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Wedding Dress Embellishments - Save 15%!

Please enjoy checking out these and the other wedding dress materials that are currently featuring in our ‘Exclusive Offers’ section. For more information and ideas, please contact our expert team on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

Lace appliqués and trims remain amongst the most sought-after wedding dress embellishments and Platinum Bridal Fabric stock hundreds of exciting styles. To make choosing your perfect embellishment even more rewarding, the November crop of ‘Exclusive Offers’ in the dedicated section of our website features 11 lace trims and appliqués reduced in price by a fantastic 15%.

Lace Appliqués - Alexandra

Alexandra wedding lace is available in a full spectrum of colours and also has a matching lace trim. One of our best-selling laces since it was added to our glamorous range, the Alexandra lace collection now has a complementary Alexandra lace appliqué available featuring the signature swirling foliage and dramatic floral designs. The appliqués can be supplied in either Black or White and create a look that is at once refined and dramatic.

Crystal Embroidery - Aries

Large and showy yet with an inherent elegance, Aries crystal embroidery is a daring choice and is composed of clustering diamantés that form an abstract floral shape. These classy wedding dress embellishments have been hand-embroidered before fine tulle has been used to overlay the diamantés, producing an entrancing visual mélange that is enhanced by sequins, filigree thread, pearls and tubular beads.

Crystal Trim - Supernova

Just as powerful and explosive as it name suggests, Supernova crystal trim will take your breath away with its riotous combination of transparent sequins, striking diamantés and Champagne-coloured tubular beads. This trim is particularly reflective, a sophisticated and stylish look that is added to with the expert use of metallic thread.

Brand New Wedding Dress Material – Hot off the Loom!

Our dedicated ‘New Products’ section is currently overflowing with a gorgeous selection of lace, crystal embroidery, lace and crystal trim, lace appliqués and other wedding dress material. Many of these products are particularly dramatic in one way or another, in line with the current trend for the big, bold, beautiful and sometimes bizarre!

Portal Dark Crystal Embroidery

A large, arresting and deeply-beautiful dress embellishment, Portal Dark is a deep, rich and entrancing grey-brown colour and comprises twin flowers surrounded by swirling foliage. The pretty motif is formed using wire, beads and sequins and this stunning mélange of textures gives the crystal embroidery the most wonderful three-dimensional quality. To complete Portal Dark, our talented designer has added diamantés to the flowers’ centres and at other carefully-chosen locations.

Amy Black Lace

The name Amy is perfect for almost any wedding lace as it ultimately derives from the Latin word Amare, which means ‘to love’. The lucky lace chosen to receive this name is simply incredible and, as such, is available from stock from our ‘Coloured Lace’ section in a choice of more than 25 colour options to allow it the broadest appeal. Our newest colour option is Black, perfect for creating exuberant, unique and dramatic garments. Amy Black Lace is a fantastic example of classic Chantilly Lace and the design features an eye-catching array of closely-set flower motifs on a fairly open tulle; the edges of these flowers have been skilfully-corded, making them stand out and adding an interesting, tactile texture that is complemented by the feminine fringe and symmetrical scallops.

New York Crystal Dress Trim

Supplied as a full 13m piece, a 6.5m half piece or to a customer-specified cut length, New York Crystal Dress Trim still manages to be flamboyant despite its extremely narrow width of an average ¾ of a centimetre. Onto this slim space, crowds of beads, sequins and diamantés jostle for attention yet maintain a glamorous harmony that makes this crystal dress trim truly unique. New York dress trim has a rich, deep ivory colour and is highlighted with milky pearls as a final flourish.

Please enjoy checking out the 40 wedding dress fabrics currently featuring in our ‘New Products’ section and do not hesitate to contact our experienced bridal team on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk for further information and support.

