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Special Spring Satins

If you are getting married this spring then you will already be planning your perfect dress. Until the 18th of April, Platinum Bridal Fabrics are offering a fantastic 10% discount across our range of sensual satins, all of which are perfect for creating unique, luxurious wedding gowns as well as bridesmaids' and matron-of-honours' dresses.

Majestic duchess satin truly lives up to its name; with a luxurious, regal feel, the fabric has a gorgeous drape and lustrous, tactile finish that makes it one of our best-selling satins. The fabric features an enticing matt finish and can be rendered in more than 50 colours which, as well as classic ivory and white, also includes daring shades such as Orchid, Amethyst and Fuchsia. Majestic works particularly well with highly-structured designs and was recently used by exclusive designer Rebecca Elizabeth in the talented creation of a bespoke, vintage-style bridal gown that was featured in a special Platinum Bridal Fabrics news article last year.

Another satin available in our spring sale is Princess satin backed faille, which is also perfectly suited to its name. Fulsome and lustrous, the fabric is dual-faced; one side is of the purest smooth satin while the other has a tactile crimp to offer an intriguing textural juxtaposition. Princess satin is particularly popular in white though many other exciting colours are available such as cerise, sapphire, claret and black.

Contessa, a rich duchess satin, is fabricated in Japan and is woven densely from a hand-picked selection of highly-twisted strands. This twisting gives a beautiful eye-catching appearance and also provides a strong resistance to snagging, its firm yet draping handle consistently maintaining its shape; this quality makes it ideal for creating gorgeous corsets and waistcoats. Once again, a wide variety of colour choices is available, including kingfisher blue, sunflower and cappuccino. Contessa continues to be one of Platinum Bridal Fabrics’ best-selling premium wedding dress materials.

Order soon to take advantage of our special 10% discount on these sumptuous fabrics. For more information or to order samples, please use the form on the website, contact us on 01254 873333 or send email to info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

Clem Short Couture - Exclusive Bridal Designer Uses 'Jessica' Lace

Though there are many fine ready-to-wear bridal gowns available to buy, more and more brides and their guests are employing the expert skills of creative and exclusive independent designers to create one-of-a-kind garments. One such designer, Clem Short of Clem Short Couture, recently shared some photographs of a stunning wedding dress she has skilfully created using Jessica lace from Platinum Bridal Fabrics.

At just 12 years old and deciding that the clothes in shops "didn't match the ideas in her head", Clem began experimenting with fabric and patterns, quickly learning to make her own clothes instead. A degree in Fashion Design followed by a coveted 4-year studentship place at the Victoria & Albert museum gave Clem a unique insight into a wide range of fabrics, particularly fragile, fine and feminine materials such as lace and silk. Drawing on this rich well of experience, Clem continues to create a range of bespoke bride's, bridesmaids' and other wedding guests' garments of truly beautiful quality, as well as offering a full alteration and customisation service.

Bride-to-be Kirstie Chart was originally looking for a dress for her mother though, after a visit to see Clem's work, decided that Clem was the person she wanted to create her own bespoke wedding dress. Clem contacted Platinum Bridal Fabrics to order a range of samples which she then showed to Kirstie; the bride-to-be had decided on a cream-coloured lace to complement her striking auburn hair. After much deliberation, Kirstie decided on Jessica lace, a corded and beaded design that has particularly defined light-catching qualities. Jessica's motif, a triptych of beaded and sequinned floral bouquets highlighted with pale gold filigree thread, looked absolutely perfect over Kirstie's chosen full-bodied matt-finish silk dupion and was also used to great effect around the hem of the skirt.

Kirstie was incredibly happy with the final dress and took the time to leave a glowing review on Clem's painstaking work, stating that she was "so grateful to Clem for making me the perfect dress for my wedding and for making the process so enjoyable. After looking in countless shops for a dress and not being able to find something that I loved and fitted well I found out about Clem. She was always flexible and continued to make adjustments after various fittings of the dress which ensured that it fitted me perfectly and was exactly what I wanted. I absolutely love my dress and am so glad that I found Clem!"

We asked Clem to tell us about her experience with Platinum Bridal Fabrics and she told us, "I have used Bridal Fabrics before and will use them again, particularly for lace and for crystal trims. I am building up a good selection of sample hangers of lace, and am happy to order new ones for clients, knowing that it helps future brides to make an informed choice. The price is absolutely worth it for the usefulness of being able to drape the lace over different base cloths and see exactly how it will look, which you really can't do with small samples. The staff on the phone are always helpful and delivery is always really quick and reliable."

We would like to thank Kirstie and Clem for sharing their story and the wonderful photographs. You can see more of Clem's work here on her website

For more information on Jessica or any of our other wedding dress material, including ordering samples of our comprehensive and stylish collection, please call our team today on 01254 873333 or email us at info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

Spring and Summer Laces from Platinum Bridal Fabrics

Welcome to the second of a two-part article showcasing our fantastic Spring/Summer bridal material collection. Our last article focused on bridal silks and here we select some of our sumptuous laces designed to offer the very best in bridal couture for the coming season.


