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Sizzling Summer Lace Designs - New and Exclusive

The new lace designs just keep on coming with another four choices added to the massive Platinum Bridal Fabrics collection. As well as these new bridal lace designs, perfect for summer and detailed below, we are also pleased to introduce a gorgeous new lace trim.


With its extravagant embellishments, Daisy ivory lace demands the first mention. Our designer has really unleashed the wild side of their creativity with this design, which features a riot of large flowers centred with bead-topped pearls, adding a unique texture. Texture is, in fact, one of the key factors of Daisy and the rich cording and embroidery work to glamorous effect in this regard.


Jodie is another extravagant lace that is embroidered from a mixed selection of weaves. The floral designs that run throughout the lace are heavily embellished with sequins, beads and pearls that, working together to give a style with spark and pizzazz, make this material of particular interest to the haute-couture sector of the market.


The pretty name of Clementine derives from the French word meaning 'gentle' and is perfect for this feather-light lace. With its matching scalloped edges and repeating, well-spaced floral motifs, Clementine ivory lace is grounded on incredibly soft tulle that demonstrates a dreamy draping quality. Richly-coloured ivory thread has been used throughout the design of Clementine, enhanced with selectively-placed beads and diamantes along with filigree thread of a deep Champagne hue.


If you are looking for a truly unique style then look no further than Gretel, a fairytale name for a fairytale lace. The material comprises an incredibly eye-catching display of parallel bars, each filled with a repeating motif. Several geometric motifs have been created within the bars, each more complex than the last, with the largest and most striking being a matching line of interlocked daisies.

Kansas Lace Trim

Lace trim can be used in a wide variety of ways to add excitement, texture and dimension to the wedding dress or can even be used to create matching wedding decorations. Kansas trim has been chosen for its delightful and tasteful design which, formed from graceful flowers, is highlighted with beautiful cording over quality ivory embroidery thread. Asymmetrically-scalloped edges complete the design, which is predicted to be extremely popular during the coming summer season.

All of these materials are available in standard lengths or can be cut to any bespoke size to meet your unique personal requirements. Please enjoy checking out the new fabrics and do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to request a sample.

You can contact Platinum Bridal Fabrics by calling 01254 873333 or by email at info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

The Fabulous Five - New and Exclusive Lace Designs

The new lace designs just keep on coming with the addition of five more fantastic varieties to our massive collection. Check out the details of these new laces below and click through to their dedicated product pages to access magnified, high-definition images of each material.


Shirley is a stunning 54" in width and is of the palest ivory, offering an ethereal quality that is immensely feminine. Scalloped and fringed edges lead the eye inwards to the central motif of this design which is formed from a triptych of embroidered flowers that, enhanced with pearls, sequins and beads, creates an entrancing three-dimensional effect.


This ivory lace has a timelessly-beautiful design that excites the eye with its flowing and undulating floral motifs. The exquisite beauty of these flowers is dramatically and glamorously enhanced with the expert placing of sequins, beads and complex cording. An attractive and distinctive feature of Ruth is the fringed and scalloped borders which extend beyond their edges and into the body of the lace itself.


As Amy Chantilly lace is one of our most popular designs, it is available in a wide range of colours. Now added to the range is a variety rendered in the deepest black, creating an exciting and daring appeal designed for a bride with an exotic sense of theatre. A complex mixture of cotton and fibrane viscose gives Amy a unique texture that is extremely tactile and the stunning embroidery depicting a close network of floral motifs is set on a fine open tulle.


Designers regularly contact Platinum Bridal Fabrics asking us to use our considerable experience to source lace in a particular style. During the past few months, there has been an increased demand from these designers for a lace with a highly-decorative edge but with a plain area towards the centre. Our bridal team are proud to introduce Macey, a lightweight lace featuring large floral motifs separated by an elegant geometric stripe, to meet the ever-changing requirements of our designer customers.


Fresh, funky and daring, Willow lace is embroidered densely with corded leaves and flowers which extend asymmetrically from one side of the lace almost to the other. This means that Willow features a glamorous and extravagant motif of great height, creating a real eye-catching display. We predict great popularity for this lace so order now to be part of the avant-garde!

Contact our experienced bridal team today to find out more about these and the other fantastic laces in our comprehensive collection. You can call us on 01254 873333 or send email to info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

A Divine Dress - 'Maria' Lace in Vintage Style

Many of our customers take the time to send us photographs of the gorgeous dresses and other garments they have created using our fabrics. All of these photographs go into our fabulous online gallery but some are so breathtaking that we just have to get in touch with the maker to find out more about their wonderful creations. Most recently, we got in touch with Christel Beukes to tell us about her magnificent wedding dress.

As soon as she had decided to tie the knot, Christel began the happy and exciting search for the perfect material with which to create her dream dress. After browsing the crowded online marketplace, Christel chose Platinum Bridal Fabrics thanks to our extensive collection, reputation for quality and professional sample service, which offers samples of a generous size with detailed descriptions.

