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Brand New Lace Trim - Chosen for You by Experts

It is new fabric time and everyone at Platinum Bridal Fabrics is enjoying checking out the many parcels that are arriving from far and wide at our office. This week has been devoted to examining the newest crystal trims, motifs and lace appliqués being welcomed to our collection of wedding dress material and we are excited to now share them with you!

Choosing wedding lace is just the start of creating your dream dress - we often find here at Platinum Bridal Fabrics that brides seem to spend the most time checking out our select range of embellishments, mixing and matching as they go. We just love helping our customers find exactly the right embellishments to help create a unique gown (not only because it gives us an excuse to do our favourite thing - look at and talk about lots of different wedding fabrics and ideas on how to use them!).

Of the thousands of wedding dress embellishments and fabrics examined by our team of fabric-sourcing experts on their travels to the fashion centres of the world, we select only the very finest examples to bring to you. This means that just 15 new crystal motifs, trims and lace appliqués have made the grade this time round and are now available to purchase directly from Platinum Bridal Fabrics. The new collection includes:

Crystal Dress Trim - Petite

The beaded part of this pretty dress trim is less than a centimetre across, giving this fabric its evocative name. In this small space, however, is contained a passionate array of pearls and ivory beads which catch and play with light in such an entrancing way as to belie the embellishment’s diminutive size.

White Lace Trim - Phylis

Ultra-feminine and lightweight, this is an ideal late-summer fabric and features a garland of corded floral motifs. These are overlaid onto pale organza and the centre of each flower is prettily-emblazoned with carefully-selected beads.

Ivory Lace Appliqués - Mermaid

We adore the undulating curvature of these sinuous lace appliqués, which are supplied as a symmetrical pair. They attach easily to the bridal dress as they are skillfully embroidered onto a strong yet simple ivory organza base. Elegant, tasteful cording is combined with a selection of rich embroidery threads to provide highlighting, further enhancing the striking nature of these wonderful lace appliqués.

Look out for more news coming soon about our latest wedding dress embellishments or head straight to the product pages now for a sneaky peek - Ritz, Letitia, Empire, Rosalind and Cadenza are among others just waiting to be discovered!

Brand New Bridal Lace - Ivory is In!

Look out for more news coming soon about our new wedding dress embellishments and check out three gorgeous new wedding lace styles here!

Ivory Lace - Melinda

Beaded lace is one of our favourite types here at Platinum Bridal Fabrics and Melinda is the perfect example of the vintage lace style created by these embellishments, which have been embroidered to the finest of tulle grounds by hand. A floral theme is given an unusual twist with tiny circles of fabric within the flowers to give a three-dimensional effect. In the classic style, the borders of this bridal lace are matching, with gentle scallops.

Ivory Lace - Bella

Here we have a truly spectacular creation that oozes luxurious charm. Soft ivory tulle has been embroidered with sumptuous ivory thread to form the abstract floral pattern, which is then further embellished with colourless sequins - these subtle and elegant sequins imbue Bella ivory lace with a subtle shimmer that defies description. Pearls and beads have also been added here and there to magnificent effect. The edges of this lace are particularly interesting - one side has pointed and rounded scallops alternating along its length while the other features striking pointed leaves.

Ivory Lace - Rochelle

Matching scalloped edges frame this exceptionally-attractive design, which features a cascade of feminine flowers surrounded by swirling patterns. The flowers are interconnected using fabulous ivory embroidery and double cording which has been embellished with sequins and beads for a glittering, magical effect. A premium lace for a discerning bride, Rochelle is designed to impress.

Please enjoy checking out these new bridal laces, which are available to purchase now at the most competitive price. Make sure you are signed up to the Platinum Bridal Fabrics newsletter for more info on our latest wedding dress material!

New Ivory Lace - Exclusive Pre-Ordering Now Available!

Some of our wedding fabrics are so new that they are not even available yet - here we bring you a sneaky peek at two new laces coming soon and invite you to use our exclusive pre-ordering service.

Ivory Lace - Rhonda

An unapologetic flamboyance is the key element to the attraction of this gorgeous corded lace, which has a striking border leading right into the main body of the fabric. Large, exuberant floral motifs decorate Rhonda and imbue a real vintage lace style that manages to look both classic and contemporary at the same time. We particularly love the edges of Rhonda wedding lace - matching one another and gently-scalloped with a delicate fringe, these edges add fantastic definition.

Ivory Lace - Arianna

Here we have a truly special creation that is designed for the boldest bride who will revel in the fascinated attention it draws. It is hard to know where to start when describing such an unusual and evocative fabric - each element stands alone in its unique beauty but works seamlessly with the others to create a design that is at once riotous and refined. Three-dimensional flowers, each with a stunning pearl at the centre, are emblazoned with embroidery, beads and sequins to magical effect.

Both of these exclusive new laces will be available from July 2015 and you can pre-order yours from Platinum Bridal Fabrics right now. Simply click ‘Buy Now’ on the product page and complete the buying process in the ordinary way and your order will be despatched as soon as your chosen wedding dress material becomes available.

Platinum Bridal Fabrics are constantly sourcing bridal lace, of which only the finest examples find their way into our collection. We look forward to welcoming Rhonda and Arianna to the range and can’t wait to see how our customers use these exceptional wedding fabrics to create garments of true class and distinction.

Brand New Wedding Lace - What's your Favourite Colour?

With our ring-fingers firmly on the passionate pulse of wedding couture, Platinum Bridal Fabrics continually update our vast portfolio of wedding dress material and embellishments with the latest designs. Our (lucky!) team of bridal experts get to travel the globe, seeking out the finest materials to bring home and share with our customers - 12 fresh and fashionable choices of new wedding lace have just been made available so get browsing and be among the first to get your hands on the exciting collection!

Whether you want black, white or ivory lace, the Platinum Bridal Fabrics ‘New Lace Designs’ section has got something for you. What’s your colour?

White Lace - Mallory

Embellished by hand, this premium wedding dress material is pure delight for the senses. Mallory is designed with a swirling and mesmerising pattern that, tightly-knit, is especially eye-catching - this latter quality is enhanced by pale ivory pearls and colourless beads which alternate across the borderless body of the fabric. Absolutely perfect for a dreamy summer wedding.

Black Lace - Pandora

Upping the glam factor, Pandora is bold and striking with its zigzag arrangement of classy embroidered floral garlands. Both edges of the lace feature beautiful scalloping and the black colouration of this gorgeous wedding dress material makes it suitable for eveningwear and theatrical costumes as well. Need extra pizazz? We also offer this lace design with sparkly silver highlights - see Jayne for details!

Ivory Lace - Arianna

The name ‘Arianna’ is ultimately descended from Ariadne, who was King Minos’ daughter in the tales of Greek mythology. Ariadne, cruelly abandoned by Theseus after selflessly helping him escape the Minotaur of the Labyrinth, went on to find the man of her dreams in Dionysus, God of wine and fertility (we imagine they had one hell of a reception and honeymoon!). This romantic tale is the inspiration for Arianna, an ivory lace featuring layers of 3D flowers, each embellished with sequins, embroidery and beads around a central pearl. Simply stunning.

These are just some of our new lace designs - check out the rest of the collection here! We also have several laces available for pre-order - look out for more news of these coming soon...

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