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Embellished Fabric - Is This The New Ivory?

What do you think is the most popular color for a wedding gown? We are 99% certain that you answered White or Ivory - are we correct? These two tones have always been locked in a battle for the top spot in the popularity stakes but that means that position #3 is always the most interesting, with an array of different tones jostling for the title. As this ever-raging battle continues, many brides are deciding to have the best of both worlds - want to find out how?

If you’ve decided to do away with tradition and go wild down the aisle in a colored lace gown, then your first stop is our Colored Lace section where you can live out your dreams of being Somewhere Over the Rainbow! if you like the idea but aren’t quite sure then you’re definitely going to want to check out our Colored Lace Trim, which allows you to add an exciting splash of your favorite hue to the wedding dress without committing to a full-on all-over color!

You can use lace trim in all sorts of creative ways and places - and we don’t just mean on the wedding dress. Accessorize handbags and shoes, make complementary decorations and wedding favors and even give your wedding cake a matching lacy look!

Choosing your Color

Most of us have a favorite color and you’re sure to find a shade of it in our rainbow galaxy of lace trim. Select soft and sensual with China Blue, go girly with Candy Pink or feel like a queen in Russet, Violet or Chartreuse. There are lots more to choose from and you might just find yourself rethinking that favorite color after all…

Our two current favorite colored lace trims are:

  • Claire - Bella in the movie Breaking Dawn wore this lace so if you recognise it then that’s why! A grid of flowers and leaves features prominently, giving this embellished fabric a classy couture look

  • Sophia - most brides want a bit of drama and Sophia has it to spare. A design of beaded and corded crowns is a real eye-catcher and a delicate, feminine fringe makes for the perfect finishing touch


Don’t agonise over a decision between an ivory/white dress and a more unusual color - have both! Find your perfect colored lace trim HERE….

White, Ivory or Coloured Lace? Have All Three!

White, Ivory or Coloured Lace

White and Ivory are the two most popular colours for the wedding gown - the two are always in competition for pole position with one always just slightly ahead of the other until the next reversal. While Ivory and White battle it out, however, there is a growing trend for brides to ditch tradition completely and walk up the aisle (or along the beach, or freefall from a hot-air balloon!) wearing a bespoke gown of a completely different tone. What’s your colour?

Lots of our wedding laces are available in a range of colours from the softest pastel blush to the most flamboyant, eye-catching vivids. If you can’t quite bring yourself to tie the knot wearing a full gown of Turquoise or Cherry Red, then we have got the perfect compromise - coloured lace trim. Now you can instantly bring a touch of your chosen colour to your wedding dress and creative dressmakers can find all sorts of uses for the quality material from accessorising shoes and handbags to creating unique wedding favours.

Reveal the Rainbow

A breathtaking palette of colours is yours to choose from when you purchase coloured lace trim from Bridal Fabrics. Perhaps China Blue, with its soft yet glowing appeal, will make you feel fabulous or you might want to go all Girl Power and take it to the limit with Candy Pink. A rich, regal and rustic look can be achieved with Woodland Brown or, if you want to really feel like a queen, go for Violet, Chartreuse or Russet. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

Two of our favourite coloured lace trims are:

  • Sophia - beading and cording are used to full effect on this dramatic embellished fabric, forming abstract crowns that grab and hold the attention. Only a few breathless moments later is the eye released to appreciate the delicate qualities of the ephemeral fringe that frames the design

  • Claire - ever seen the movie Breaking Dawn? Then you might recognise this lace as worn by Bella! Flowers and foliage form a lattice of absorbing and intriguing complexity that, flamboyant yet elegant, is pure classy couture. Try carefully splitting this embellished fabric to double how much edging you can use - effectively making this lace trim always half-price!

You don’t have to decide between a white/ivory or less traditional colour of wedding dress - have the best of both worlds with Bridal Fabrics!

Extreme, Wild, Expensive — Meet the Record-Breakers

If you think that your wedding dress is going to be the greatest ever then you might want to have a quick look at the competition! We have been doing some research into the brightest, boldest and best wedding dresses around and what we discovered might just give you a few ideas. Ready to find out all about those record-breaking wedding gowns? Hold onto your veils because here we go….!

