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Mother of the Bride Shines with our Wedding Dress Embellishments

It is not only the bride who deserves to shine on her wedding day - don’t forget Mum too! In these pictures, we can see a beautiful dress created with our wedding dress embellishments by Patchii’s Designs for an attractive mother-of-the-bride, who we think wore it very well indeed!

Patchii has been purchasing from our extensive selection of fabrics since 2010, when we were recommended to her by a staff member at a renowned silk supplier. She told us that she “takes a lot of advice from the Bridal Fabrics team because they know the stock so well”. When commissioned to create this dress for the mother-of-the-bride, Patchii began working on designs with lots of input from the customer, as she believes that they should always be involved in the design and making process.

After calling our expert team and explaining the design and chosen colour palette, Patchii was sent a selection of embellishment samples to show the customer for approval. From the selection, Delta Crystal Embroidery in Ivory and Lynx Ivory Lace Appliques were decided upon for the final wedding day gown.

  • Lynx - a vibrant, shimmering design loaded with lustrous beads and high-shine sequins, Lynx makes extensive use of silver filigree thread to astonishing, breathtaking effect. Embroidered onto the softest of ivory tulles, these ivory lace appliques are quickly and easily attached to the dress yet deliver the most striking result

  • Delta - a piece of crystal embroidery with a similar shape to Lynx yet a beauty all of its own, Delta benefits from heavy embellishment in the form of sequins, beads and glittering diamantés. A floral design is highlighted with metallic thread to complete the perfect embellishment and Delta can also be purchased in White

Patchii said about us: “They are my first choice every time. Bridal fabrics has the best selection of fabrics and the quality of the stock is the best in the Uk. They have amazing staff with excellent stock knowledge and are extremely helpful which makes my job easier. I regularly recommend Bridal Fabrics because of the quality and their selection of their stock.” It’s our pleasure, Patchii!

We would like to thank Patchii for sharing her story and to Younger Photography for permission to reproduce these pictures. Check out more of Patchii’s work on her Facebook page and contact us today to hear about our latest wedding dress fabrics..

Talented Designer Uses Our Beaded & Corded Lace

Not that we’re complaining - we absolutely adore receiving photos and emails from our happy, radiant and uniquely-gorgeous customers who have used wedding dress fabric from our unrivalled collection to create the dress of their dreams. We know you’re going to love the gown pictured here as much as the blushing bride loved wearing it so read on to find out all the divine details!

Bride Iris who married her Husband Martin last year, started the journey that led to this magnificent wedding dress with a few simple keywords and phrases - ethereal, romantic, lacy but not too flowery, close-fitting and with a sweetheart neckline. A dressmaker was employed to create a design but one look at the result convinced Iris’s future mother-in-law Vivienne that she could do much better for Iris’s big day.

Vivienne lives in Cornwall and could not find a wide choice of bridal fabrics there, leading her to do an online search. She discovered our site and made use of our free sample service to get a shortlisted selection of satin and lace - almost immediately, both Iris and Vivienne jointly decided that Madeleine Corded & Beaded Lace was by far the best of the bunch. Supreme Satin and Primrose & Sagittarius Trims also made the grade, completing a quintessential quad of wedding dress fabrics.

Madeleine ivory lace features deep scallop trim to either side, producing a classic yet contemporary effect. It is impossible to tell the difference between silk and the more robust Supreme satin except by the cost - the fabric has a heavy weight and hangs beautifully as can be seen in the photos here. Primrose crystal trim was used on the shoulder straps and at the back of Iris’s bespoke bridal gown while the Sagittarius trim perfectly adorned the front - this wedding dress embellishment was loved so much by Vivienne and Iris that they quickly ordered another to creatively use as an eye-catching wristlet.

Vivienne tells us that we were her first choice because of “the quality of the fabrics, the choice offered and the helpfulness of the staff”. Making us blush, she also adds that we are “an excellent company with first-class products and customer service to match - this is quite often missing these days!”.

We would like to give thanks to Vivienne & Iris for sharing their story and also to the photographers (Heni @ www.henifouriephotography.co.uk and Shirley Gilks @ www.mapyoursoul.com) for the kind permission to reproduce their images here. If you have used our fabrics to create a gorgeous garment, why not have it photographed by these talented artists?

