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Bridal Lace and Wedding Dress Embellishments - Save 15%

It’s time for a fresh new array of fabulous offers from Platinum Bridal Fabrics, as we once again select an eclectic mix of wedding dress material and crystal embellishments. Go on - treat yourself to the dress of your dreams!

Four of our absolute favourites in this current collection of special offers are:

  • Madeleine Ivory Lace - Get ready for glam! This is the lace to be seen in as you walk confidently down the aisle, knowing that all eyes are on you. Madeleine is exclusively available in a rich ivory colouration and features astonishingly-beautiful cording and beading embroidered onto featherlight fine tulle. A selection of corded-edge floral motifs, highlighted with gold filigree thread and sequins, contrast with ivory-toned foliage to give a truly unique effect that is simply breathtaking.

  • Sasha Magenta Lace - Sasha is a dramatic, provocative and boldly-unusual lace, designed with closely-set paisley motifs and providing an incredible drape. An especially-soft handle makes it ideal for a range of dressmaking projects - as well as making an exciting and edgy wedding lace, it is also perfect for theatrical costumes, prom dresses and eveningwear.

  • Capricorn Crystal Dress Trim - An expert eye has been cast over the many wedding dress embellishments available and our designer has selected only those that provide the most glittering visual display. Capricorn crystal edging is just 3cm deep yet contains a cosmos of opaque diamantés, reflective silver tubular beads and delicate, shimmering sequins.

  • Viola Crystal Embroidery - Perfect to adorn the neck of a bridal gown, Viola Crystal Embroidery will add an evocative vintage twist with its complex beading, traditional form and altogether elegant decadence. This is a seriously beautiful embellishment and is guaranteed to delight.

There are another nine wedding dress fabrics in our current collection of special offers - browse now to find your perfect style and save 15% with Platinum Bridal Fabrics!

Chantilly Lace - Vintage Beauty and Contemporary Twist

As large amounts of the material flood the market, it can be difficult to ensure you are getting the best quality and an eclectic yet comprehensive choice of designs - with Platinum Bridal Fabrics, you don’t need to worry about a thing as our team of bridal experts have put together a sumptuous range of chantilly lace especially for our customers.

Ivory Wedding Lace - Jocelyn and Cordelia

  • Jocelyn - An extremely fine and delicate mesh makes this a ‘barely-there’ fabric, which is lightweight, sweeping and dramatic. Asymmetric borders combine scallops with a clean straight line and a sweetly-feminine fringe occupies the borders in their entirety. Defiantly bringing together the traditional and the contemporary, Jocelyn is a fabric to watch in the coming months.

  • Cordelia - Matching scalloped edges frame Cordelia, a corded lace featuring a selection of bold and flamboyant floral motifs. This lace features exciting, tactile definition and is of the richest ivory colouration.

Black Lace - Julia and Amy

  • Julia - Weighing in at a minuscule 55gsm, this is one of the lightest laces we stock and is especially suited to overlaying a brighter, textured material. A cool and classy pattern, featuring an array of interlocked flowers and foliage, is created on an open tulle ground with expert cording.

  • Amy - Closely set all over with pretty floral motifs, Amy bridal lace is designed to delight. Cording has been used to give the flowers texture and this same cording is continued into the delicate fringe which adds aesthetic appeal to identically-scalloped borders. If black lace isn’t to your taste, we also offer Amy in a full spectrum of colours.

These are just some of the many examples of fine French Chantilly Lace that Platinum Bridal Fabrics currently have available to purchase. You can enjoy the ultimate quality of our Chantilly lace by ordering one or two samples absolutely free, to examine at your leisure in your own home. Professional designers can also purchase our much-loved sample books, which contain plenty of Chantilly lace for their customers to choose from.

Brand New Premium Wedding Lace - Part Two

We were originally going to write a ‘Top Three’ article but we just couldn’t pick our favourite so please enjoy checking out this tempting trio and see which one you love the most - believe us, it is quite a challenge!

Our three new laces have all been created using our finest Chantilly lace designs as a base - this elegant foundation has then been hand-embellished in India. Each newly-created fabric retains its original classic Chantilly style but is now a glittering, glimmering material designed to catch eyes and turn heads. Pure luxury, these fabrics are for an extra-special bride who deserves nothing less, and indeed deserves more, than perfect.

Philamena Ivory Lace

This decadent wedding fabric is based on Eleanor Chantilly lace, a firm favourite with fans of the vintage lace style. Individual floral motifs are packed along abstruse diagonals, shimmering with light caught by the carefully-placed sequins and pearls. Complex beadwork has also been used to highlight the motifs and borders of this glamorous design, producing an effect that excites the senses and enchants every breathless viewer.

Evangeline Ivory Lace

Extravagant and spectacular, Evangeline is the enfant terrible of Francesca, another Chantilly lace that has enjoyed massive popularity with Platinum Bridal Fabrics customers. A three-dimensional floral design has been hand-embellished intricately all over, using sequins and beads to create a wildly-attractive effect. Matching fringed edges frame this design, which is set to be a game-changer in the world of bridal couture.

Meryl Ivory Lace

Francesca Chantilly lace has also been used as the base for Meryl, showing just how much of a transformation our skilful designer can achieve when expertly using wedding dress embellishments. This time, the designer has selected a mostly colourless array of beads and sequins which catch light in such a way as to make the fabric appear to be almost metallic. As with our other two new hand-embroidered Chantilly laces, many hours of painstaking work has gone into creating Meryl lace.

