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Brand New Motifs and Lace Trims

Our collection of wedding dress embellishments continues to grow with the addition of three crystal motifs and one lace trim, all of which are now available to purchase from Platinum Bridal Fabrics. Each wedding dress material is, as with our entire range, chosen for its exquisite tactile and aesthetic qualities, meaning you can choose with confidence in the knowledge that our bridal team have had many years of continually-evolving experience.

Arkansas Crystal Embroidery

Perfectly symmetrical, the Arkansas crystal motif is ideal for wedding gowns and prom dresses. A shower of beads and diamantes ensures that gorgeous sparkly look and its classic shape, an elongated oblate oval, is designed to be both glamorous and formal at the same time.

Minnesota Crystal Motifs

Made to the same shape and dimensions as Arkansas, these crystal embellishments are taken a step further with the addition of pearls to the diamantes and beads. The gorgeous milky stones have been securely embroidered by hand to the motif to form and enchanting ring, the oblique edges of which are reflected at either end. Minnesota is truly a motif that demands attention.

Montana Crystal Embellishments

Aptly named after the Treasure State, Montana crystal motifs are something to be desired and admired. A large central area, delightfully glittering with crystals, supports the piece, which tapers gradually downward from each side to form an arrestingly-unique figure. The extended length and minimal width of this motif make it incredibly versatile, allowing it to be used creatively in any number of ways to enhance the beauty of the bridal gown.

Ohio Lace Trim

The very essence of elegance and femininity, Ohio ivory lace trim has a dramatic scallop that ranges from 2.8” to a generous 6.5” in depth. To create this trim, our designer has taken a fine ivory tulle and skillfully embroidered it with gold filigree thread and transparent sequins, giving a softly-shimmering look with a subtle beauty all of its own. The edging, with its fine Champagne colouration, is perfect for brides looking to recreate the popular vintage lace style.

Please enjoy examining the fine detail of these brand new wedding fabrics using our HD, zoomable images. For more details, call the Platinum Bridal Fabrics team on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

Vintage Lace - A Bridal Dress Restored

Our expert bridal team have helped to restore an exquisite reproduction Victorian wedding dress that had suffered damage due to imperfect dry-cleaning before storage. The dress, worn by Emma White as she renewed her wedding vows to husband Matthew after ten years of marriage, had areas on the bodice where the silk had become completely perished and badly discoloured.

The original design had been individually tailored and inspired by the Victorian era with a heavy cream silk satin boned corset, full taffeta skirt and underlay petticoats. The dress had beading detail, with a full skirt of which was sewn into a bustle at the back as Emma wanted to be able to dance the night away after the big day! Damage unfortunately rendered it unwearable.

Thanks to the expertise of her bespoke dressmaker and the professional advice and quality wedding dress material supplied by us, the dress was totally re-designed. After discussing a series of options with her dressmaker Alma, of Alma’s Dressmakers at Church Street in Brighton (www.brightonalterations.com), Emma decided that, for sentimental reasons, she wanted to try and repair the dress rather than cut it up and make something new, the only other viable option.

Sourcing exactly the right fabric was something of a difficult task; it needed to be heavy enough to support the perished silk and cover the damaged bodice while being light enough not to pull the fabric further out of shape. It also had to be flexible enough to wrap securely around the divine boned corset yet still be firm enough to give the required structural support. These conflicting requirements, along with finding an exact colour match for a ten-year-old cream silk satin, had Emma, in her own words, “tearing my hair out!”.

When Emma discovered Platinum Bridal Fabrics online and contacted our expert bridal dress team, we were able to discuss her project in great detail, comparing the benefits and drawbacks of each possible solution. Although she had set her heart on beaded fabric, Emma was advised by Platinum Bridal Fabrics to use Mary Ivory Ribbon Lace as it would make a better repair and was also an exact colour match.

Over five separate fittings, the dress was slowly, patiently and successfully rejuvenated. Dressmaker Alma created a ‘sweetheart’ accent on the corset of the dress, enhancing Emma's gorgeous hourglass silhouette created by the vintage style boned corset. Unpicking the bustle and some of the skirting revealed the full billowing beauty of the skirt, which gave the dress an ultra-modern look that still managed to retain vintage lace glamour -  truly an extraordinary achievement!

Mary ribbon lace is incredibly striking, immediately drawing attention with its iridescent, glossy satin sheen. Satin ribbon has been skilfully sewn to create big, bold flowers a full 6 cm wide; as we look closer still, we see that these larger flowers protectively surround delicate, smaller blooms to give a radiant, inter-dimensional effect that is totally enchanting.

Emma and husband Matthew’s 10-year wedding vow renewal took place at the beautiful location of Niagara-on-the-Lake in Canada last month. We would like to thank Emma for taking the time to share her story and wish her and Matthew many more years of wedded bliss together.

Have you used wedding dress material from Platinum Bridal Fabrics to create or restore a bridal gown or accessories? Do you need expert advice and inspiration from our experienced and talented bridal team? We would love to hear from you! Contact us on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

Ivory Lace - Even Further 15% Discounts!

