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Ivory Lace Creates A Truly Dreamy Dress

We often hear about the ‘dreamy’ qualities of our bridal fabric but this dress is possibly the dreamiest! Dressmaker Jo Figgett told us that her gown “sewed like a dream, felt like a dream and washed like a dream!” - we adore this amazing gown, which is the pinnacle of Jo’s long time as a tailoress, following in the footsteps of both her mother and grandmother.

Jo has been designing, making and altering bridal wear at her premises in Tewkesbury for more than 30 years so is something of an authority on the subject. When the time came around to create her own gorgeous gown to sashay down the aisle in, she knew exactly what she was looking for and hit the internet to track down the best fabric she could find.

After discovering our website, Jo was quickly absorbed in our vast and varied selection of bridal lace, embellished fabric and accessories including lace appliques and trim. She ordered a choice collection of samples, commenting on how impressed she was at their large size and superior quality. From her samples, Jo decided that Marina wedding lace was the one for her.

Marina Ivory Lace

A dense and complex floral pattern is the signature of Marina ivory lace, which has scalloped edges on both identical sides. A soft and tactile background weave has been enhanced using luxurious embroidery thread, creating a lace that has a marvellous drape, regal and rich. Highlighting the many various petals and leaves is the finest of cording, further embellished with pearls, beads and a selection of subtly-attractive sequins.

Jo told us that she found Marina lace to be particularly easy to attach around the neck and hemline of her gown and simply perfect for the sleeves. The colour of the exquisite beads in the lace exactly matched the cultured pearls in the necklace proudly worn by Jo, which belongs to her mother. With some fabric left over, Jo got creative and made confetti cones with is, also using some as a complementary tablecloth for her delicious wedding cake!

The dress wasn’t completed until the night before the wedding, due to dressmaker Jo’s skills being in high demand and her having to continue work on garments for other brides. After attracting much admiration from those present at the wedding, especially her husband who won’t let her pack it away just yet!), Jo has decided that she cannot bear to part with the dress and will be altering it, shortening the train and skirt to wear at the Captain’s Table on a planned cruise in 2016.

We asked experienced tailoress Jo if she would recommend Bridal Fabrics. She wrote back: “I would definitely recommend Bridal Fabrics, it was pleasant to talk to knowledgeable staff and the parcel arrived next day. The fabric was top quality and I have seen many more expensive readymade bridal dresses of a far lesser quality. To be able to handwash it instead of costly drycleaning was a bonus!”

Inspired by Jo’s dreamy dress? Drift into your own dream now and check out our newest collection of bridal lace.

Black Friday – or White, or Ivory...

In just a few days, Black Friday fever will descend on the UK – shoppers hungry for a bargain will be soon queuing up outside stores and preparing to do battle with other customers, sometimes literally! These chaotic scenes will definitely NOT be happening at our premises (we shudder to think of crazed customers dragging our wedding fabrics about!) but that doesn’t mean we won’t be taking part in the annual event… read on to find out more.

Black Friday has quickly become a staple date on the retail calendar and shoppers are spending more every year - in 2014, Black Friday saw the UK spend a whopping £1.75bn and this year’s total is predicted to be even higher still, almost certainly passing the £2bn mark. Some retailers have become concerned about the madness that seems to descend on shoppers on Black Friday and, rather than have all-out brawls in their stores, have either spread their offers out over the course of a week or abandoned the idea altogether.

Of course, the best option is to stay well out of it, getting your Black Friday bargain fix online instead. No long queues, no squabbling over items, no long and busy drive home - what could be better?! Most retailers are extending their Black Friday promotions into the online environment and we are already right there with our own offer - a tasty 10% off absolutely ANY product from our vast collection of bridal lace, dress fabric & tulle, lace embellishments & crystal embellishments!

Our fab 10% discount means that you can perhaps buy more lace than you had planned, to achieve a more elaborate look or simply to make sure you have plenty - you could also choose to step up a price and quality band without changing your budget. Of course, you could always stick to your original plan, take the 10% discount and spend it on a few luxurious extras for Christmas?

