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Platinum Bridal Fabrics Competition - Win £50 in M&S Vouchers!

The Spring wedding season is heating up and some of the styles and trends that are emerging are really getting us excited here at Platinum Bridal Fabrics. This means that our new competition is just a teensy bit selfish - we just wanted to find a way to get you to send in even more of your photos of the amazing wedding gowns and other garments you create using our fabrics! This time, we are looking for videos too and one lucky entrant will win £50.00 to spend at M&S.

The competition is open to anyone who has made or worn a dress made using wedding dress material from our vast, unrivalled collection. There has been a lot of discussion at Platinum Bridal Fabrics about how to pick the winner and, as there are so many absolutely stunning creations, we have decided that the fairest way is a random draw. All photos and videos will be added to our gorgeous online gallery and videos will get a permanent place on the product page of your wedding dress fabric.

How would YOU spend £50.00 at M&S? The company have just released their Spring Season catalogues for Home, Beauty, Fashion and Furnishings and there are loads of new trends to discover there or maybe you would blow it all on a fabulous feast - the food (and wine!) at M&S is renowned for its quality.

Entering the competition is easy - just send your photo or video to info@bridalfabrics.co.uk and that’s it! Entry is open until midnight on March 31st 2015 and the winner will be announced soon after. Don’t forget you can subscribe to our newsletter for updates on this and other news and offers from Platinum Bridal Fabrics. Look out for your photo in our gallery soon!

If you miss the competition deadline then don’t worry - we will still feature any photos and videos in our online gallery. This is a great place to start if you are looking for inspiration for a wedding gown and remember that you can order 2 samples of our bridal lace, embellished fabric and wedding dress material absolutely free!


Marvellous March - Get 15% Off Bridal Fabrics!

We know that our monthly exclusive offers are always popular but you have gone mad for March this year! It seems we have (in our own humble opinion!) created a truly sensational set of bridal fabrics and we can’t wait to see the gorgeous gowns and divine dresses we know our customers are capable of creating. Which wedding dress materials will you choose to save a cheeky 15% on? Here are some ideas to choose from…

Crystal Dress Trim - Capricorn

This is one for the classy lady with a taste for the exceptional. A unique, shimmering pattern is created by our designer’s expert placing of tubular silver beads, opaque sequins and diamantés and the crystal edging has a generous width of 3cm. Use to add sparkle, magic and light to every element of your dream wedding.

Crystal Embroidery - Aries

Sticking with an astrological theme, we are proud to present Aries, a sumptuous piece of crystal embroidery designed to command attention. Aries centres on a cluster of diamantés artfully arranged to form a pretty floral bouquet, surrounded by radiating arms decorated with tubular beads, filigree thread and both clear and silver sequins. A real talking-point, this gorgeous wedding dress embellishment works perfectly with vintage lace styles.

Ivory Lace Appliqués - Poppy

Poppy comprises a perfect little pair of lace appliqués, each of which is formed from embellished fabric - diamantés, pearls and beads jostle playfully for position. An ivory tulle base means attaching them to the wedding gown is quick and simple, giving a sweet and feminine look that is perfect for the Spring season.

Ivory Lace - Madeleine

Exclusively available in Ivory, this is a truly glamorous border lace featuring a skilful combination of beading and cording woven onto the finest of tulle grounds. Various floral motifs are formed from luxurious gold filigree and ivory threads, along with a choice selection of beads and sequins to tastefully capture and reflect light. Madeleine is, put simply, a queen of fabrics.

There are lots more wedding fabrics to choose from in our selection of March special offers - go ahead and view the full collection.

The Best Bridal Fabrics - As Chosen by You

When it comes to bridal fabrics, our talented and creative team draw on a number of sources to bring you news of the latest, hottest trends to hit the headlines - one of the most consistently reliable of these sources is you, our lovely customers! We use our sales figures to bring you our ‘Best Sellers’ page which, regularly updated, shows you in real time just what are the hottest picks of wedding dress materials at the moment.

Ivory Lace - Kate

One of the four laces used to create the stunning wedding gown worn by Princess Kate Middleton, this gorgeous fabric has enjoyed continued popularity, fuelled by her continued publicity as baby number two is on the way. A classic Chantilly lace with a single, striking scalloped edge, Kate features a large floral bouquet as its central motif. The bouquet, surrounded by elegantly-shaded foliage, rises magnificently across the open tulle ground and this wedding dress material is also available as Champagne or white lace with a matching lace trim.

Ivory Lace - Colette

Tasteful, refined and classy, Colette has the feel of a vintage lace, a feeling accentuated by the careful use of light ivory embroidery thread which forms a pleasingly-geometric intersecting of floral garlands. Symmetrical scalloped edges frame this exceptional ivory lace and the simple, subtle overall effect requires no further embellishment.

Duchess Satin - Supreme

A fabric that totally lives up to its name, Supreme is so rich, smooth and luxurious that it is almost always mistaken for genuine bridal silk. Glossy but not shiny, heavy but not cumbersome, this gorgeous fabric realises its full potential when used to create big, bold and beautiful skirts and dresses. There are 8 colour options and don’t forget you can order samples to check the colour is exactly right for you - your first two samples are absolutely free!

Crystal Dress Trim - New York

Taking its name from one of America’s most vibrant, diverse cities, New York crystal wedding dress embellishments are a touch of exciting glamour and manage to be both understated and exaggerated at one and the same time. Given only a narrow band to work with, our designer has chosen to use every last inch of space, filling it with a choice selection of beads, sequins, pearls and diamantés.

Check out the rest of our best-selling bridal fabrics here!

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