New Bridal fabrics - Lace, Trim and Crystal Embroidery

A tempting trio of new bridal fabrics has just been added to our collection. Comprising an ivory lace, a crystal embellishment and a lace trim, this triptych is now available to purchase from Platinum Bridal Fabrics for Winter and Spring wedding gowns.

Anya Ivory Lace

Truly spectacular, this ivory lace is full of exotic excitement. The name Anya ultimately derives from Hannah, an ancient Hebrew name meaning ‘grace’ - this is the perfect label for this luxurious, graceful and feminine wedding fabric. Diamond-shaped patterns march geometrically across the body of the lace, formed from a selection of feather-like threads and expert beading embellished with light-catching transparent sequins. Straight edges give Anya lace a gorgeous definition and are finished with more colourless sequins.

Oklahoma Lace Trim

Rich, regal and elegant, Oklahoma lace trim features dramatic crowns along one edge, rising from just 4” to a majestic 8.1” at the widest point. The trim is made from fine ivory tulle which has been expertly embroidered with a selection of lustrous, soft ivory yarns before the sweetly-floral theme has been enhanced with attractive cording.

Dakota Crystal Embroidery

Pearls, diamantés, embroidery wire and beads have been used to create Dakota, a striking crystal motif designed to be worn at the waist of the wedding gown. Eye-catching, wondrous and magical, this impressive crystal embroidery is set to be hugely popular this season.

Please enjoy viewing these new products using our HD images, which also feature a close-up zoom facility. Need more information or inspiration? Call our world-class bridal team on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

'Jessica' Ivory Lace used to Create Stunning Bespoke Bridal Gown

Would you like to see your dress featuring in a news article such as this? Please send your details to info@bridalfabrics.co.uk!

When Stephanie Edwards, then Stephanie Teubler, began planning her wedding, it quickly became clear to her that the bridal gowns in standard boutiques were not to her eclectic tastes. Her search then led her to several vintage shops but, feeling that a first wedding deserved a brand-new dress, she decided that a bespoke gown was the only option. A friend recommended a local dressmaker to Stephanie and the process, which resulted in the magnificent wedding dress pictured here, had begun.

Stephanie found that the many ready-made dresses she looked at lacked a certain something; the dress would be a little too white, the skirt too big or have a lack of upper-body coverage. The vision in her mind was of a gown with short sleeves, no train, a flowing skirt with an A-line and without a petticoat; the whole had a subtly glowing Champagne colouration.

Over months of meetings and subsequent fittings, Stephanie and her dressmaker Ruby Catagena, together worked out the details of her bridal gown, including, after the careful examination of numerous samples provided by us, taking the decision to use Jessica Ivory Lace from Platinum Bridal Fabrics. This beautiful lace, which was just what Stephanie had wanted ‘in terms of coverage, details and edging’, was added to Champagne silk and lining along with thread and buttons provided by the very skilled and experienced Ruby.

Jessica ivory lace is beaded and corded, featuring an attractive floral motif divided into three sprays of flowers which, as they progress along the fabric, decrease gradually in size. Each spray features corded edges and the foliage is expertly highlighted with sequins, beads and gold filigree thread; the combination of this golden colour with the ivory of the lace is simply stunning and matching lace trim is also available.

We asked Stephanie to comment on our customer service and were pleased to hear that she found us to be ‘very helpful in providing numerous samples’ and that the ‘ordering process was very easy’ on our ‘clear and easy-to-navigate’ website. With regards to the quality of our wedding dress material, Stephanie simply called it ‘by far the best (she) had seen’ and ‘the closest to what (she) was looking for’.

Everyone absolutely loved Stephanie’s unique bespoke creation, particularly her husband who did not, as tradition dictates, see it until the wedding day. She received complimentary comments all day and was said to resemble ‘a guest at a ball on the Titanic’ in her beautiful, vintage lace style gown.

We would like to thank Stephanie for taking the time to share her story and we wish her and her husband a happy, prosperous future together.