Here is a random lucky-dip selection of three items that you could be claiming your 10% discount on this Black Friday:

  • Marigold – first out of the hat is this gorgeous creation and rightly so, as it is one of our most spectacular premium designs. Big floral bouquets highlighted with deep ivory cording steal the show every time, making Marigold an exceptional example of Chantilly lace

  • Andrea – an ivory Raschel lace featuring floral motifs and abstract shapes, this unusual design is made even more individual with an absorbing border made from many types of weave

  • Colorado – these gold lace appliques are elegant and refined yet still have enough glitz and glamour to hold everyone’s attention. Beads, sequins and diamantés mingle seamlessly with Champagne and Gold metallic threads to form one of our most enchanting wedding dress embellishments

To claim your 10% discount of these or any of the other bridal fabrics on our website, simply place your order between 12am Thursday 26th November and 12am Friday 27th November. Enter promo code BLACKFRIDAY at our secure checkout and your discount will be immediately applied – happy browsing!

Wedding Gowns from Margaret Wray

Jamie Richards is a talented, inspirational designer who often uses our wedding dress material to create bespoke bridal gowns for her brand - Margaret Wray.  After she sent us these show-stopping images, we just had to get in touch to find out a little bit more about her.

Jamie is originally from New Zealand and moved to London 13 years ago after successfully graduating from a university in Wellington, New Zealand with a degree in Fashion Design and Technology.  During university Jamie began making wedding dresses, quickly discovering she had an innate talent and deep admiration for the delicate and complex process.

With such a passion for creating wedding gowns, it was almost inevitable Jamie would leave her full-time job to set out on her own. Jamie’s love for vintage fashion was inspired by her grandmothers, both of whom were elegant, stylish women with a refined sense of sophisticated class. Using a combination of the first and maiden names of these inspirational women, Jamie called her brand Margaret Wray.

Wedding gowns from the Margaret Wray collection are crafted by hand and are unique to each individual bride.  As well as providing a bespoke design and make service from scratch, Jamie also offers a choice of ready-made gowns that are then embellished according to the bride’s wishes.

Jamie discovered Platinum Bridal Fabrics on Google, and upon finding our ultimate collection of wedding lace and embellished fabric, knew that we were the natural choice to supply her brand with material of distinction.  Our Managing Director was lucky enough to meet with Jamie at the recent Textile Forum, showing just how important the event is for networking.

Many of our wedding dress fabrics have been used by Jamie in her work. The most recent of these are:

  • Celine - this beaded ivory lace has a super-soft handle and features a mesmerising pattern of embroidered waves, glistening with radiant pearls. A hypnotic design that just keeps getting better the more you look at it

  • Naomi White - decked with 3D laser-cut flowers, is available in Ivory and with a full selection of wedding dress embellishments including lace trim and lace appliques. Silver filigree thread glistens and glimmers throughout, highlighting the floral bouquets and leaves that are heavily embroidered with diamantés and hand-sewn tubular beads

  • Maya - with glitz and glamour to spare, this ivory beaded lace has lots of floral bouquets making up its striking design. Our designer has allowed their sense of dramatic flair to run wild, adding a riot of wedding dress embellishments including spherical ivory beads, clear sequins, Champagne-coloured tubular beads and extra-special sequins with an unusual oval shape. These delightful decorations are attached using a clever combination of threads in metallic silver and lustrous ivory

 We would like to thank Jamie for sending in these photos: check out her website at www.margaretwray.com to see more. Would you like to see your story in our newsletter? Contact us today and share your stories and pictures!

The Perfect White Lace for the Perfect Wedding Dress

Getting exactly the right lace can be difficult and we have heard lots of stories of brides trying shop after shop without success. Jocelyn, pictured here, searched from China to London and still couldn’t locate the right fabric until she discovered our website online - as you can see from this delightful dress, she soon found the perfect material amongst our vast collection!

Jocelyn knew she wanted a natural lace with raised cording. She also wanted bridal lace fabric that has its own pattern as well as sections without embellishment, delivering a mesh effect that added delicate drama and eye-catching interest to the gown. Jocelyn chose our Ameila White Corded Lace and described it simply and succinctly as being ‘like being woven around with flowers’!

Jocelyn ordered samples from us to help make her decision, allowing her to experience at her leisure the exceptional beauty and quality of our bridal fabrics. The whole dress was covered in the corded lace and so our large pieces were ideal for the job. The carefully-designed, scalloped edges were skillfully incorporated by Jocelyn into the dress - at the hem, Jocelyn hand-sewed a cut lace edge all around, completing the bespoke dress with a double row of floral bouquets.