A generous 38" wide, Eleanor lace is available in ivory, antique grey or powder pink. Its delicate design is perfect for a spring wedding, with identical floral borders shaped after the Paisley teardrop design. Fabricated from an intensely tactile mix of viscose and nylon, Eleanor features a single floral motif throughout its gorgeous design.


French Chantilly lace continues to take pride of place on haute couture catwalks around the world. With an enchanting floral theme, Saffron ivory wedding lace is created from a host of striking roses which, extending deeply into the body of the lace, draw the eye to identically-scalloped edges. These edges, if skilfully exposed by trimming the lace, can be revealed to exciting effect, complementing the firm yet natural drape; customising Saffron lace in this way makes it ideal for use on fashionable boleros.


Dreamily-feminine, Katherine lace is comprised an equal mixture of nylon and rayon, woven in a variety of weave sizes to give its dreamy and ephemerous qualities. The design is made up of attractive floral bouquets which have been beautifully embellished with expert cording, finished with scalloped and delicately-fringed edges.


Stella, taken from the Latin word for 'star', is the perfect name for our next lace, which will imbue any bride with true celebrity glam. A dense pattern of flowers on a diverse background of weaves is intersected with connected leaves and flowers; the whole is embellished with an eclectic selection of eye-catching threads and cords and symmetrical scalloped borders complete the luxurious design. For brides who require even more luxury and drama, Angelica lace offers all of the features of Saffron but with extra embellishments and beading.


Eloise is one of our continually-popular laces though spring and summer are the seasons when it can be shown off to its best potential. Available in white, ivory or black and with a choice of matching lace trims and appliqués, Eloise corded border lace is made up of many single floral motifs which dazzlingly break up the medium tulle ground. The border of the lace has identical scalloped edges; in the centre of each border is a complex five-flowered motif which makes this lace extraordinarily beautiful.


Available exclusively in classic white or ivory, Amelia corded border lace is uniquely elegant, comprising a central motif of three tasteful flowers in a modest bouquet. The outline of each flower is sharply defined with the expert cording and the lace is finished with an incredibly fine fringe.

We are looking forward to displaying our Spring/Summer collection at the Textile Forum exhibition in London and also to seeing the beautiful garments created by our customers using these fabulous fabrics. Please enjoy browsing the laces, all of which are presented with HD photographs, and do not hesitate to contact our team for further information on our collection of superlative wedding dress material.

Call our team on 01254 873333 or by email at info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

Lace in the news

Spring and Summer Silks from Platinum Bridal Fabrics

After a long, cold and very wet winter, everyone is ready to welcome the first official day of spring and start gearing up for a fun summer. These two seasons are the most popular for weddings and Platinum Bridal Fabrics are looking forward to seeing some of the fantastic garments that are created using our gorgeous materials. This is the first of two articles showcasing some our best fabrics that are suited to a spring or summer wedding; the second article will look at bridal lace but here we focus on silk dress fabrics.

Silk Georgette

With a crinkled, feather-light texture, Georgette fabrics have a bouncy appearance and an interesting rough yet tactile texture. The fabric is created from complex twists of slim thread which are tightly woven to give a sheer appearance that belies the fabric’s strength and springiness. As Georgette fabrics drape so well, they appear to have a life of their own as they twist and shimmer, making them perfect for creating layers without adding excess weight or bulk. Utilising this effect, extremely pretty and whimsical gowns can be created by talented designers. From our collection of silk Georgettes, we particularly recommend Marquis and Shimmer for spring and summer though at the head of this eclectic collection is Prima Donna; taken from the Italian and meaning 'First Lady', this fabric is truly fit for a queen.

Silk Chiffon

These delightful fabrics are similar to silk Georgette but have a more lustrous and smoother texture. Silk chiffon weighs almost nothing and its near-transparent appearance makes it perfect for using as an overlay to a contrasting colour. Elegant and diaphanous, silk chiffon can be used to create ethereal, dreamy gowns that ooze with sophistication. Both of our silk chiffon fabrics, Tempest and Superba, are perfect for next season and are available in a choice of exciting colours.

Silk Satin

Magnifique and Splendour are the two silk satins we recommend for brides with a real sense of class and luxury this coming season. With a heavy, dramatic drape, these fabrics are simply the most lustrous, smooth and tactile available, which also makes them suitable for creating ballgowns or evening wear. Here you can truly let your imagination run free, choosing between a vast range of colours including bright yellow, dark mint, bridal gold and flourescent pink.

Please enjoy browsing our Spring/Summer suggestions and do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to receive samples to experience the true beauty of these fabrics in your own home.

For more information on any of our products, please contact a member of our helpful, efficient and professional bridal team by calling 01254 873333 or by email at info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

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