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Ivory Lace for a Beautiful Bride

Though her business now specialises in producing a range of quality baby bibs and accessories, designer Alison Withell shows that her talent for dressmaking has not diminished in the slightest, with the creation of this stunning wedding dress. The gown, along with those of the bridesmaids, was skillfully designed and made using wedding dress material proudly supplied by Platinum Bridal Fabrics.

Alison found our website through a Google search and was immediately impressed by the broad scope of designs on offer. She took advantage of our ‘Free Sample’ service to order generously-sized swatches of the shortlisted materials, enjoying our ‘fast and efficient’ service.

For the bridesmaids dresses, Alison chose to use Colette lace. This is a gorgeous aqua-coloured material and has been fabricated onto a soft tulle. Light aqua yarn is then used to create a connected floral motif which has a distinct old-fashioned look to it. So as not to upstage the bride, this relatively plain and simple design, - which features minimal subtle embellishment - was chosen to provide the stunning backdrop for the bride herself.

The Wedding Dress was created with a body of Ivory Duchess Satin, which worked extremely well in combination with the bridesmaids’ dresses. A lace bodice was formed using Angelica ivory lace, which suited the bride’s request for a soft corded lace with beads and sequins providing embellishment. Alison skillfully cut away both scalloped and fringed symmetrical edges and resewed them around the bottom of the dress, using the remainder for the rest of the dress.

Once the bridal gown and bridesmaids dresses were completed, they were presented to the relevant people, each of whom was majorly impressed with the result. The dresses were ‘very popular with all the girls’ and were a total, unmitigated success on the big day.

After many years of dressmaking, Alison's business has also moved on to smaller garments and she now specialises in baby bibs in a great range of fabric designs sold from her website www.dribblebuster.co.uk

We would like to thank Alison for sending in these wonderful photographs of her skilled handiwork. If you would like to send in your own photos and stories, please do so today and you could soon feature in your very own bridal news article!

Chantilly Lace Used to Great Effect

On your most special day, you want everything to be exactly right - especially your wedding gown. Bride Lauren Neve recently spent many hours scouring wedding-wear shops around London trying to find the perfect bridal lace for her gown before finally discovering it right here on the Platinum Bridal Fabrics website! She got in touch with us to tell us the story of her gorgeous gown, pictured here with kind permission of the photographer Christian Doyle (www.christiandoyle.co.uk).

Lauren’s first stop on her search was a wedding dress shop, where she spent a fun few hours going through every dress in the place. Silk and lace were definitely her favourite wedding fabrics but none of the dresses she tried had quite the delicacy of lace that she had in mind. On the spot, Lauren decided to make her own wedding dress and began drawing some initial designs.

Though she has some experience in dressmaking, Lauren had never attempted something as complex as a wedding dress before but, undaunted, she began cutting out patterns, using a dressform as a guide. Once satisfied, she took to the internet to find ‘the lace’ and discovered Platinum Bridal Fabrics which, as Lauren puts it, ‘had such a good range of beautiful lace’ that she ‘really didn’t know where to begin!’.

Lauren ordered lots of samples which were immediately sent out. “They arrived the following day,” says Lauren, “they were a good size and let me really see what the lace would look like.” After much deliberation, she finally settled on Katherine Ivory Lace as the delicate pattern was ‘just what (she) was looking for’.

Katherine is a gorgeous Chantilly lace and is particularly feminine and delicate. Floral bouquets, highlighted with complex cording, form the design of this wedding fabric, which is also available in White or Gold. With fringed and scalloped edges, this is one of our most exquisite examples of Chantilly lace.

Lauren was nervous about showing off her self-designed and -made dress, though clearly she needn’t have been! She received lots of compliments throughout the day and her husband couldn’t have been prouder.

Check out more pictures in our online gallery and let yourself be inspired by our other quality wedding dress material. We will let Lauren wrap this article up - “Bridal Fabrics are brilliant and I would recommend to anyone who is looking for beautiful, quality lace to look here!”

Lace Appliqué - Our Favourite Three!

Lace appliqués are designed to be attached, usually by sewing, to the tulle or netting of the bridal gown. The gorgeous symmetrical pairs are extraordinarily decorative and, whether hand- or machine-made, are also perfect for creating a range of unique accessories such as shoes, handbags and bridal jewellery. Immerse yourself in the Platinum Bridal Fabrics selection of lace appliqué!

Platinum Bridal Fabrics stock 60 different varieties of the gorgeous wedding dress embellishments, each with its own particular verve and style. Use our powerful cross-referenced search facility to find your ideal lace appliqué; you can search by colour, style, price and type as well as viewing our complete selection for those of you who just aren’t sure what they want and desire to be inspired!

Our three favourite lace appliqués are:


This ivory lace appliqué is a premium choice for an extremely lucky bride. Each of the appliqués in the pair measures a full 30cm in length and 14cm in width, making these wedding dress embellishments big, bold and insanely attractive. Our designer has chosen to throw frugality out of the window, selecting an exciting and extensive range of pale sequins, rich pearls and exquisite beads to decorate these stunning lace appliqués.


Featuring an eclectic selection of embroidery and cording techniques, Utah ivory lace appliqués are a delight to behold. Immediately catching the eye is a tightly-knit cluster of pearls, centering on a richly-glittering diamanté, which gives way to ranked adornments of sequins and beads. This motif has been expressly designed to complement Daisy wedding lace, though is versatile enough to match with many of our wedding dress fabrics.


Available in both white and ivory, Delta lace appliqué is a heavily-embellished motif that utilises complex beading, carefully-placed diamantés and light-catching sequins to achieve its exceptionally-beautiful effects. A pair of mesmerisingly-rendered flowers dominates this wedding dress embellishment, each centred on a large diamanté and surrounded by foliage which has been highlighted with smaller gems. To add further excitement, metallic silver thread has been used to bring extra attention to selected areas of the fabric..

These are just three of the many stunning examples of lace appliqué that are available from Platinum Bridal Fabrics. 

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