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Ivory Wedding Dress Material - Brand-New To Our Collection

If you are a bride-to-be who keeps her finger firmly on the thriving pulse of wedding fashion, then you will know that ivory is the colour to be wearing this season, whether on the haute couture catwalk or down the aisle. Here we present the newest additions to the Platinum Bridal Fabrics ivory collection.

Belinda Ivory Lace Trim

For the past two years since it was added to our collection, Belinda lace has been an enduring favourite thanks to its timelessly-elegant design. The wedding fabric is available in a rainbow of colours from classy chartreuse to contemporary candy pink though ivory is being chosen more and more as the fashion unfolds. Scalloped edges and symmetrical borders frame a design comprising of a floral diptych which is highlighted with exquisite cording and shaded with iridescent embroidery - matching lace appliqués are also available.

By popular demand, we have introduced a Belinda ivory trim to perfectly complement Belinda wedding lace. With rich, fine embroidery on the finest of tulle backgrounds, the trim features a riot of flowers which, densely corded to give a three-dimensional effect, stand proud on the scalloped edges.

Illinois Ivory Lace Appliqués

Along with ivory colouration, fabrics with heavy embellishment are also a current talking-point in bridal couture. Illinois appliqués, with their array of ivory beading, translucent sequins and luxurious ivory pearls, capture this aesthetic perfectly and, backed onto a fine ivory tulle, are easily affixed to the bridal gown.

Iowa Ivory Lace Trim

Designed to be eye-catching, Iowa lace trim features a truly-arresting array of flowers at its edges. Swirling upwards in a manner at once controlled and anarchic, this design catches the light through the expert application of sequins and pearls which, surrounded on ivory tulle by beads and embroidery, make Iowa ivory lace trim a delight to behold.

Please enjoy examining our brand-new ivory wedding dress material and do not hesitate to contact our skilled and professional team on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk for advice and support on our extensive product range.

Lace, Trim and Appliqués - Our Latest Special Offers

Have you checked out our 'Special Offers' section recently? We are currently featuring a stellar array of crystal trims and ivory lace appliqués, joined by two truly astonishing ivory laces, all with a fantastic 10% discount in price. Some of the items in the section are detailed below but please enjoy browsing the full gorgeous range.

Layla Ivory Lace

Standing alone in ethereal beauty, Layla ivory wedding lace is simply stunning. Large, bold and striking flower motifs, reminiscent of sunflowers, stride across the lace, enhanced by a delicate cord that is at once subtle and flamboyant. A guipure lace, Layla is embellished with sequins and beads that playfully catch the light, reflecting and refracting it upwards and outwards to the identically-scalloped borders.

Jupiter Crystal Dress Trim

Named after the largest and most influential planet in the solar system, Jupiter crystal trim commands attention. An exquisitely-designed piece, this trim is heavily embellished with opaque sequins and tubular beads which are complemented by expertly-placed ivory teardrop pearls. This is truly a glamorous choice, designed for a bride who desires a luxurious and elegant edge to her wedding gown.

Mars Floral Dress Trim

This is a very unusual piece and has been a talking-point at Platinum Bridal Fabrics since we introduced it to our collection. Fresh, funky and feminine, Mars is perfect for summer weddings with its retro tulle-based design featuring opaque diamantes and a stunning array of ivory satin flowers. This gorgeous design really has to be seen to be believed.

Wisteria Ivory Lace Appliqués

The striking shape of these appliqués resembles a seahorse, their abstract flowing lines giving a wavering, almost-aquatic feel. A generous 39cm in length and 19cm in width, Wisteria ivory appliqués are easily sewn onto the wedding dress to offer a shimmering effect thanks to a variety of pearls and beads.

Order soon to take advantage of the 10% price discount on these and all of the products currently available in our 'Special Offers' collection!

Need advice and support choosing exactly the right fabric for your dream wedding gown? Call our expert team today on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

Chantilly Lace - 15% Discount on our Entire Collection

Fine, feminine and luxurious, Chantilly lace has a rich and aristocratic history. Platinum Bridal Fabrics always have a wide selection of this regal material in stock and are constantly adding more examples that we discover on our dedicated sourcing trips to fashion centres around the world. From Friday 13th June until Sunday 22nd June, we are offering a fantastic 15% discount on all of the beautiful Chantilly lace in our collection. Simply enter promo code CHANTILLY15 at our secure online checkout.

