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Winter Wedding Dress Material - Faux Fur Bridal Fabrics

Winter is well and truly here and the bridal couture market has responded admirably with the introduction of Ermine Faux Fur. The beautiful fabric is making waves on catwalks around the world and Platinum Bridal Fabrics are proudly able to supply Ermine faux fur to our eclectic customers.

Ermine faux fur has found a particular niche in the creation of bridal capes. These exciting and unique garments can be enhanced with crystal embellishments and satin linings, as is the case with a fabulous wedding gown designed by Truly Bridal UK.

Faux fur is an amazing alternative to the real thing, looking and feeling exactly the same but with the added benefits of it being cruelty-free and much more resistant to wear & tear and staining. It is also the perfect winter fabric because it offers warmth to the bride while giving her that added festive touch.

Our Ermine Faux Fur is currently available exclusively in ivory with a 148cm width. An ideal fabric for creating highly-fashionable winter capes, shrugs, muffs and wraps, we expect this to be one of our biggest seasonal offerings!

The beautiful cape in these photos, which was created using Ermine faux fur and lined with our gorgeous Contessa satin, was adorned with Alaska lace appliqué to add that perfect, luxurious finishing touch. Alaska is formed from the most diaphanous satin matt fabric and catches the light with its expertly-placed diamantés.

To find out more about Truly Bridal UK and the garments they create using weeding dress material from Platinum Bridal Fabrics, check out www.facebook.com/trulybridaluk

Get the perfect winter look with Ernie Faux Fur from Platinum Bridal Fabrics. Call us now on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk to find out how we can help create the dress of your dreams.

Bridal Lace - Introducing My Little Wedding Shop

My Little Wedding Shop is an exciting independent boutique owned and operated by talented bridal wear designer Jennifer Bone. As well as offering a full bespoke wedding gown design service, Jennifer also creates her own in-house couture label ‘Jane & Edward’, which continues to increase in popularity.

Jennifer is a regular customer of Platinum Bridal Fabrics and has been since she discovered our comprehensive website back in 2011. Finding the quality of our bridal lace to be ‘just superb’ and being unable to find ‘anything that compares with the style and feel of Platinum Bridal Fabrics’s laces’, Jennifer shares ours and other companies’ sample folders with her brides-to-be and finds that, ‘95% of the time, they choose Platinum Bridal Fabrics’s lace’.

Many of the exclusive designs in Jennifer’s ‘Jane & Edward’ collection have been directly inspired by the wedding lace we have supplied to her popular dress design company. The very first dresses in the collection, created in 2012, were the result of Jennifer visiting us at Platinum Bridal Fabrics, where our expert team were ‘wonderful and inspiring’ when guiding her through our collection of wedding fabrics.

My Little Wedding Shop is currently showcasing its 2014/15 collection. Several of the wedding gowns are already attracting serious attention, with two of them being seen on the National Wedding Show catwalk and another featuring in Vogue magazine.

Jennifer sent us a photo of one of her recent creations, that she has kindly allowed us to share with you here, which uses Jessica lace to extremely attractive effect.

This lace begins with the finest of tulle grounds, which is corded and beaded with a triptych of floral motifs surrounded by ethereal foliage. Scalloped edges, identical to one another, are decorated with classy beads that shimmer as they catch the light, further enhancing the glimpses of gold filigree thread within. Jessica is available in a full palette of colours and also has lace appliqué and lace trim available to match.

We would like to thank Jennifer for her lovely email and we invite you to view more of her work at mylittleweddingshop.co.uk.

Call the Platinum Bridal Fabrics team on 01254 873333 or email us at info@bridalfabrics.co.uk for advice on selecting the perfect wedding fabric and wedding dress embellishments from our diverse collection.

Chantilly Lace - A Rich History

The town of Chantilly in the north of France famously gives its name to an enduringly-popular type of lace. The fabric is exciting, versatile and feminine; Platinum Bridal Fabrics stock a divine selection of Chantilly Lace that can be used to create sensuous, ethereal wedding gowns.

Located close to Paris, for many centuries the beating heart of the fashion industry, Chantilly made the perfect place for the highly-regarded Duchesse de Longueville to set up a lacemaking business. With its delicate drape and signature background of hexagonal mesh, Chantilly lace was an instant sensation and has remained popular to this day, seen everywhere from the aisle to the catwalk.

One of our absolute favourite Chantilly wedding laces is Natasha, which is equally popular among our customers. With an extremely high cotton composition that gives an excellent soft drape, Natasha comprises expertly-corded floral motifs that radiate outwards to the softly-scalloped, identical borders.

