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Get on Trend with Embellished Chantilly Lace

Stylish brides are going wild for chantilly lace and embellished fabric - and even better if the two can be combined! We have created an exciting new collection of embellished French Chantilly lace using some of our favourite wedding dress material and the four fabrics the collection comprises are available for you to experience today.

Our new designs are a revamp of our classic French Chantilly laces, each of which has been decorated by hand in India with a myriad of striking embellishments to create a unique look. Please enjoy checking out these divine bridal fabrics!

Beaded Ivory Lace - Alisha

Did someone say ‘glam’?! This bold design has glamour to burn and is based on Harper wedding lace. Big, boisterous rose motifs dance across the lace ground, leading to symmetrical, softly-scalloped edges - both motifs and borders have been heavily embellished with a plethora of sequins and beads for maximum visual effect.

White Lace - Annalisa

Based on Kate bridal lace, which was famously used as part of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, Annalisa adds a new dimension to the luxurious design. Pearls, sequins and many divine beads work in perfect harmony with looped thread to give a three-dimensional look and pleasantly-tactile texture. A magnificent decoration of foliage and flowers completes this beautiful fabric.

Ivory Beaded Lace - Bryony

Ooh lá lá! The base lace for Bryony is made in France and has a gorgeous continental feel that is feminine, delicate and angelic. Floral bouquets, each comprising subtly-shaded flowers, are perfectly enclosed by an identical, double-scalloped border. If this lace is almost but not-quite right, try Meryl or Evangeline for a similar yet totally-individual look.

Ivory Lace - Aurelia

Samantha ivory lace, which has an exceptionally-drapey, super-soft handle, has been embellished with beads and pearls to produce Aurelia, an elegant and tasteful design. The double-scalloped edge features a pretty, subtle fringe and makes this an especially sensual bridal fabric.

Want to feel the quality of these amazing materials for yourself? Then take advantage of our fast, reliable Free Sample service and get ready to be amazed!

Home-Made Dress is Couture Success!

These gorgeous photos, reproduced here with kind permission of photographer Michael Howard, show bride Charlotte Snee wearing a divine bridal gown created using our bridal lace fabric. After she shared these photos with us, we just had to get in touch to find out more about the story behind the creation of her unique wedding dress.

Charlotte immediately decided that she wanted to make her own wedding dress and began her search for fabrics in shops on and around London’s thriving and vibrant Berwick Street. With a 1930s-inspired vision of silk with a vintage lace or chiffon overlay firmly in mind, Charlotte scoured bridal boutiques without success before deciding to look at the options available online.

After discovering our wide collection of bridal lace fabric, Charlotte ordered several samples which were immediately sent out. Isabella ivory lace caught her attention and she ‘just fell in love with it’ – everyone she showed it too, including friends, bridesmaids and her mum, agreed that it was the perfect choice.

Charlotte used her own home sewing machine to create the magnificent dress and found Isabella ivory lace surprisingly easy to work with. She describes both the weight and the drape of the fabric as ‘lovely’ and was further inspired to design the two cowls which, one made from oyster-coloured silk and the other simply from Isabella wedding lace, lift this dress beyond bridal couture and into the realms of pure art.

“I always think if you buy quality fabrics you are going to feel a million dollars- and that is what every bride should feel”, sums up Charlotte wisely. She was complimented repeatedly on her gown and people could barely believe she had created the dress herself – she assured them that she most certainly had and was in fact still sewing the hem on the morning of the wedding!

Isabella is a stunning example of guipure lace and has an antique Art Deco design incorporating pretty leaves and flowerbuds interconnected with a small basket weave. Identical scalloped edges, featuring a circular floral pattern, completes this evocative premium fabric.

Charlotte has recommended us to her friends but tells us that ‘convincing them to take the plunge of making or commissioning their own dress has proved more challenging than persuading them that Bridal Fabrics is brilliant’! We think you should take the plunge and throw caution to the wind and you too could soon be wearing a unique, gorgeous and show-stopping wedding dress that is the complete centre of attention.

We would like to thank Charlotte for sending in her photos and story and invite you to do the same. If you have created a garment using our comprehensive selection of wedding dress material, please contact us today!

Raschel Lace - Still Fashionable After 160 Years!

With a long and rich history dating back more than 160 years, Raschel lace is a decadent, imaginative and extremely classy choice for the bridal gown. The absorbing textures and designs are created using a warp knitting technique, which renders a soft, stretch-resistant fabric that will make you the true belle of the ball.

When it was shown that the principles of warp knit could be successfully combined with those of a circular loom, a German business quickly began using the newly-created machine to produce a sumptuous range of Raschel shawls, which were named in honour of the famous French actress Élisabeth Félice Rachel - where the extra S came from remains a mystery.

By 1859, various improvements had been made and Jacquard machines began being adapted to the technology. As time went on and new synthetic fibres became available, the Raschel machine proved to be the fastest, most reliable and most efficient.

Platinum Bridal Fabrics currently stock 19 examples of this evocative wedding dress material for your delectation. Favourites include:

  • Brooke - This Raschel lace catches the eye with a delicate yet striking Champagne colouration and is a sister to a whole family of related laces including Brogan, Jamie and Sarah. Classic floral motifs swirl amidst rich foliage, with symmetrically-scalloped and fringed edges completing the inspired design

  • Andrea - A true delight for the eyes and fingertips, Andrea Raschel lace has been created by a designer with true artistic flair. Flowers of various sizes sweetly decorate and embellish the body of the lace, which is framed by an absolutely stunning border comprising a broad array of textural effects, abstract shapes and feminine flowers.

  • Bethany - Light as a feather and featuring softly-corded highlights to attractive floral bouquets, this is a wondrous and charming bridal lace with identical fringed edging. Ingrid, one of our popular lace appliqués, is the perfect complement to Bethany dress fabric. For a limited time, you can now save 15% on any purchase of this wedding lace!

Want to see more Raschel lace? Head on over to our dedicated section now!

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