Now it’s your turn to create your own dazzling combination of fabrics from our collection. Start your journey  with our newest bridal lace.

Bride Eleanor Chooses Bridal Fabrics' Ivory Lace

It all started with a vision of clean, simple and plain satin in the classic vintage style. Then, as so often happens with bespoke bridal gowns, everything suddenly began to take on a life of its own. This was Eleanor Léger’s experience recently but, with expert guidance and input from dressmaker Pat Barlow combined with our exceptional choice of wedding dress material, Eleanor was able to step out for her big day wearing this stunning creation.

A classic look and opaque sleeves were definites on Eleanor’s list. She bought a vintage 1950’s ball-gown pattern and discussed modifications and embellishments with dressmaker Pat, a friend of the family who had previously designed a wedding dress for Eleanor’s sister. After trying a few readymade gowns on in bridal shops, Eleanor realised that she was far from certain exactly what she wanted - she rushed home and got on our website to order a diverse mix of lace samples in Champagne and Ivory colours.

From the mix, it was Robyn Ivory Lace that won Eleanor’s heart. As it was so at odds with her original vision, Eleanor needed reassurance from Pat that the plain dress underneath could be used instead if the finished effect wasn’t to her tastes. In the event, it was quite the opposite - Eleanor absolutely loved her dress which she accurately describes as ‘special, different and eye-catching without being tacky’.

Robyn Ivory Lace has pure vintage style, its matching edges and scalloped borders framing a repeating pair of floral/diamond motifs. The ivory colour comes only from the fine tulle background - light caught and reflected by sparkling colourless sequins and Champagne filigree thread provides that eye-catching appeal without being showy in the slightest.

It is always better to order too much than not enough - a creative designer like Pat won’t let any go to waste. She cleverly constructed a lace panel in the train of the dress, a border for the plain veil, a backpiece bow and the tiniest coordinating details at Eleanor’s waist.

Eleanor's Bridesmaid dresses were also created using a fabric of ours; Polyester shot taffeta in Radiance lime. Speaking of her choice, Eleanor stated "I was nervous about using polyester fabric for the satin and for the bridesmaids. Pat assured me that it was the best choice and it did look amazing"

As well as the quality and choice range of our bridal fabrics, Eleanor told us that she enjoyed being able to get everything she needed in one place. She also commented on the clear, HD photos that help you get a sense of the lace as well as our fast, free and reliable sample service.

Thanks to Eleanor's photographer Charlotte Fielding for permission to share the images, which will be added to our online gallery.

Save 15% this January on a Selection of Lace Fabrics

With the fun and excitement of Christmas and New Year past and a long, cold winter stretching into the distance, everyone needs a little bit of cheering up. So why not close the curtains against the bleak view, snuggle yourself up in your favourite blanket with a hot chocolate next to you and revel in the superb selection of wedding dress material currently on extra-special offer?! Plan your dream dress and let us supply the essential details that will make it just right for you - your bridal lace budget just got 15% bigger when you choose from this collection… which will prove to be your ultimate temptation? Start your journey here…

Eden - Ivory Corded Lace

The garden that gives this beautiful bridal fabric its name is well represented by a heavenly swirling of flowers and foliage which interlock with warm, jovial camaraderie. The fine tulle background is sensuously-soft yet easily strong enough to support the heavy embroidery and dense cording used to such delightful, magical effect. A grown-up choice for a bride who knows exactly how to make the best of her attractive style and wants a lace that matches her passionate yet refined character.

Isabella - Ivory Guipure Lace

A suitably-exotic name for a bold and provocative fabric that takes the Art Deco style and runs with it. A small and subtle basketweave separates the tasteful arrangements of leaves and flowerbuds that adorn the formal and aesthetically-pleasing grid pattern. Each edge of this guipure ivory lace is identical, with gentle scallops and floral garlands softening the strong geometric lines.

Sarah - White Corded Lace

A firm favourite here at Platinum Bridal Fabrics, this corded lace is created using a tulle of medium weight, embellished with a unique flower spray comprising three heavily-shaded blooms surrounded by an undulating profusion of stems and leaves. The border is particularly detailed, with a complex 7-flower motif grabbing all of the attention before the design is completed with a small and subtle yet totally unmissable series of diminutive flowers.