Chantilly lace takes its name from the French town where, during the 17th century, the Duchesse de Longueville established a facility for manufacturing fine lace. Just as Kate Middleton's stunning wedding dress influenced the styles of bridal gowns around the world, lace manufactured at the facility became quickly and immensely popular thanks to the stylish and popular reputation of the Duchesse. Chantilly is very close to Paris and so, from there, the material was shipped around the world and was also known to be a lace favoured by Marie Antoinette.

In 1789, during the French Revolution, makers of lace (a fabric associated with wealth, privilege and position) were seen as allies of the now-hated royal family and met grisly ends on the guillotine. Production effectively ceased until Napoleon I sparked a revival in the craft of lacemaking and the appreciation of its beautiful qualities. Arguably the most well-known bridal lace now in production, chantilly lace continues to be popular amongst a diverse array of brides.

Some of the Chantilly lace in our collection is detailed below - please enjoy browsing the full range to find the perfect style for you. Don't forget our handy wishlist function to save your favourites!


Lightweight, soft and delicate, Francesca is the last word in femininity. An asymmetric floral bouquet repeats to form the motif, which features artfully-subtle shading and fills the body of the wedding fabric. Both edges are formed from a dramatic double-scallop finished with a delicate, tactile fringe. Francesca is available in white or ivory; the ivory material has a matching lace trim available. Check out our online gallery to see a dress made using this sublime lace.


This is a wedding dress material for the bride who dares to be different, particularly when it is rendered in deep black. Also available in ivory and formed with a complex pattern of interlocked flowers and foliage laid onto an airy and open tulle ground, Julia Chantilly lace is incredibly light and floaty and is perfect for using as an overlay fabric as the open design allows a contrasting material to be used to great effect beneath.


With a classy design of great intricacy, Bianca Chantilly lace features a variety of weaves and textures to create its three-dimensional effect. Leaves and flowers, which are highlighted with an expert selection of contrasting lustrous and matt yarns, intertwine in complex yet visually-pleasing arrangements that lead the eye outwards to surprisingly-plain edges that are at once subtle and striking, framing the design with impeccable elegance.

Order before midnight on Sunday 22nd June to take advantage of our fantastic 15% price discount offer on these laces or any from our Chantilly Lace collection! Simply enter promo code CHANTILLY15 at our secure online checkout. For more information, call our experienced bridal team on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

The New Collection from Kelly Marie Redhead - Featured in Vogue Italia

Contemporary bridal designer Kelly Marie Redhead of K.M.R Bespoke Bridal, a regular customer of Platinum Bridal Fabrics, has successfully launched her latest collection of wedding gowns. The Whiting Collection, unveiled in April this year, has already received great acclaim and is currently featuring in Vogue Italia magazine.

Kelly is no stranger to the pages of Vogue magazine: her exquisite garments have been featured in both the Italian and UK publications in the past. With a first-class honours degree in Fashion Design, Kelly uses traditional techniques to create the bespoke contemporary wedding gowns, along with a range of gorgeous accessories such as veils, bouquets and garters, for which her fashionable label is renowned.

Named in honour of her late grandmother who inspired Kelly towards a successful career in fashion design and taught her to sew, The Whiting Collection currently features three divine dresses made using our fabrics, each with a unique style and charm of its own. These dresses, named Grace, Ivy and Annie, all make expert use of wedding dress material supplied by Platinum Bridal Fabrics, including lace, crystal trim and crystal embroidery.


The first dress in the collection uses Helena ivory lace, a vintage-inspired design that is incredibly eye-catching thanks to its extensive use of metallic silver thread that cords the outlines of flowers and foliage. Sequins and beads add further embellishment to this scallop-edged lace, which also features a delicate fringe and ivory embroidery.

Ivy also uses Muscari crystal embroidery, a dramatic and daring design of radiating diamantes on a doubly-symmetrical teardrop shaped motif. Dazzling iridescent sequins catch the light, reflecting it onto the beaded wings to provide a truly arresting display.


