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Spoilt for Choice? You Soon Will Be!

Our mailbox is full to bursting! Lots of you have been sending email telling us all about how much you’re loving the new wedding lace we recently added to the website - we have to say say that we are just as crazy about it as all of you and everyone at Bridal Fabrics can’t wait for the precious packages to arrive. Did you pick a favorite last time? If you did, you might just need to start reconsidering…

The only people at our office who have actually touched the new bridal lace are our dedicated Creative Sourcing Team, who travel to the most haute couture locations just for you, finding the best bridal lace that the planet has to offer. You deserve it! They have told us lots about the new wedding lace and just how gorgeous it is - based on the fabulous fabrics they have brought back with them from previous voyages, we have no reason to doubt them.

Last week we introduced the first part of the collection and here is the rest! Which is the best?

Ivory Embroidered Lace - Cassandra

The bold and the beautiful are right here together in this sumptuous bridal lace, which combines a geometric lattice with swirling, undulating embellished leaves. Framed with refined matching edges, Cassandra is the fabric to pick if you like the vintage lace appeal.

Ivory Laser Lace with Embroidery - Tamara

Full of youthful exuberance and decadent pleasure, this laser-cut fabric is appliqued and features stunning embroidery work on its floral motifs. A large central flower grabs the attention, which is held by the wavelike bands that march steadily across the Georgette fabric.

Ivory Corded Lace - Aisha

Corded lace is an especially feminine choice and this beautiful example holds fast to the rule. Ivory tulle is corded with a classic design of riotous flowers to form the design, which is a real eye-catcher. We predict big things for Aisha ivory lace in Summer 2016 so be a trendsetter and pre-order your chosen length today!

Ivory Embroidered Lace - Gwyneth

Get ready to be hypnotized! Gwyneth is a unique and stylish design featuring interlocking leaves that form an absorbing, mesmeric pattern. Beyond beautiful, this lace is a work of art.

Get the look for Summer 2016 with Bridal Fabrics. Check out our entire collection of brand new lace designs HERE!

You Just Can't Get Enough! More New Lace...

Lace. Bridal fabrics

It’s been fab hearing how excited you all are about our latest batch of brand new wedding lace! Your emails have been pouring in and lots of you are asking if you can have your order any sooner - sorry to disappoint but you’re going to have to be patient! Believe us, it’s definitely going to be worth waiting for…

Last week we revealed the first set of beautiful new bridal lace available to pre-order and here we complete the set. Maybe your favourite from the previous collection will have changed? Or be confirmed? Let us know! It is always a pleasure to hear from our customers, find out what you like (or don’t!) and see you looking fabulous and radiant in your fully-made wedding gowns. Don't forget the bridesmaids, mother of the bride, and of course the groom too - we want to hear about it all because we are wedding mad here at Bridal Fabrics!

Ivory Sequin Lace with Embroidery - Shelley

Wildly flamboyant and reminiscent of regal Baroque decadence, this is a lustrous and luxurious choice that oozes panache. As the embroidered design is so visually striking, nothing more than a light and delicate shower of sequins is required for further embellishment.

Ivory Beaded Lace with Embroidery - Bennedetta

Uniquely fashionable, this lace will be a favourite with those who like a daring, edgy look to their couture wardrobe. Sharply-asymmetric edges define an area of blissful floral embroidery and, if you really want to grab all the attention (perhaps in the honeymoon suite), why not try ordering Bennedetta in Black!?

Ivory Beaded Lace with Sequins - Beatrice

Asymmetric edges are once again in evidence here, in perfect resonance with the couture class of Summer 2016. Glamorous and striking, embellishment is provided in the form of classy beads, intricate embroidery, rich pearls and shimmering sequins - each of these wedding dress embellishments stands out individually, leading the eye to either gentle or dramatic scallops at the border.

So, what are you waiting for?! Dive right into our newest lace designs and pre-order as soon as you decide on your favourite to guarantee it will be in your hands by Summer 2016.

Beat the Queue! Pre-Order Brand New Wedding Lace...

Ivory Embroidered Lace

It’s time for an exclusive sneak preview of the newest bridal laces to be added to our collection - these couture fabrics are so new that they aren’t even available yet! We are now taking priority pre-orders for these delightful designs so get yours in today and start anticipating Summer 2016 when your personalised package will arrive…

As our social media followers and regular visitors to our website will know, Bridal Fabrics employ a talented and creative fabric-sourcing team who get to jet around the world to prestigious locations, examining the latest fabrics and selecting the very finest to bring back home and add to our collection. On their travels, they see literally thousands of examples of wedding dress material from the grand to the grotesque - only the choicest pieces pass their critical visual and tactile tests and just EIGHT have made it through this time.

Here, in Part 1 of a special 2-part article, we present these brand new bridal laces to you - each can be pre-ordered now in time for the coming summer.

Cassandra - Ivory Embroidered Lace

A bold lattice is the background for this dramatic lace, providing the ideal counterpoint to the swirling embellishments of leaves that form the main design. Matching edges give a sense of completeness to this bridal lace, which has a subtly-formal vintage appeal.