Right the way down the back of the gown, Jocelyn attached exquisite buttons, each covered in fine silk. This gave Jocelyn the further idea of making a lace glove.

After lots of painstaking design work and a ‘first draft’ gown made from synthetic lace, Jocelyn’s amazing wedding dress was complete and she wore it to thrilled and breathless reception from her new husband and the invited guests. After the ceremony, the dress was washed (in the bath!) and is now an everlasting memory of Jocelyn’s perfect day.

We would like to thank Jocelyn and photographer Lauryn www.laurynbyrdy.com for sharing these pictures - you look absolutely fabulous Jocelyn and we are glad you chose us to supply the lace for your amazing gown!

Please send us your photos and stories - check out our online gallery HERE for inspiration.

New Dress Trims — Crystal, Feathers or Both?!

Getting that perfect finishing touch to a wedding gown can make all the difference between success and failure. Dress trim - whether crystal, feathered or a daring combination of both - is often used to get the look and we have lots of new choices for you to enjoy!

Crystal Dress Trims

  • Universe - A delightful trim that uses sequins, beads, diamantés and metallic thread to create a look that is out of this world! Capture the silver of the stars and the ivory of the moon with Universe crystal dress trim, designed for a cosmic bride

  • Sacramento - An elegant, refined and tasteful display of diamantés and clear beads are uniformly arranged to create Sacramento dress trim, which has an appeal that effortlessly combines the vintage with the modern. Stylish, discerning brides will love this design

Feather Dress Trims

  • Ostrich - Long, extravagant feathers are used here, attached together along one edge for easy attachment to the bridal gown. Create a stir with this trim, which has a regal edge and a decadent swish to suit a bold, confident bride who loves attention

  • Eider - The feathers in this ivory-coloured design are shorter but no less soft and visually arresting. Ultra-feminine, this trim is beyond beautiful and will add a magical touch to any wedding dress

  • Muscovy - For a sense of whimsical, fairytale delight, nothing can quite match the unique appeal of this ivory feather trim. Everyone is ready, so let the Grand Ball begin!

  • Saxony - Perhaps the softest of all, these feathers have a fluffy texture that goes beyond tactile. A sensuous experience that will not be quickly forgotten by anyone

A Bit of Both!

  • Treasure Crystal Feather Dress Trim - For the bride who just can’t decide, we have created a trim that combines both crystal and feather elements. A careful selection of pearls, beads and diamantés gives that necessary sparkle while dramatic and exuberant ostrich feathers add the perfect final touch to this glorious wedding dress embellishment

We look forward to seeing how these trims are used in your unique wedding gowns - please send us your photographs! Check out our full range of wedding dress trim here and let your aesthetic sense be inspired, refreshed and nourished.

New Beaded Ivory Lace

Our collection of wedding fabrics is an evolving work in progress and continues to grow as we find new materials we feel are worth sharing. Here are three of the newest – all perfect examples of ivory beaded lace.

Please note, these lace fabrics will not be available to purchase until December.


First to catch the eye is a riotous display of three-dimensional guipure flowers which, lying on a carefully-embroidered base, are surrounded by a generous scattering of pearls, beads and sequins.

The main edge of the lace teems with flamboyant bouquets which extend deep into the pattern’s body - each flower features diamantés and pearls and is created from several layers of fabrics to add height from the base tulle. On the other side, the border is simply-scalloped, interspersed with repeating flower spikes that add an immediate sense of refinement and elegance.


Equally enchanting is Kendall, a champagne lace featuring delicate embroidery work to create a subtle floral theme.

Metallic Champagne and gold coloured thread is used to add sparkle and every flower is differently embellished with beads, sequins and diamantes for a unique appeal. Matching scalloped edges frame this simple yet striking lace, that would suit a calm and thoughtful bride who nevertheless has an unmistakeable capacity for the dramatic.


Starting with a soft ivory tulle, the designer has skillfully embroidered a visually-arresting design incorporating floral and paisley elements. Around the outside of the pattern, fine cording has been added to enhance its natural harmonious beauty. Once again, pearls, beads and sequins have been selectively added to several flowers for that sweet, special shimmer.

Check out the new lace designs on the dedicated product pages and don't forget that you can order two samples free with our compliments to help you make that crucial decision.

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