Annie has a unique beauty that is enhanced further with Daphne crystal embroidery. This delicate embellishment has an attractive and romantic feel to it, hence its name: in Greek mythology, Daphne was turned into a laurel tree by her father as a rather heavy-handed method of preventing her from marrying Apollo. Stylish and feminine, our Daphne crystal embroidery centres around two large flowers created from diamantes which, surrounded by a stellar array of gems, beads and sequins, are evocative and elegant.


The queen of the collection, Grace is proving to be immensely popular and is a current talking point in haute-couture circles around the world. Made using Lucy guipure lace and Taurus crystal trim, this gown is the successful completion of Kelly's aim to use lace in new and innovative ways. The final dress featured a detachable train which allows it to be effortlessly transformed from day to night style.

Lucy guipure lace was perfect for the detachable train with its heavy, luxurious drape and vibrant, exciting design. Intricate, swirling motifs surround a repeating series of flowers based on a ground of metallic filigree. Irregularly-scalloped borders feature heavy, dramatic cording and this, along with small metallic clusters to catch the eye, is one of our most luxurious guipure laces.

Used at the waist of the gown to add interest and help define an elegant silhouette, Taurus crystal trim adds the perfect finishing touch with its floral design edged with a host of silver tubular beads and reflective sequins. Diamantes and marquises add to the beautiful effect, which is at once classic and alternative.

Kelly has swatch books of all of our fabrics, allowing her to take and offer both visual and tactile inspiration for her creative work. We asked her to comment on her experience with Platinum Bridal Fabrics and she said, "The quality of Platinum Bridal Fabrics is fantastic and they offer a brilliant and prompt service. I would always recommend!".

The photos are shared courtesy of Folega Photography and were taken during the Vogue Italia editorial photoshoot at the historic Cusworth Hall in Doncaster. We would like to thank Kelly for taking time out from her busy schedule to send us the photographs and information about some of the fantastic wedding gowns in her latest collection. You can see more of Kelly's talented work at her official website kellymarieredhead.co.uk

Please keep sending in your emails and photographs to info@bridalfabrics.co.uk and you could soon feature in a news story like this, which reaches thousands of subscribers via our regular email newsletter.

Silk and Lace - An Arresting Combination

A truly magnificent wedding dress has been created using exquisite vintage embroidered silk combined with Jacqueline lace supplied by Platinum Bridal Fabrics. The dress, belonging to a bride named Emily, was made by her mother, Mary, who recently sent us some gorgeous photographs and a lovely email telling us all about the creation of the gorgeous garment.

Emily was married to her groom Kevin on the 21st of March this year in a fairytale spring wedding. Of course, designing the wedding gown began well in advance of this date to allow time for the various ideas to coalesce into Emily's final vision. Mary and Emily marked out and cut a hip-length princess-style shell, adjusting it to suit exactly before a full-length version was created. This design evolved even further after a range of embellished lace samples were sent by Platinum Bridal Fabrics, forming the final rhomboid neckline and V-shaped back. Mary noted that the generously-sized samples we provided were especially helpful, stating that, "although it is easy to see the different types of lace in the online display and to narrow the selection, there is nothing quite like handling and draping a piece of lace with its complementary fabric".

Mary owned a piece of beautiful ivory silk which, supported by a strong yet lightweight interlining, was used to create the main body of the wedding dress. Embroidered all over, the silk demanded a lace that would at once match and contrast, complementing the design without creating competing patterns. Jacqueline, with its rich embroidery, laser-cut satin flowers and foliage, pearls, beads and crystals arranged in a tastefully decadent way, was the perfect choice.

The two scalloped borders of Jacqueline lace were ideal for use around the midriff of the dress, on the edge of the godet and on the cuffs of the sleeves. Crystals from scraps of the lace were used for further embellishment, elevating the unique garment to a true work of art. The final dress fitted perfectly and moved beautifully on the bride as she enjoyed her big day.

We asked Mary to sum up her experience with us. She said, "Thank you Platinum Bridal Fabrics for your part in this happy project! We certainly recommend your company for friendliness and professionalism, not to mention the fabulous quality products."

We would like to thank Mary for her wonderful email and photographs, which we share with you here. Everyone at Platinum Bridal Fabrics wishes Emily and Kevin happiness and health for their future together.