We are really spoiling our customers with special offers here at Platinum Bridal Fabrics at the moment! As well as 15% of all crystal lace trim and crystal motifs to newsletter subscribers, we have also chosen nine of our most popular laces to be discounted in price by the same amount.

Ivory lace is big news at the moment, as its popularity increases to threaten even white as the bridal colour of choice. The nine ivory laces we have included in our current ‘Special Offers’ section are all uniquely charming; check out details of some of them below then enjoy indulgently browsing the rest of the divine collection.

Olivia Ivory Lace

Onto a soft, fine and rich ivory tulle, filigree-stitched satin flowers stand beautifully separated from each other, catching light playfully with their overlaying beads. Its double-scalloped edges, each finished with an expertly-embroidered edge are identical and the border features a further spray of sequined, beaded satin flowers. Olivia ivory lace is also available in classic white and matching appliqués and edgings can also be supplied.

Florence Ivory Lace

With a softly-undulating scallop to each symmetrical edge, Florence is one of our most feminine designs. The main design, a startlingly-beautiful array of garlands of flowers which flow freely, is laser cut to give that sharp yet soft appeal and, cut creatively, will elongate the figure of the bride and give her a true vintage lace look.

Madeleine Ivory Lace

If you have got premium tastes, then this stunning and luxurious wedding dress material is for you. Corded, beaded and woven onto the finest of tulle ground, a range of floral motifs at once complement and contrast, causing the eyes to flick excitedly from the beads and sequins to the shimmering gold filigree thread. Make no mistake - Madeleine is for a seriously glamorous bride.

Take advantage of these exclusive discounts now as they are for a limited time only! See individual product pages for more details and call us on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk for more information on the best collection of bridal lace, wedding dress embellishments, groom fabrics and wedding dress material in the UK.

Ivory Lace Trim and Appliqués - Our Newest Fabrics

It is always an exciting time when we receive the new wedding dress fabrics we have ordered, bringing everyone into the office to unwrap the new products like kids at Christmas! The most recent time in late August 2014 was no exception, as we received five new styles of lace trim and lace appliqués, which have now been added to our American-themed collection.

Kentucky Ivory Lace Trim

With a particularly-narrow width of just 3cm, this Kentucky ivory wedding dress embellishment is subtle, delicate and ethereal. A repeating pattern of bead clusters, each topped with a sparkly sequin, marches stridently along the length of this lace trim, which has fringed, asymmetrical sides.

Wisconsin Ivory Lace Trim

Heading straight to the other extreme in terms of width is Wisconsin, an ivory lace edging that sweeps outwardly to a gracious 10.5cm. Fringed and scalloped symmetrically on both sides in the vintage lace style, Wisconsin has a corded lace pattern of flowers that are embellished with sequins, beads and pearls.

Virginia Ivory Lace Appliqués

Beads, sequins and pearls embellish these wonderful wedding dress embellishments. Supplied as sets of two, Virginia lace appliqués are made to seem even bigger than they with the addition of a various mixture of quality beads, sequins and pearl strings.

Utah Ivory Lace Appliqué

Their rich ivory colouration, corded and embroidered with a repeating floral pattern centred with glittering diamantés, makes Utah lace appliqués incredibly eye-catching, a fact that is enhanced by their abstract shape. Our designer has let their glitzy side run free in this creation, which glistens throughout with beads, sequins, pearls and diamantés

Alaska Ivory Lace Flower Appliqué

Alaska is known as the Land of the Midnight Sun (or also as the Land of the Noonday Moon!) which lends it an evocative air. Equally evocative are Alaska lace appliqués, each of which comprises a perfect pair of differently-sized flowers. These flowers, the petals of which are formed from incredibly lightweight matt satin, each feature a diamanté romantically encircled in a ring of pearls.

Please enjoy browsing our latest lace additions and contact us right away on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk if you need help or assistance with any aspect of using our bridal fabrics website.

Crystal Embellishment - 15% off for Subscribers

How would you like to save a massive 15% on ANY of the high-quality Crystal Trims available from Platinum Bridal Fabrics? To find out how, simply read on…!

The average cost of a wedding in the UK continues to rise (with the bridal gown taking up a significant portion of the budget) and, in these times where people are seeking to save money without compromising on quality, the ever-changing special offers and promotional products from Platinum Bridal Fabrics can make a real difference.

As well as crystal trims, we also supply a large and exciting range of other wedding dress embellishments to add that extra glamorous touch to a bridal gown, including exquisite crystal embroideries and appliqués. These, along with the always-trendy crystal trims, are regularly seen on haute couture catwalks used in a variety of creatively-accessorising ways.

We currently have more than 30 crystal trims and 80 crystal motifs in our collection; this collection is only added to with new examples when our experienced and exacting wedding dress material team all agree on the superlative quality of the proposed new style. Two of the fabulous crystal embellishments you could soon be using your 15% discount on are listed below, check out the dedicated ‘Crystal Trims’  and 'Crystal Motifs' sections of our website for more.