Angela - Black & White Corded Lace

Just.. WOW! We can’t find any other words for this fabric - what we do know is that it’s bang-on-trend and available to purchase now with a one-off 15% discount. It really is something special and we would love to get your reactions - how would you describe this amazing wedding dress material? Visit the product page and email to let us know!

Continental Class: New Wedding Fabric - Part 1

Need a little bit of Mediterranean style to warm up your winter? We are extremely proud to introduce nine brand new Italian bridal laces and wedding dress embellishments to our collection and here is your sneak peek at the first four!

Italy has, for centuries, been known as a centre of magnificent, groundbreaking and world-influencing haute couture. From its many prestigious fashion houses flow a steady stream of exciting new garments and, also as it has been for centuries, lace is one of the fabrics most often chosen thanks to its unmatched beauty. All of the new laces featuring in this special two-part article are made in Italy and the collection opens with:

Brynn - Ivory Guipure Lace Trim

A very pretty design, this lace trim comprises a continuous garland of connected flowers that all but crackles with effervescent style. The edging is rendered in a pale yet rich ivory colouration and is shot through with sinuous swirls of metallic silver thread.

Nova - Ivory Corded Lace Appliques

A symmetrical pair of wedding dress embellishments designed to combine contemporary glamour with vintage lace style, Nova appliques are unapologetically tall and elegant. Expertly-embroidered to form a simple yet striking pattern of flowers, this design is pure class.

Carter - Silver Embroidered Lace

Prepare to be mesmerised! This space-age bridal lace is completely silver throughout and is designed for the bride who dares to dazzle and who will revel in the excited and admiring compliments she receives. If you love the lace (and of course you do!) but don’t think it’s quite right for walking down the aisle, why not create a stunning evening gown or even something fun and frivolous for the honeymoon suite…?!

Lucille - Ivory Beaded Lace

A lace of palest ivory embellished with subtle pearls, Lucille does not command the immediate attention of the other fabrics in this collection. Just a little time spent with the fabric though will be enough to convince you that it’s no wallflower! The pearls have been carefully chosen to complement one another in tone and size, creating a wonderfully delicate and feminine wedding lace that you won't be able to stop looking at!

These wedding fabrics are available to purchase right now from the respective product pages. Order a sample if you’re not quite sure of your favourite and don't hesitate to call & email if you need to chat direct. Subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you don't miss part 2 of this special 2-part article!

Can You Believe What This Bride Designed?

Coming from a family of six daughters, Ruth Parsons has certainly experienced more than her fair share of wedding days! The very best day of all, however, came for her recently when she sashayed gracefully down the aisle wearing a bespoke, handmade gown created using our wedding dress material. We asked Ruth to share her story with us…

Ruth and her five sisters were lucky enough to have a multi-talented mother who, a doctor by trade, is also an accomplished seamstress. After walking down the aisle in the dress she made herself, Ruth’s mother passed her remarkable skills on to her children, teaching them to sew and instilling a love of the craft from an early age.

Most of Ruth’s sisters are already married and three of them wore dresses made by Mum on their big days. The fabric for these gorgeous gowns used to be sourced at fabric merchants or department stores - Ruth soon discovered that these outlets were woefully understocked, if they even still existed at all.

The range of choice, realistic pricing, reliable customer service and clear online visual display of our product range provided the solution in the form of a stiff silk dupion lace in Ivory - this is the tone that most suits Ruth’s pretty complexion. She allowed her sense of adventure and individuality full rein and went for an unusual design, both heavy and delicate at the same time.

Ruth used the edging of her lace around the sleeves and hem of her dress, adding the perfect complementary finishing touch. She also purchased netting for underneath the dress, a non-static lining and a quantity of veiling material, completing her order with softly-sparkling Verity lace trim to embellish the dreamy dress.

As the theme of her wedding was English Country Style, Ruth was glad to be able to order from a British, UK-based company for complete authenticity. Ruth tells us she ‘got exactly what she wanted’ and would recommend our services to everyone - thanks Ruth! We think you looked absolutely stunning and are sure the photographer, from www.photoluminaire.co.uk, will certainly be using your lovely snaps to promote their work!

And now - over to you! If you have created a garment using our material then share your story with us today. Or, if your journey is just beginning, then visit our selection of brand new fabrics and appliques.

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