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Celebrate Marriage Week with Bridal Fabrics

The week leading up to St. Valentines Day, the most romantic day of the year, is honoured all over the world as Marriage Week and, in the UK, 2015 will be the celebration’s 19th birthday. Marriage Week is not just for brides- and grooms-to-be; married couples form a uniquely-special part of the celebration, respected and admired for their success.

Marriage Week was established in the UK in 1996 by couple Maria & Richard Kane. Richard was then the director of Marriage Resource, a charity that seeks to educate, inform and benefit couples married or intending to marry. The charity also mounts media campaigns that highlight the beautiful and beneficial effects of happy, healthy marriages to individuals and society as a whole.

Many official events take place to celebrate Marriage Week from mass weddings and reaffirmation of vows ceremonies to communication skills courses. Many married couples use the time for a second honeymoon while those planning a wedding during the week itself are given an extra level of excitement for their big day.

Our fantastic collection of bridal lace, wedding dress material and embellishments have been eagerly and extensively chosen from by thousands of designers, dressmakers and brides over the past few weeks as Marriage Week and Valentine’s Day, which in combination represent one of the annual spikes in wedding numbers, approach. There is still time to take advantage of our January Special Offer, which sees a massive range of exciting polyester wedding fabrics including Contessa Duchess Satin and Elegance Taffeta reduced in price.

However you choose to celebrate Marriage Week, do it in style with Platinum Bridal Fabrics.

White Lace? Ivory Lace? How do you Choose?!

Choosing between ivory lace and white lace for the wedding gown is an age-old dilemma. So, how DO you make the right decision? Here, Platinum Bridal Fabrics offer five tips in helping you set the perfect tone for your perfect day.

Skin Shades

White lace goes well with fair and bronze complexions while ladies with olive and rich brown tones are complemented more by ivory. This of course differs from woman to woman and things like hair and eye colour can also make a difference. Blue eyes make the perfect reflective backdrop for a dazzling white gown which the subtler, creamier hue of ivory dramatically highlights hazel or green eyes.

Don’t Hesitate to Coordinate!

Other decorative and functional elements of the wedding must be considered in relation to dress colour, a fact that is often overlooked but then becomes glaringly obvious when it is too late. Things like catering linen, wedding decorations and even wedding cake icing should not be pure white if the bride is to wear ivory and the reverse also holds true.

Blooming Beautiful

If you’re thinking of white, then you can go for almost any flower as it makes a perfect backdrop! Red roses, those most romantic of blooms, look gorgeous against white wedding dress material, standing vividly and proudly out. Ivory dresses work best with subtly-coloured flowers but don’t make the mistake of going for pure white blooms.

Light up the Aisle

Lighting will have a big effect on how your dress looks so make sure you examine the material in a similar light to where your wedding and photos will happen. If you’re going to be out in bright sunlight or under fluorescent light, white can become a little dazzling and many make you look washed out in photographs. In darker lights such as candles or party lights, dresses of ivory material may look faded and cause the bride’s face to become less visible.

Have it Both Ways!

If you really can’t make the classic’ White Lace or Ivory Lace?’ decision, you could choose to go for an exciting combination of both! It is a look that can be difficult to pull off but talented designers such as Chantelle Pike of ChantelleSophia Bridalwear make it look easy - check out the exquisite picture she sent us recently and you will see what we mean!

White lace? Ivory lace? White AND Ivory Lace?! The choice is yours..

Lace, Tulle and Chiffon - A Dream Bridal Dress

We can’t find better words to describe the dress in these photographs than those the bride used herself - “a shimmering delight”! With a name as pretty and as feminine as the dress she wore on her big day, bride Anastasia spent more than a year selecting exactly the right fabrics to create her dream dress and, with plenty of expert assistance from the Platinum Bridal Fabrics team and the remarkable talents of dressmaker Maria Emmanouel, achieved the perfect result.