  • Most Expensive Wedding Gown - how much have you set aside for your dream wedding dress? Whatever that amount is, we are quite certain that you won't be buying this particular gown, which was created jointly between Martin Katz Jewelers and renowned bridal haute couture designer Renee Strauss. Diamonds glitter all over the fabulous dress (150 carats of them!) and take the price tag up to an eye-watering £12m

  • Most Crystals Used on a Wedding Dress - we love crystal embellished wedding dress material here at Bridal Fabrics. There’s just something about the way that those gems catch the light that can’t be matched and so this record-breaker really floats our boats! It took designers at Özden Gelinlik Moda Tasarim Ltd to attach 45,024 crystals to a wedding dress, which was valued at almost $19,000

  • Most Pearls Used on a Wedding Dress - we are talking genuine cultured pearls too, all 13262 of them! Japanese Yumi Katsura designed and made the dress, which was inspired by a fictional cartoon princess and must have weighed a lot for the poor model who showed it off to full, glorious effect!

  • Longest Train - we adore long bridal dress trains as they give an extra chance to be creative, exciting and decadent. Saying that, we’re not sure we can imagine a train quite so long and dramatic as that belonging to Shili Lanshan from China. Inspired by Xiamen’s Sea of Flowers, the petal-bedecked train ran behind her for more than 2,600 metres

  • Fastest Marathon Wearing a Wedding Dress - this record exists for both men and women, believe it or not! Both from the UK, Lee Goodwin and Sarah Dudgeon hold the records, with times of 3 hours 16 Minutes 44 seconds/3 hours 54 seconds respectively


Every bride’s dress is a record breaker in its own way and we want to see YOURS! Send us your pictures by email and you might even end up in our news pages, check out our NEWSLETTER for all the details.

Your wedding dress is going to be the best in the world… but will it be a record-breaker? Find out now

Lace for Less — Save 15% On a Sumptuous Selection

When you’re planning a wedding, the budget can be one of the trickiest parts. Just sourcing everything on your list is difficult enough without the worry of how much it’s all going to cost and scrimping on your wedding dress is the last thing you want to do. At Bridal Fabrics, you can always find gorgeous wedding dress material that will stretch your budget by a fabulous 15% - just head on over to our ‘Special Offers’ to discover the latest selection! Here are some of our very favourites - we know you’ll love them as much as we do.


Ivory Corded Lace - Charmaine

This fabric is an unusual start to our selection and has to be seen to be really appreciated - feeling it will increase the enjoyment even more so don't forget to order a sample if it makes your shortlist. Fringed and scalloped symmetrical borders extend deeply into the floral design, which is made up of pretty blooms in various sizes and shapes. Each flower’s edge is highlighted with delightful cording while the petals feature a dense weave that gives them a pale, eyecatching tone. An interesting choice for a creative bride.

Raschel Lace - Bethany

Ivory Raschel Lace - Bethany

Sweet and feminine, this is a fabric adored by many and is constantly requested by professional dressmakers. Matching fringed edges frame the lightweight wedding dress material, extending around into the design to create a harmonious, pleasing shape that is emphasised with ivory cord. If cording isn’t your thing then why not try Katherine lace for a similar yet less embellished alternative? A matching appliqué is also available in the form of the beautiful, decadent Ingrid.

Ivory Raschel Lace - Bethany

Ivory Chantilly Lace - Wendy

Combining the bold with the subtle, this Chantilly lace is exciting right from the word go. A generous width of 109cms allows for a floral motif to dramatically expand outwards, highlighted throughout with silver filigree thread. The scallops repeat on 19cms to give a strong, unmissably-attractive look and a small fringe on either side completes the sensual yet delicate lace. A study in contrasts that endlessly intrigues.

Want to see more wedding lace with 15% off? Head on over to our ‘Special Offers’ page now to discover some exciting surprises from Bridal Fabrics!

Wedding Dress Record Breakers — Get the Look!