Though our sample sizes are large and many were supplied, Christel soon 'exhausted the service', as she puts it! Still undecided as to exactly which fabrics she would use to create the once-in-a-lifetime garment, Christel arranged to visit us in person along with her mother, who flew in from South Africa especially and would be making the dress once the fabrics were chosen. Duncan Weisters, MD at Platinum Bridal Fabrics, was more than happy to personally assist Christel and her mother, arranging for a variety of Christel’s shortlisted fabrics to be seen in their full glory.

Christel had a very clear vision of the style she wanted to achieve; a base of oyster-coloured satin overlaid with lace would create a vintage look, enhanced by a low-cut illusion back, two-tier veil and a short yet striking train. The wedding day had a 'Roses' theme, that being the bride's favourite flower, so a lace featuring the pretty bloom was essential.

For the base of the dress, Christel chose Duchess Satin in a soft oyster tone, lined with Celebration 100% Silk Habotai in ivory which added breathability without sacrificing shape. To create the sheer veil and illusion back, Crescendo tulle was used to great effect, as can be seen from the gorgeous photos sent to us by Christel.

Christel chose Maria lace to add to her gown. This corded border lace consists of the finest tulle ground which is shot through with exquisitely-embroidered dainty rose motifs that were in perfect proportion to the unique and complex pattern of Christel's dress. This pattern, with unusually-wide pieces and bordered hem, was easily created using the generously-sized Maria lace and the subtle gold colouration of the filigree embroidery thread perfectly matched Christel’s vision.

To complete this wonderful creation, Christel's mother used leftover lace to carefully create motifs which were then sewn by hand around the neck and into symmetrical patterns around the back of the dress, softening the lines and enhancing the fabric by filling in any gaps between motifs. The quality of the embroidery, which incorporated seed beads, transparent sequins and freshwater pearls, is truly astonishing and Christel says that, of all the wedding dresses that her mother has created, this one was the 'masterpiece'.

Christel was overjoyed with the final dress, and said that it was 'exactly what (she) wanted'. Asked to describe her experience with Platinum Bridal Fabrics, Christel said, "I was more than 100% happy with Bridal Fabrics and will highly recommend them to anyone".

We would like to thank Christel for her kind words and for sharing her story with us. If you would like to feature in our online gallery and perhaps have a feature like this one written about your dress, send us your photographs to info@bridalfabrics.co.uk. If you need any further information, don't hesitate to call us on 01254 873333.



A Tasteful Trio - New Lace Designs

Our lace collection continues to grow as we welcome three brand new designs to inspire you. Each lace has been specially selected by our talented material-sourcing team, who travel the globe to seek out the very best examples.

The new laces added to the collection are Isla, Lola and Dionne, more details of which can be found below. Check out the dedicated page for each lace to view close-up detail photographs in full HD and to place your order. As with all of our laces, we can supply full rolls or pieces cut to any bespoke length.


With identical, gently-scalloped edges, Isla Lace is an extremely feminine lace with a generous width of 132cm. Motifs of exquisitely-detailed bouquets form hubs around which paisley-shaped leaves radiate outwards, creating a truly unique lace that is bold, striking and entrancing. The pattern's contours are highlighted with the expert use of cording, completing this fabulous design.


The glamorous name of Lola Lace has been chosen to represent our next luxurious new bridal lace. With a rich, deep ivory tone, this material has identical scalloped edges with a gentle curvature similar to that of Isla. This is where the similarity ends though, as Lola has an added fringe that heightens its glamorous appeal. Large flowers nestle in foliage throughout the body of this design and, on closer inspection, it is revealed that both leaves and flowers are connected in an incredibly detailed and complex way with the use of fine ivory cording.


Dionne is the feminine form of Dion, a name which derives from the mythological Greek god Dionysus. This was the god of dance and revelry, making it the perfect name to encapsulate the flamboyance and playfulness of Dionne ivory lace. A riotous pattern of flowers makes up the design, which is corded to give a gorgeously-tactile feel. Both edges feature delicate fringing and have relatively deep scallops of 8.5cm; above each scallop is a large flower that is rendered in fine detail.

Please enjoy examining these beautiful additions to our range and do not hesitate to contact our experienced bridal team for more information and advice. Call us on 01254 873333 or send an email to info@bridalfabrics.co.uk and we will get straight back to you.

Princess and Debutante - Special Offers for May

Two of our prettiest wedding dress materials, both perfect for a late-spring or early-summer wedding, have a special offer on this May! This offer ends at midnight on 31st May and can only been redeemed if you are a subscriber to our newsletter!

The special promo code will be sent to all our subscribers on Wednesday 14th May 2014 so make sure you don't miss out and subscribe! We will send it again the following week.