Upon discovering the Platinum Bridal Fabrics website, Anastasia found us to be the only place where she could find lace fabrics along with their coordinating lace trims and appliqués. The then bride-to-be became interested in tulle and chiffon and called our team for advice as well as extensively browsing the detailed, close-up and HD images of our superlative wedding dress fabrics - these she found “really help(ed) a lot to make a decision”.

To create her dream dress, Anastasia chose Alexandra Ivory Lace with matching lace trim and appliqués along with Superba Silk Chiffon and Sparkle Ivory Tulle.

Alexandra Ivory Lace

Chosen for its gorgeous beading and subtle yet unmissable sparkle, Alexandra Ivory Lace along with matching lace appliqués and trim formed the basis of the bridal dress. The lace is a consistently popular choice and, also available in a full rainbow of colours, is embellished with beads, diamantés and sequins to enhance its gorgeous floral motifs.

Superba Ivory Silk Chiffon

Smooth, tactile and lustrous, this lightweight bridal fabric always adds a touch of elegance to a wedding gown. Delicate and diaphanous, it can be a somewhat difficult fabric to work with but, in the deft and talented hands of Anastasia’s dressmaker, the chiffon was expertly seamed together with the lace to create the fabulous skirt.

Sparkle Ivory Tulle

Also available in classic white, this provocatively bold and instantly eye-catching wedding fabric is soft to the touch and comprises a glittering mesh of diamond-shaped holes. Sparkle tulle is a very versatile fabric - Anastasia’s show-stopping veil was a perfect use and brought the final flourish to a uniquely-beautiful, painstakingly-designed wedding gown.

We asked Anastasia if she would kindly sum up her experience of working together with Platinum Bridal Fabrics. She responded by saying that, “the fabrics are of excellent quality, very affordable and the people at Bridal Fabrics will answer any question you have in no time”. She also added that she would “recommend Bridal Fabrics to all the brides who want to create their wedding dress from scratch”.

Anastasia loved her dress so much that she tells us, “I am waiting for the next big occasion in the family so I can try the coloured lace this time!”.

We would like to thank Anastasia for sharing her photographs and story with us. Please keep sending us your own images and stories - your pictures will appear in our exciting online gallery and our favourite creations could feature in their very own news article, a great way of boosting your profile if you are a wedding dress designer.

Got photos and/or a story to share? Email us today at info@bridalfabrics.co.uk or, to find out more about our unmatched range of bride and groom fabrics, call our expert team direct on 01254 873333.

Polyester Fabrics - Buy Now and Save 10%!

Wedding designers and dressmakers, along with lots of excited brides-to-be, are gearing up for February, an annual high point on the bridal calendar. February, along with being the month of Valentine’s Day, also plays host to National Wedding Week in the UK - more news on this coming soon!

Platinum Bridal Fabrics are getting things started with our exclusive offer for January which will be of particular interest to wedding dress designers, allowing them to stock up on polyester - essential wedding dress material and make big savings. The more you buy - the more you save! Check out two of our favourite polyester fabrics below:

Duchess Satin - Contessa

This matt fabric is often used to create full skirts on a wedding gown, which are currently extremely en vogue (see our recent Bride Guide). Contessa is created in Japan using a twisted-yarn process to give a deep, dense weave and a signature firm, non-snag handle that means the fabric consistently holds its shape. Contessa is available in a choice of 20 colours - check out our gallery to see a photograph of a gorgeous gown created by ChantelleSophia Bridalwear using Contessa Satin in a rich Cappuccino tone.

Taffeta - Elegance

The perfect name for the perfect fabric, Elegance encapsulates all that is ideal in a wedding dress material. A deep and beautifully-absorbing amount of body is provided by its crisp, fresh handle, ensuring that it is perfect for structured designs though its feather-light weight means that it still has an ethereal, flowing quality. Elegance is finished with a sheen that is at once striking and subtle.