Please keep your emails and photographs coming in - your story could be next on these pages! Email us at info@bridalfabrics.co.uk or give us a call on 01254 873333.

Chartreuse Lace - A Brand New Colour Added to our Palette

The Platinum Bridal Fabrics range of coloured laces is incredibly popular and features more than 20 exciting shades from the funky exuberance of Candy Pink to the understated elegance of Antique Grey. A new shade, Chartreuse, has been added to the available colour palette, perfect for the intense light of summer.

Chartreuse is a tertiary colour, a combination of yellow and green. The name is taken directly from the French word meaning 'charter houses', the living quarters of a Carthusian order of monks who, in the 18th century, began producing a yellow-green alcoholic drink that came to be known simply as chartreuse. The delicate yet vibrant tones of this rare and exotic drink are perfectly captured in our dyeing process, locking in an evocative charm that will be remembered long after the event.

Some of the laces available in this gorgeous new colour are detailed below; please enjoy browsing the full collection.

Lillian Chantilly Lace

With an absolutely classic design, Lillian is bold, elegant and refined, all at the same time. Matching fringed borders and scalloped edges frame the main body of this special design, which features floral bouquets alternately shaded and highlighted to create a dramatic, eye-catching effect. Lillian has an above-average viscose content, giving it one of the softest handles of any lace in our extensive collection.

Jessica Beaded & Corded Lace

An extremely fine tulle forms the base for this lace design, the undulating curves of which create a dazzling hypnotic effect enhanced with the use of gold filigree yarn. The main design is composed of a series of bouquets growing in size, leading the eye outwards to the identical, scalloped-edge borders. Throughout Jessica lace, embellishments such as beads, sequins and cording have been carefully selected and placed to make this material truly like something from a fairytale.

Chloe Beaded Border Lace

Two flower motifs, distinct from one another yet both of equal beauty, form the repeating pattern that makes Chloe lace so memorable. Each motif is based on an expertly-embroidered ground which has been lavishly overlaid with a selection of beads and sequins before being finely highlighted with stunning filigree. The identical edges are gently scalloped, supporting the delicate and exquisite finishing touch of a soft and feminine fringe.

Call our expert bridal team on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk for ideas, inspiration and information on creating the perfect garment for any occasion.

Ivory Lace Appliqués - Exclusive Offers!

Ivory lace appliqués add a gorgeous finishing touch to the wedding gown and Platinum Bridal Fabrics supply an exciting, eclectic and ever-growing collection. We currently have a selection of ivory lace appliqués in our 'Exclusive Offers section , offering fantastic savings on our standard prices. Some of the range is detailed below - please enjoy checking out the full selection and order now to take advantage of our fantastic prices!


With a classic teardrop shape, Alexandra appliqués feature both beading and cording to offer a design that is all about refined luxury. A large central flower is surrounded by an array of abstract foliage, curving gracefully towards irregular yet defined edges. These appliqués are designed to team perfectly with the lace and lace edging of the same name, offering a continuing theme that is simply stunning.


A dramatic 39cm in length, Wisteria commands instant attention, an attention which is then strongly held by the glittering array of pearls and beads. Embroidered onto an easy-sew tulle base, these appliqués are given an extra beauty with the addition of elegant, tasteful cording. With an ambiguously-curving shape that is delicate and feminine, Wisteria appliqués are the very essence of female beauty.


Lace appliqués are usually supplied in pairs though Dorado stands alone in its unique aesthetic appeal. This piece is formed in an arresting diamond shape rendered almost exclusively in an ivory hue; subtle hints of Champagne add a touch of exotic excitement to this predominance. Exquisitely-delicate crêpe petals have been hand-sewn around a central design of different beads, all of which sits upon a backing of fine tulle and expert cording.


Two large central flowers form the basis of this design, which is complemented by Petunia trim. The centre of each flower is heavily embellished with a carefully-chosen selection of pearls and diamantes and the pattern's background is highlighted with shimmering silver cording throughout. These features make Naomi a glamorous choice, perfect for a wedding dress with verve, style and vigour.

Want to see more? Simply click through to our 'Exclusive Offers' area for the full collection!

Call us today on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk for ideas and inspiration from our talented and experienced bridal team.

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