Please let us know which new wedding lace you like best - find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media or drop us an email!

Brand-New Premium Wedding Lace - Part One

We are extremely excited to announce the introduction of six brand new lace designs to our collection, each chosen for their exceptional, breathtaking beauty and quality. These are premium choices for the most discerning brides and professional couture wedding-wear designers - allow yourself to be carried away in a romantic swish with the first instalment of a special double-feature article focusing on these brand new bridal lace designs.

Renata Ivory Lace

Generously-embellished and embroidered onto a silky-soft ivory tulle, Renata is simply divine. Throughout this eye-catching design runs a series of different 3D flowers in a variety of sizes, creating drama and excitement in terms of both texture and visual effect. Our talented designer has allowed free rein to their imagination, utilising pearls, sequins, complex beading, bullion work and filigree thread to highlight the gorgeous blooms that make Renata an instant classic.

Cynthia Ivory Lace

Completely different yet no less striking is Cynthia, a design which is mesmerising, glittering and designed to excite the eye. Sweeping, undulating waves of embellishments span the extensive width of the quality ivory tulle used as a base - white sequins, glowing pearls and silver tubular beads will bring a sense of breathless wonder to the wedding dress.

Shakira Ivory Lace

The name ‘Shakira’ comes from an Arabic word meaning ‘thankful’ and you certainly will be if you choose this extremely beautiful ivory lace. Embroidered by hand in India, Shakira is an exceptionally-wide wedding fabric and features matching, gently-scalloped borders which frame a scintillating visual display of beadwork, sequins and expert embroidery. To add that essential sparkle, occasional diamantés are placed at carefully-chosen locations to maximise their enchanting effect.

Look out for our next article coming soon to find out more details of the brand new premium wedding lace available now from Platinum Bridal Fabrics. Better still, sign up to receive our regular, feature-packed e-newsletter and never miss an update from us again! Don’t forget you can request one or two samples of any of our bridal laces absolutely free.

A Gorgeous Wedding Gown from Kimberley Stone

Kimberley Stone used a variety of wedding dress material purchased from Platinum Bridal Fabrics in the insanely-beautiful creation, which represents the stunning results that can be achieved through close collaboration.

Bride Laura was quite sure how she wanted her dress to look and chose Kimberley to make her unique vision become an exciting and magical reality. Laura began to scour the Platinum Bridal Fabrics website to locate the exact lace that she had in mind for her wedding gown, finally settling on a shortlist of three or four fabrics. After checking out samples to see and feel for herself the quality and design details, Laura settled on her final choice of Lauren Lace and the rest was up to Kimberley who, as you can see from these photos taken by MisterPhill, completed the dress to an extremely high standard and made sure that Laura looked and felt truly special for her big day.

Kimberley tells us that she was really impressed by her experience with Platinum Bridal Fabrics and will definitely be back again. ‘I will be placing another order for lace in the coming week for another bride’, she says, ‘They seem to be a great company and i will definitely be using them for many more products in the future!’.

According to Kimberley, our customer service was ‘fantastic’, our samples and fabrics ‘arrived quickly’ and our email response time was nothing short of ‘amazing’. Thanks for your lovely feedback Kimberley - just doing our job!

We absolutely love hearing from our customers, whether they are individual brides and grooms or professional wedding wear designers. All photos sent to us get to feature in our online gallery and you could also feature in our newsletter, which reaches thousands of interested subscribers. This could represent a valuable advertising opportunity for professional designers.

Find your perfect bridal lace today with Platinum Bridal Fabrics. A great place to start browsing is our ‘New Products’ or ‘Bestsellers’ website sections.

Shimmer and Save - 15% off Bridal Jewellery!

Tiaras, brooches, hair combs and buckles are there to be discovered so what are you waiting for? Enjoy browsing and saving!

We have been deliberating over our choice of favourite piece from each section of our bridal jewellery collection and the results are in! Check out details below before heading over to the product pages to see if our favourites match yours.

Wedding Day Hair Comb - CB39

This is one of our most-requested pieces here at Platinum Bridal Fabrics and a single glance at its gorgeously-wild extravagance will tell you why! A large, striking bridal embellishment almost 5” across and nearly as tall, this hair comb is there to make a bold statement and features mesh, pearls and diamantés in its design. Enchanting!

Bridal Tiara - AW992

All tiaras have the effect of making their wearer look like something from a fairytale but this particular example is truly magical. Delicate flowers form the main decoration of the tiara, which has been rather generously embellished and has an antique, hand-crafted look. As with all our bridal tiaras, convenient loops are provided to securely affix to the hair.

Bridal Brooch - AW1211

Choosing our favourite brooch from the diverse array available was the most difficult but we have finally settled on this shimmering design. This brooch is unusually composed of metal and fabric, materials which make up an eye-catching floral display. Diamantés have been used to highlight several of the blooms and the whole is mounted on a robust clip fastener to ensure it stays with you!

Heart-Shaped Diamanté Buckle

We had no problem choosing this buckle as our favourite - perhaps we are just die-hard romantics! The heart is, of course, a universal symbol of love and so is perfect for your most special day. Get glittering!

We hope that we have whetted your appetite for bridal jewellery and don;’t forget that all order received by 18th July 2015 will automatically qualify for that price-busting 15% discount!

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