Every bride thinks her wedding dress is the best and most beautiful in the world. In the same way that every mum’s baby is the cutest in the world, these brides are 100% right. We wanted to find out a little more about the very best wedding dresses so we had a look in the Guinness Book of World Records to see what we could find - and what we did find might just surprise you…

  • World’s Most Expensive Wedding Dress - whatever your wedding budget is, we are pretty sure it doesn’t come anywhere close enough to include this little number from bridal couture designer Renee Strauss and Martin Katz Jewellers! Encrusted and embellished with 150 carats’ worth of quality diamonds, this pristine gown went on sale for a cool $12 million at the Luxury Brand Lifestyle Bridal Show in California

  • Most Crystals on a Wedding Gown - dressmakers at Özden Gelinlik Moda Tasarim Ltd spent five days preparing the £13,000 gown, which features 45,024 individual crystals to create an embellished fabric that is out of this world. We wonder how heavy that must have been for the bride!?

  • Most Pearls on a Wedding Gown - not to be outdone, Yumi Katsura of Japan designed a wedding dress fit for a princess using genuine Akoya cultured pearls. The gown was confirmed by Guinness officials to have used 13,262 individual pearls in its creation to take the record-holding title

  • Longest Wedding Dress Train - we are used to seeing long and dramatic wedding dress trains here at Bridal Fabrics and they are always a delight. Even we think that Shili Lanshan from China may have taken things a little bit too far though with her take on the trend, which was inspired by the Sea of Flowers in Xiamen. Decorated with petals, the train measures almost 2,600m (more than 8,500ft)

  • Fastest Marathon in a Wedding Gown - yes, it’s been done… and not just by women! Sarah Dudgeon holds the record for the girls with 3h16m44s and Lee Goodwin represents the boys with 3h00m54s. Think you can do better?

We would love to hear about YOUR wedding gown and to see photos too. Send them to us by email - all pictures go in our online gallery and our favourites get their own feature in our newsletter, which you can subscribe to here.

15% Off ALL Embellishments? It Must Be VALENTIME!

It’s that time of year again when love is in the air, everywhere we look around! Love is… OK we won't risk making the rain come back by singing anymore but we WILL share with you our fabulous Valentine’s offer… ready to save a cool 15% across a big, bold and beautiful selection of our finest wedding dress embellishments?

Don't forget that 2016 is a Leap Year and this means that it’s the ideal chance for all you ladies to take the traditional role and get down on one knee! However you propose & are proposed to, you’re getting ready to start a beautiful journey and you should do it in the most magnificent, indulgent wedding gown. One of the hundreds of ways to get the gown of your dreams is this simple rule: embellish, embellish, embellish!

An effective, attractive and successful wedding gown works because it catches the eye. It achieves this effect in a variety of ways but all of these are to do with the interactions of light and fabric, causing a myriad of effects to be played out directly on the surface of the breathless congregation's eyes.  

Sequins and metallic thread are excellent reflectors of light but crystal embellishments also refract it, breaking it into its component colours or causing it to travel in unexpected directions. A talented designer can find all sorts of places to attach the wedding dress embellishments, creating countless effects that will bring magic, drama and a sense of mystical wonder to the bride on her special day. So, which of our crystal embellishments are included in the 15% discount Valentine’s Extravaganza?

The answer is.. ALL OF THEM! Yes, that’s right, to celebrate the heroic, romantic St Valentine’s Day, we have reduced all of our crystal wedding dress embellishments by 15% so you can now sparkle even brighter and more colourfully! Here is a choice collection to get you started…

  • Gallia Crystal Embroidery - get pure vintage glamour with this piece, which is adorned with tulle, bullion work, beads and diamantés

  • Treasure Crystal Dress Trim - you are going to adore this trendy embellishment, which features a dramatic burst of ostrich feathers along its length combined with pearls, diamantés and beads

  • Constellation Crystal Embroidery - capture the stars in your gown with this gorgeous, luxurious and out-of-this-world design

Want to see more? Of course you do. Click here for 45+ crystal trims and 95+ crystal motifs - all with 15% off!

More Barcelona Bridal News — What is the TOP Trend..?

Wow! Your response to the first part of our Barcelona Bridal Week article has been amazing and we are loving the combinations of wedding fabric you have been buying to turn into the latest generation of trendy couture classics. So we are doubly excited to present Part Two of the special feature, in which we reveal the final five Top Trends for 2016 article - get ready to be Couture Classified with our Bridal Guide!