Tamara - Ivory Embroidered Laser Lace

An exciting choice, this stunning wedding lace features classy floral embroidery teamed with laser-cut Georgette fabric, appliqued for the most attractive finish. The design catches the eye with its alternating, sinuous bands but the centrepiece of Tamara lace is surely the large flower, measuring a full 9cm across.

Aisha - Ivory Corded Lace

Beautiful feminine elegance exudes from most examples of corded lace and Aisha is certainly no exception. A classic floral design stands out from an ephemeral ivory tulle backing, highlighted subtly yet unmistakably with expert cording.

Gwyneth - Ivory Embroidered Lace

Wow! If you aren’t mesmerised and astounded by how glamorous and unique this design is then we don’t know what it will take - the way each leaf interlocks with its neighbour makes the eye want to follow each path to its very extreme. In a word, fantastic.

Make sure you don’t miss part 2 of our guide to the very newest wedding dress material available from Bridal Fabrics - subscribe to our newsletter here and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Brand New Lace! Which is YOUR Favorite? (USA)

Get ready for some of the finest bridal lace you have ever seen! Our (extremely lucky) fabric-sourcing team have once again arrived back from their traveling round the globe and, after checking out literally 1000s of fabrics of every style and color, have chosen just EIGHT to add to our exclusive collection. Which will be YOUR favorite…?

These new bridal laces are beyond new - they’re not even available yet! Our team arrived back with the shortlist and each had to be personally approved by our couture bridal stylists. Now our orders are in and work has commenced so you can pre-order TODAY and be guaranteed your favorite new fabric in time for your Summer 2016 wedding.

Here we present to you the first selection of laces that have joined our eclectic range - we can’t decide on our favorite at all… can YOU?

Shelley - Ivory Embroidered Sequin Lace

Here the designer has taken an ivory tulle base and, seemingly deciding that it needs some heavy embellishment, has gone wild with a rich and extremely-lustrous yarn, creating a floral design the takes our breath away! A light dusting of magical sequins is all that’s needed to make this lace a work of art.

Bennedetta - Ivory Beaded Lace

Another highly embellished lace, this is an unusual choice for a bride with unique and fashionable tastes. Asymmetric edges ensure that everybody will notice you and the beads and pearls used to decorate the floral embroidery will keep their attention for much longer than a casual glance. A different design sharing the name will be available in black for the more daring brides among you - perfect for making honeymoon wear!

Beatrice - Ivory Beaded & Embroidered Lace

Another one with that hot trend - non-matching edges - Beatrice delivers pure glam. One side is gently scalloped while the other is more dramatically contoured, providing an interesting frame for the refined beads, rich embroidery, glittering sequins and luxurious pearls that vie for attention.

If you can’t wait for our next article, you can go straight to the new lace section by clicking HERE! Look out for other news and special offers coming very soon - subscribe to our newsletter TODAY.

Calling All Grooms — Ready for a European Tour?

Groom Fabric: The European Tour

We spend lots of our time helping brides to get the perfect, fairytale wedding dress of their ultimate dreams – but what about the groom!? We certainly couldn’t leave out the boys and so we have a collection of immaculately-styled groom fabric as part of our comprehensive product portfolio. Whether you want to create a cummerbund, handkerchief, waistcoat, tie or cravat, we have got the perfect material to do it with.. dive in guys!

Darwen, where our modern looms are located, is historically a mill town and we keep the tradition well and truly alive with our classy range of groom fabrics. The waistcoat is a quintessential piece of wedding kit and is a great way for guys to express their personality while still looking smart enough to please the mother-in-law! We have a gorgeous selection of woven brocades manufactured carefully here at our factory - each one has its own distinctive look and is named after a city in Europe to reflect their exciting, cosmopolitan style.

Which city will your dream wedding be in…?!

  • Avignon – a city noted for its striking beauty, Avignon is in the South of France. Our Avignon waistcoat fabric is equally striking and beautiful, the mesmerising pattern formed from a repeating series of small black and silver squares arranged in a perpetual chessboard grid

  • Athens – much of the architecture of Ancient Greece survives and the complex yet deceptively-simple lines are clearly reflected in this geometric design. Refined and tasteful, this is a versatile fabric that is pure class

  • Prague – a city of many contrasting facets, the old blending seamlessly with the new, Prague is both classic and modern simultaneously. This groom fabric similarly blends a pair of designs in a choice of four color options

  • Barcelona – vibrant, exciting and full of passion, this Spanish city is full of exuberant life and so is the waistcoat fabric it lends its name to. dramatic curving lines form the design, which is guaranteed to get you noticed. Just don’t upstage your bride!

This is just the start of our European Tour designed especially for the groom. We hope your appetite for travel has been well and truly whetted because your ticket to another 27 countries is waiting for you.. just visit the ‘Woven Patterns’ section of our Groom Fabrics selection!

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