adds drama, excitement and flamboyance to the wedding gown.

Please enjoy browsing our exciting collection of February special offers and don't forget that the offer of a 10% price discount is only valid until the 22nd of this most romantic of months.

Call our expert bridal team on 01254 873333 email us at info@bridalfabrics.co.uk for ideas, information and inspiration on creating your dream wedding gown.

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