Natasha bridal lace is available in a rich palette of 25 colour choices, from the classically-subtle Ivory and China Blue to the daringly-vibrant Chartreuse and Candy Pink. We are also extremely excited to present the fabric rendered in bold, eye-catching and glittering metallic colours - choose from gold or black tulle.

Get a touch of luxury with our collection of Chantilly lace, teamed with a carefully-chosen selection of our wedding dress embellishments. For advice on selecting the best fabric for you, call our professional bridal team on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

Bridal Fabrics Help to Launch Designer's Career

Striding boldly onto the bridal couture design scene is Fiona Churchman, who recently sent us a lovely email telling us all about her very first wedding dress commission. Fiona recently launched Fiona Elizabeth Couture and her first extremely successful creation was designed for her best friend.

Rachael, Fiona’s friend, decided right away that she wanted a unique dress that threw caution to the wind and rejected the traditional. After lots of research, Rachael decided that a tea-length dress in a 1950s style was what she wanted, accented with wedding dress lace embellishments in deep scarlet.

With the design starting to become a vision, Fiona discovered Bridal Fabrics and found that the website was ‘clear and easy to use’ with a ‘huge variety’ of wedding dress material ‘at very reasonable prices’. Fiona ordered samples which were rapidly delivered, and together with Rachael they decided on the fabrics they would use to create the one-of-a-kind wedding gown.

Ivory Stardust organza fabric and Champagne-coloured Majestic duchess satin were overlaid with Francesca ivory wedding lace and Carnival tulle, a truly arresting combination of fabrics. Wedding dress embellishments, including a waist sash and large bow on the back of the gown, were also created from Majestic duchess satin while more Carnival tulle was used to create a delicate and feminine petticoat. Rachael walked proudly to meet her fiancé, whose breath was taken away by her beauty in this most stunning of garments.

Fiona finished her email by thanking us for our expert assistance and said, “I would highly recommend Bridal Fabrics to all dressmakers.. their fabric range is beautiful and very easy to work with”.

A big thank you to Fiona for sharing her story! Please visit her page at https://www.facebook.com/FionaElizabethCouture. The photos of the dress are shared here with the kind permission of the photographer Lucy Shergold, more of whose work can be seen at http://lucyshergold.photoshelter.com.

Call our bridal experts on 01254 873333 for more information about our wedding dress material or you can email stories and photos to us at info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

An Ivory Wedding Dress for an African Wedding

We absolutely love receiving your stories and photographs showing off the beautiful bridal gowns and other garments you have created using our superb collection of wedding dress material. The latest email we received came all the way from the USA and was sent by Daniella L. Boston, who married last year and is now offering a lucky bride-to-be the chance to own her fabulous wedding dress.

Daniella’s bridal dress was made by designer Moira Couture, taking inspiration for the classy gown from Rivini and Carlo Pignatelli. A truly stunning creation, the gown was worn exclusively for the wedding ceremony itself and remains in mint condition, as gorgeous as the day the last stitch was completed.

In Daniella’s own words, the finished creation was ‘structured and ethereal’ and she felt ‘very decadent wrapped in all that silk’. The wedding took place in Africa and finding the perfect fabrics before getting them to the designer’s on time was ‘a potential nightmare’ that was thankfully avoided by our skilled customer service team who, as Daniella puts it, were ‘second to none’.

Details of the fabrics used in the creation of Daniella’s superb wedding gown can be found below - please visit the individual product pages to view HD images, material dimensions and our ultra-competitive prices.

Splendour - Ivory Silk Crepe-Backed Satin

Known as the ‘Queen of Fabrics’, this is one of our most luxurious wedding dress materials and is also available in a select choice of other pastel and vibrant colours. Splendour is immensely tactile; its smoothness is unlike anything you have ever felt before and it has a heavy drape that is regal and magnificent.

Superba - Ivory Silk Chiffon

Used to add layers and body to the gown, this exquisite wedding fabric is lightweight, transparent and ephemeral, adding to the gown’s dreamy, ethereal quality. This is an incredibly delicate fabric and so must not be placed in a washing machine - as the fabric can be tricky to work with, this is a choice that should be left in the hands of the professional designer.

Elizabeth - Ivory Lace

Completing Daniella’s custom-made gown is Elizabeth ivory lace, one of our more unusual and striking wedding dress fabrics. A corded border lace with a generously-open tulle ground, Elizabeth features undulating floral garlands which are linked with elegant rows of vertical stitches, leading the eye outwards to identical scalloped edges and a light, feminine fringe enhanced with differently-sized flowers.

We would like to thank Daniella for sharing her story with us. If you would like to see, or even buy, this magnificent dress, check out www.stillwhite.co.uk/21059-moira-coutures-inspired-by-carlo-pignatelli-size-10 and prepare to be amazed!

For more information on any of our bride and groom fabrics, please call our team on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk.

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