Neptune Crystal Dress Trim

Named after the the outermost planet in the Solar System, suggesting intriguing and otherworldly mystery, this enchanting wedding dress embellishment is nothing less than magnificent. Shimmering with an anarchic mélange of tulle-covered crystals, tubular silver beads, luxurious ivory pearls and white sequins that seem to constantly and gently change their hue as the wearer moves through differing qualities of light, Neptune is as space-age as its name!

Neptune bridal dress trim has a gorgeously-asymmetric shape. This shape, that varies in width by around 2cm along its softly-undulating length, is perfectly complemented by the ovular ivory designs that are shot through the lace at a repeating pattern distance of 16cm.

Gloria Crystal Edging

With clear etymological roots to the modern English word ‘glory’, this means that the crystal wedding fabric bearing its name has a lot to live up to. In fact, Gloria crystal dress trim so completely exceeds the meaning of its name that, although Platinum Bridal Fabrics use expert professional photographers with the latest camera equipment to take HD images of all our wedding dress material, the photographic image of Gloria can not possibly compete with the dazzling, luxurious look and feel of the real thing.

Gloria crystal wedding dress embellishments have an indescribable charm and authenticity, enhanced by the fact that each piece, embroidered painstakingly by hand, is utterly unique. Our designer has expertly selected from a range of differently-sized pearls which, held securely in place by iridescent beads, form the central area of the design. Framing the edges of this truly queen-like crystal dress trim is a marching line of the tiniest, most delicate pearls and beads.

So, ‘how do I get my hands on my 15% crystal wedding dress embellishment discount?’ we hear you cry! It is as simple as signing up to receive our regular newsletter which contains loads of great features from the bridal scene, including fashion editorials, new product announcements, lace in haute couture plus information on our ever-changing selection of great special offers.

Just click ‘Subscribe to our Newsletter’, enter your details and you will receive your special promo code to claim your 15% crystal dress embellishment discount at our secure, powerful online checkout. If you are already subscribed, simply wait until you receive your next newsletter, which will have your code already attached!

We absolutely promise to never pass on your details to third parties and we do not send spam - all you will receive by subscribing is a regular (around once a month) newsletter from Platinum Bridal Fabrics.

Call our team on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk for more information on our wedding dress material, which ranges from the classic to the contemporary and encompasses everything inbetween.

Courtney Ivory Guipure Lace — An Elegant, Vintage Lace Style

One of our customers has kindly taken the time to share her experience of creating a divine wedding gown for her daughter, photographs of which have now been added to our inspirational online gallery. Grace Dodson, who along with daughter Meesha designed and created the bridal gown, both described the process as a ‘labour of love' and were both ‘very pleased with the results’.

After deciding to tie the knot, Meesha instantly had a very specific vision of the style of lace overlay for her chosen white silk dupion bridal gown but, after searching through several local fabric stores without success (finding only laces of ‘poor quality’ that looked ‘cheap and tacky’). The next step was to try looking online and, after entering the simple term ’Bridal Fabrics’  into a popular search engine she instantly discovered our website, which was the first suggested by the search engine thanks to our enduring popularity and reputation for quality.

Grace and her daughter Meesha live some distance from one another so the entire selecting and purchasing process was carried out between the pair via telephone, text and internet. Meesha soon discovered Courtney wedding lace and, falling instantly in love with its glorious design, requested a free sample be sent. After receiving this in less than a week, Meesha was convinced that Courtney bridal lace was the one for her.

Grace ordered several metres of Courtney  ivory lace along with 30 pairs of matching lace Appliqués, which again arrived in less than a week. The appliqués were painstakingly sewn on individually by hand, embellishing the bodice and torso of the wedding gown all the way down to the knee where the skirt bells dramatically and gracefully outward.

Meesha describe the finished product as ‘exactly as she imagined it would be’. She also said that the Courtney pattern gave the wedding dress ‘just the air of elegance and vintage lace glamour' she had set her heart upon.

We asked Grace to comment on her experience with Platinum Bridal Fabrics. After stating simply ‘she couldn't be more pleased with the purchase', she went on to say that the quality of our wedding dress material is ‘unsurpassed’ and that she was highly impressed by both the speed of product delivery and the prompt personal responses she received to various questions sent via email.

We also asked Grace if she would recommend our products and services to friends and family. Her immediate and flattering response was, “The entire experience was  a pleasure and I would  recommend Platinum Bridal Fabrics to anyone looking for beauty, quality and excellent customer service.

Please enjoy checking out Meesha’s fabulous wedding dress in our online gallery before viewing the Courtney collection, which comprises ivory guipure lace, matching trim and lace appliqués. We would like to thank Grace for her email and photos and we wish Meesha and her new husband every happiness in their future together.

Keep on sending us your photos and emails - although we love working with fabrics, it is incredibly gratifying to our staff to see those very fabrics transformed into beautiful garments. Email your pics and stories to info@bridalfabrics.co.uk and you could soon feature in your very own news article like this one!

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