The fabrics we have chosen to offer a discount on this month are Princess and Debutante, each of which has its own charms. Check out the product pages to see detailed, HD images of each fabric and to make your choice from our gorgeous colour palette.


This sumptuous fabric is a faille, a word which originally comes from the Dutch for 'scarf' and was adopted into French as an affectionate name for the women of Flanders who characteristically wore such scarves. Our expert bridal team chose Princess primarily for its unbelievable draping quality which makes it absolutely ideal for creating fairytale wedding dresses. The inside of the fabric has a softly-tactile crinkled surface while the face is formed from pure, shimmering satin.

Princessis a delicate fabric suitable only for low-temperature washing or preferably dry-cleaning. The material has a generous width of 150cm and can be supplied in a full-length roll of 23m or to any desired length. As well as white and ivory, Princess is offered in a range of bold colours such as scarlet, sapphire and cerise.


An Anglicised word, 'Debutante' comes from the French Débutante, meaning a female beginner. Originally, a debutante would have been a young woman from an upper-class family who had come of age and would be formally introduced to high-society at a special party. Use of the word gradually extended over time to include any woman attending an important, once-in-a-lifetime event such as a prom or wedding.

Our Debutante fabric is a silk taffeta, a word of Persian origin meaning 'twisted and woven'. An extremely lightweight fabric, taffeta was used in the very first recorded flight of a human in a craft lighter-than-air; in 1782, Frenchman Joseph Montgolfier created a balloon using the material. Smooth and crisp, the fabric is yarn-dyed to give a gorgeous 'shot' effect to the finished fabric's colouration. A diverse colour palette, including claret, magenta and onyx, allows the perfect look to be easily achieved.

Please enjoy examining the beautiful fabrics and don't forget to subscribe before midnight on Friday 23rd May to take advantage of our fantastic May offer!

For more information on our amazing range of wedding dress material, please call our bridal team on 01254 873333 or email us at info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

Fit for a Duchess - A Uniquely Beautiful Dress

We recently received a lovely email from Rosemary Jolley which, accompanied by several gorgeous photographs, described how she had created a unique wedding dress for her daughter using material from Platinum Bridal Fabrics. After becoming disappointed with the limited range of off-the-peg dresses and being unwilling to gamble with ordering a pre-made dress that may not fit and so require costly and time-consuming alterations, Rosemary's daughter decided to design her own which would then be created by her mother and a friend.

With no previous experience of making a wedding dress, Rosemary had a difficult task ahead of her. Alongside her daughter, Rosemary researched a selection of wedding dress material suppliers before deciding to buy from us, based on our impressive reputation for quality and customer service along with an extensive, diverse and ever-growing choice of wedding fabrics. She also found our website to be 'very user friendly', offering crystal-clear photography, access to various swiftly-delivered samples and providing 'loads of information'.

Naturally, as our collection is so extensive, Rosemary's daughter took some time to decide on exactly the right fabrics. She wanted a dress in a similar style to one she had seen which, tea-length, featured an exciting and evocative layer of lace over a matt satin. To recreate the look but with a unique style, she chose our Duchess Satin to be teamed with Maria lace; both fabrics were rendered in classic ivory.

Over the course of creating the dress, several last-minute changes in style were required. This involved a substantial amount of unpicking and re-sewing, all of which the delicate yet robust and hardwearing materials easily withstood without any sign of wear or tear. Rosemary found that the fabrics were 'very easy to machine' and successfully created the subtly-shimmering lace-on-satin effect that her daughter desired. As the dress took shape, Rosemary made several enquiries of Platinum Bridal Fabrics by telephone and email, all of which were 'responded (to) quickly' with a 'very helpful' attitude by our skilled customer service team. Some of these enquiries involved requests for extra material which, ordered by telephone, were guaranteed to be available for pickup later on the very same day.

Rosemary's daughter's wedding day was a great success; Rosemary told us that the dress fitted 'like a glove' and that there was 'no seam stretch or unreliability'. After the event, the dress was sent to a professional dry cleaners; upon return, the dress looked and felt as good as new. Summing up her experience with Platinum Bridal Fabrics, Rosemary simply stated, "I would thoroughly recommend them".

Maria lace is incredibly popular and, as such, has been made available in a diverse palette of colours including Candy Pink, Terracotta, Lilac and Russet. A stylishly elegant corded border lace with the finest of tulle grounds, Maria features delicate embroidered roses in its design which, highlighted with expert cording, is made even more beautiful with the use of shimmering gold filigree thread and identically-scalloped borders.

We would like to thank Rosemary for sharing her story and invite other customers to do the same. Our favourite stories will feature in news articles like this one and all photographs will be added to our stunning online gallery.

For more information on our superlative range of wedding dress material, please contact us by calling 01254 873333 or email us at info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

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