Check out Part One of our article for the 2-letter key to the talented designers who made the best of each trend. Who is rocking your unique universe for next season?

Up & Down...

There seemed to be a lot of ‘I-Want-It-All’ going on at Barcelona Bridal Week 2016; designers couldn’t quite seem to decide which of two extremes they wanted and so opulently combined both to satisfy their creative cravings. Nowhere was this trend more visible than in hi-lo hemlines, sweeping dramatically to the floor at the back and climbing daringly high at the front to reveal the season’s sexiest shoes.

Hot Property at YC, IG, CM, IZ

...Down & Up!

Taking the waist as low as they could go was getting designers all excited, combined with a skirt that took volume to the extreme. Some of the most beautiful silhouettes seen on the catwalk used this flattering juxtaposition.

Hot Property at IG, IZ

Pure Drama…

Fiery passion is in the Spanish Blood and enriches all aspects of the culture from the spicy, colourful foods to the stirring, dramatic traditional music. Raging unbridled throughout the couture world as well, the drama was in full evidence with some of the hugest skirts we have seen - some of the catwalks seemed in danger of not being able to contain the swishing, sashaying expanses of divine wedding dress fabrics.

Hot Property at JP, CM

...Sheer Glamour!

Mid-length dresses were all over the catwalks, as the best-of-both-worlds trend continued. The tea-length dress is making a real comeback and looked the best when combined with vintage lace and wedding dress embellishments.

Hot Property at YC, IG, RC

Sparkling, Shimmering, Spectacular

If you want all the attention (and of course you do!) then make it metallic - that’s the message that all the designers were giving loud-and-clear for the coming seasons. This is our HOTTEST TREND so check out some of our finest metallic lace and get the look for your 2016 wedding!

Check Out The Stylish Skills Of This Magic Mum!

Mum saves the day once more! It seems that there is nothing that can quite compete with the skills and experience of the previous generation's matriarch when it comes to creating a wedding gown for her daughter. Of course, it is the unique and personal love between these two close family members that makes all the difference - a quality which cannot be bought and that is somehow stitched, woven and embellished into the very dress itself. We got in touch with Pauline Bennett and her daughter Catherine to find out their story.

It is a sequence of events that we hear regularly from our customers - an excitedly-begun tour of bridal shops leads to trying on a seemingly-endless selection of pret-á-porter wedding dresses under the beady and pressuring eye of a sales assistant, gradually becoming utterly convinced that the dress you want simply doesn’t exist. Here, some brides-to-be take the second-best option and choose a gown that is almost (but not quite) right - Catherine and her mum were having none of this and decided together that, if ‘the’ dress didn’t exist, then they would have to MAKE it exist!

With a love of the warm weather and fresh air, Catherine knew that she wanted a short wedding dress and, torn between two summer-dress patterns she had found, presented mum Pauline with both. Equally torn, Pauline did the only logical thing and combined the two, creating a unique style with a fitted bodice and an overlay with full, flamboyant skirt. The lower part of the dress, sensual and floating, needed balancing with a heavier lace above and, after agonising over the many samples ordered from us, Pauline and Catherine jointly decided that Lucy wedding lace was the perfect complementary fabric - our quick delivery service meant that Pauline was able to get straight to work, boldly making the first deep cut into the lace, an event she describes as ‘traumatic’!

A dramatic back and neckline, both bang on trend (see our latest article about Barcelona Bridal Week), also gave Pauline some sleepless nights as she gently worked with the fabric but, she tells us, she discovered as she went along that, “the lace is so beautifully made, it can put up with a lot of cutting and piecing”. A good job too - Pauline let her imagination run wild and completed much painstaking and complex work to a professional standard. We especially love the small, subtle and shimmering glass beads that Pauline individually sewed onto the floral motifs of Lucy bridal lace.

Thanks to Pauline and Catherine for sharing their story and to Dan Prettejohn at the Event Studios in Devon for the kind permission to reproduce his photographs here.

What’s your idea of bespoke style? Get inspiration by visiting our online gallery and share your pictures & stories with us by EMAIL!

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