White Lace Back in Pole Position

So enduringly-popular is the image of a white wedding dress, it can be difficult to believe that the look only became widely imitated after the wedding of Queen Victoria in 1840; before that time, ivory lace was almost exclusively used. Since the white wedding gown burst onto the scene, however, the colour has been in close competition with ivory, with neither seeming to hold the top spot for very long!

This ever-swinging pendulum is currently pointing directly to white, with an explosion in the number of gowns of that tone. White lace is particularly versatile; well-suited to the differing light qualities of every season, it also makes the perfect backdrop for all flowers, casually taking on their varying hues as the bride moves.

By simply clicking ‘White Lace’ from the ‘Lace’ section of our uniquely cross-referenced website, you will reveal the complete stunning collection available from Platinum Bridal Fabrics. Each lace has been specially selected for its quality in both design and craftsmanship and we have made sure that a wide cross-section has been presented in our eclectic range; whether you want a contemporary edge or a vintage lace look, there is something here for the most discerning bride.

Heather Ribbon Lace

This astounding design is highly unusual, formed as it is from repeating spirals of sumptuous rosettes; each rosette has been formed using a high-gloss ribbon which has been painstakingly embroidered onto the finest of mesh grounds. As if Heather white lace fabric was not statement enough, the design is also available in black to suit the most daring bride.

Zoe Laser Lace

This white lace is pure, unadulterated luxury. In an evocative vintage lace style, hanging tendrils of primroses cascade downward, leading the eye past raised satin flowers which each centre upon a glittering diamanté. These catch our attention for a decadent moment before tubular beads, embroidered buds and a glamorous metallic thread crowd in to announce the border, which comprises a pair of gorgeous floral designed that are connected to a laser lace base with more expert use of filigree thread. For those still faithful to ivory, Zoe laser lace is also available in that classic colour.

Nikita Feather Lace

Nikita was originally only available in ivory but, by popular demand, we now supply the design in white as well. The lace is bang-on-trend, featuring as it does a host of the ethereal feathers that have recently been seen on catwalks and red carpets alike. Beads, sequins pearls and filigree thread are used expertly to adorn a truly unique lace that will be that talk of the day.

Check out our entire collection of white lace and, if you need advice on choosing the perfect fabric of your dreams, do not hesitate to call our experienced and professional bridal team on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

Platinum Bridal Fabrics at Textile Forum - The Fashion Fabric Show

Twice each year, in March and October, the prestigious One Marylebone in London plays host to Textile Forum - The Fashion Fabric Show. This fantastic event attracts thousands of people to view, admire and be inspired by the quality materials displayed by around 45 exclusive professional exhibitors, amongst which Platinum Bridal Fabrics are proud to number.

The first Textile Forum event was held in 2002 and, an instant success, has taken place twice a year since then. The show now attracts thousands of interested parties, from designers, boutique owners and buyers to design students, sellers and fashionistas. Supporting organisations include Bridal Buyers, UKFT and Drapers and the event will be open from 10am until 6pm on 15th-16th October inclusive.

Reflecting the glamour and prestige of the invited exhibitors and their materials, One Marylebone is chosen to host the event. A Grade I listed building, built in 1826 to a simply gorgeous neo-classical style, everything about this venue screams luxury. Platinum Bridal Fabrics will be showcasing a full range of bridal lace, offering potential customers a fantastic and unmissable chance to examine our collection in detail - particular focus will be given to our Winter 2014 and Spring 2015 collections.

We would like to invite you to visit us at Textile Forum this October - full details of the event can be found at www.textileforum.org.uk. Look out for news coming soon about Spring 2015 bridal trends - to make sure you don’t miss out on this and other news and special offers on our unmatched collection of wedding dress material, please subscribe to our regular newsletter.

If you would like to find out more about our wide range of wedding dress fabric, including bridal lace, crystal embellishments, couture embroideries and tulle, please contact our experienced bridal team by calling 01254 873333 or by email at info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

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