There are just two of the 36 polyester fabrics currently available with a 10% discount, exclusively from Platinum Bridal Fabrics. Enjoy browsing the full range!

Divine Wedding Dresses by Chantelle Sophia

We were delighted to receive an email and photographs recently from Chantelle Pike, who is a Designer and Dressmaker based in Dorset. Chantelle operates ChantelleSophia, a bespoke bridalwear company which produces couture wedding gowns of supreme quality. Chantelle often uses wedding dress material from Platinum Bridal Fabrics in her creations and keeps our sample books handy in her cosy yet fully-equipped home studio for customers to browse and be inspired by.

The bride in the first photograph designed the dress herself before entrusting the final design to Chantelle’s capable hands - as you can see, the result was a complete success! For this dress, Contessa Satin in a gorgeous Cappuccino tone was used, with Alexandra lace adding the perfect embellishment.

The second dress in the sumptuous series of photographs sent to us by Chantelle is one of her own designs and uses an exciting and rarely-seen combination of white and ivory lace. Contessa satin is once again used, this time in White, while Helena Ivory lace was chosen for embellishment and the veil piece. Chantelle expertly cut the lace before sewing, creating a mesmerising cascade effect.

Alexandra lace is popular among ChantelleSophia’s customers and features in the final wedding dress shared with us. Contessa satin in cream was used as the base and the off-the-shoulder sleeves, which are now massively-popular for this season (see our Bride Guide 2015), show that Chantelle is a forward-thinking, cutting-edge wedding dress designer who has her finger firmly on the pulse of bridal couture.

Chantelle is currently designing a wedding gown using Barbara lace which will be teamed with a large and flowing ivory satin cloak lined with regal and luxurious blue fabric for a fairytale January wedding. We look forward to seeing this creation and will share it with you here - make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter so you don’t miss this and other important news and special offers from Platinum Bridal Fabrics.

You can find out more about Chantelle’s work by visiting her website at www.chantellesophia.com.

Please keep sending your photographs and stories to info@bridalfabrics.co.uk and call our expert bridal team on 01254 873333 for information on our stunning range of bridal lace, crystal embellishments, groom fabrics and more.

Bridal Couture Guide 2015 - Part Two

Straps and Sleeves

Some of the best selling gowns at the recent Harrogate Bridal Show featured sleeves, some extending dramatically down to cover the wrist and even parts of the hand. Lace, as it always does, found its place in the bridal mix, decorating and edging the exciting wedding gown sleeves. Straps were also a popular addition to the bridal dress; from thick, bold and striking to slim, feminine and subtle, straps are definitely in.

All of our bridal lace trims are perfect for decorating and enhancing the fashionable beauty of sleeves and straps on the wedding dress. Match perfectly with your chosen lace to create a smooth, harmonious and ultimately breathtaking look.

Fully Flattering

Designers are currently favouring flattering A-lines but with an extra added twist in the form of a much fuller skirt than with which they would usually be paired. Box pleats and multi-layered effects made a big splash with rainbow fabrics adding a dazzling touch of colour.

Carnival coloured tulle from Platinum bridal Fabrics is the ideal material for creating a full skirt and the exciting range of colour choices means that a vivid spectrum can be easily created. Check out the full palette to be inspired.

Love Lace!

Still the number one bridal fabric by a long way, lace is of course an essential part of every wedding dress. A particular focus on beaded lace was noticed on many haute couture catwalks recently, defined and embellished with the addition of delicate lace appliqués.

Bridal lace is our speciality and we have a truly massive selection covering every type available including many excellent examples of fine Chantilly lace. Powerful search tools enable you to refine your choices, of which you may then request samples. Our bridal team are always available by email, phone or in person to offer expert advice, inspiration and support on making the perfect choice for your special day.

Call Platinum Bridal Fabrics now on 01254 873333 or email info@bridalfabrics.co.uk to talk to our experts. Happy New Year!

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