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Colour is Everything - Take Our Personality test...

Colour is Everything - Take Our Personality test...

Vision is our primary sense and so light and colour play a hugely-important role in our everyday lives. Many of the ways it affects us may go completely unnoticed but colour (which after all is simply our way of registering different wavelengths of light), is always influencing our thoughts, moods and perceptions to an almost uncanny degree.

One of the ways we use colour is in our clothing and what better time to indulge your favourite colour choice than on your wedding day! Coloured lace is getting more and more popular as brides seek to make their wedding completely individual - white and ivory are still, of course, the two most popular choices but we are seeing a real increase in the amount of rainbow lace fabrics leaving our HQ headed for bridal beauty!

There are lots of people who claim that your preferred colour has something to say about your personality and it certainly seems like a reasonable enough theory. So we thought we could test it out, with YOU as our guinea pigs! We are going to list the personality traits associated with the most popular wedding lace colours - will you discover something about yourself? Let’s find out!

  • Red - extroverted, full of desire and appetite for life. Sometimes impulsive and always demonstrative.

  • Orange - warm, social and likable. Can be moody and prefers small groups of people to crowds.

  • Yellow - idealistic, balanced and optimistic. Often over-cautious but very loyal once the barriers are down.

  • Candy Pink - excitable, fun-loving and charming. Always the life and soul of the party but woe betide anyone who doesn't let you have your own way!

  • Chartreuse - refined, luxurious and with royal bearing. Loves all the finer things in life and knows how to get them, too.

  • Violet - mysterious, intriguing and just a little bit magical. I put a spell on you!

  • Steel Grey - contemporary, unique and with an unmatched style. You love all eyes on you and it’s a good job, too!

  • Black - daring, provocative and theatrical. People look to you as a style icon and you never disappoint them.

So, have we got YOU down to a tee? Or is it all a load of Crocus Pocus?! Let us know what you think by calling us or sending us an email - the best letters will get published in these news pages so subscribe to our newsletter to see if yours made the grade…

Which is the Best New Lace Applique? Vote NOW

Peacock - Embroidered Lace AppliqueWe are absolutely loving the weather we have had recently - after that wild winter, it is such an excitement to see and feel the sun again! There is a sense of newness and freshness in the air and, right on cue, we have got three brand new lace appliques for you to discover in our Spring selection. Each is, of course, divine and luxurious - it’s up to you to decide which one is absolutely perfect…

Peacock - Embroidered Lace Applique

The peacock is perhaps nature’s most beautiful and eye-catching creation when its impressive feathers are fully raised. Echoing this flamboyant shape, Peacock ivory lace applique is bold, large and ultra-dramatic though (unlike the peacock himself who often gets into a bit of a flap!) the drama is curbed with the elegant refrain shown by the applique’s designer. We think this piece would look perfect on the back of a wedding dress but we can’t wait to see what other unique ideas you have..

Snowdrop - Ivory Lace Applique

For those of you who like that vintage antique lace look, Snowdrop is going to have you in Downton Abbey heaven before you can say ‘Maggie Smith’! A classic design has been created by an expert hand, using ivory tulle that has been embellished and enhanced with subtle yet unmissable cording. There are lots of ways this piece could be used - what ideas are YOU having right now..?

Fern - Corded Lace Applique

From the absolutely antique to the completely contemporary in a single step, Fern brings us right up-to-the-minute with a singularly-emphatic bang. In an abstract floral shape, long, thin and stylish petals radiate outwards from the centre, leading the eye on an enchanting dance. The colouration of Fern displays a lovely richness that ensures the profound depth and HD clarity of the light it reflects.

So, which of these new corded lace appliques do YOU think is the best? Vote now! You can send us an email or connect with us on social media - why not join in the fun right away? We have our favourite here at Bridal Fabrics HQ But we’re not telling; see if your favourite matches ours in a news article coming soon and make sure you are subscribed so you don’t miss out.

Get an Exclusive Look at this Couture Wedding Dress...

Have a sneaky peek at THIS divine dress! Created by Andrey Savin, the Managing Director and co-founder at London’s prestigious Atelier Studiolab, the gown will soon be the talk of the town when it appears on the front cover of a magazine so exclusive that we aren’t even allowed to mention its name - keep your eyes peeled for news but in the meantime, give them a few blissful moments and let them take in the beauty of Andrey’s magical, talented work.

Atelier Studiolab is a couture design house producing wedding gowns and a host of other bespoke garments. Every piece of clothing that leaves the premises is of the most sublime quality, high-end from start to finish to ensure that the company’s impressive reputation is upheld. They offer a full range of services from bespoke design to pattern-cutting and, as their website says and shows, ‘welcome any creative challenges and new ventures’.

Their website is an enchanting place to visit and will give you inspiration as you breathlessly browse through the images of Andrey’s completed works. Dotted with quotations from the biggest names in style, such as Dior, Chanel and the ever-gorgeous Audrey Hepburn, the website is testament to just how talented Andrey is and why it is such an honour for us to have him regularly use our fabrics in his creations. Our favourite quotation is from somebody who is more associated with music but the words are still highly-relevant to bridal couture fashion: “Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind” - Johannes Brahms.

Andrey’s bespoke service is extremely popular and his waiting-list is always well-populated. An artist cannot be rushed and so Andrey makes sure that he devotes his time and attention to the garment he is currently at work on - the ideas of the bride combined with Andrey’s own inimitable style come together to create a detailed sketch of the dress which then magically begins to take shape as he works. With a solid background in fashion, Andrey has worked for major brands in the fashion centres of London and Paris; having his own studio is a well-deserved dream come true. Check out his website at www.atelierstudiolab.com and prepare to be impressed, amazed and inspired.

The dress in the photo was created using Alisha Chantilly Lace in Ivory - click here to find out more about this classy wedding dress material!

A Dreamy Dress – Can YOU Believe Your Eyes?!

This wedding dress could have come straight out of a dream – even looking at the photographs gives you a breathless sensation so just imagine how the bride and her guests felt! Designed and created by Simon Henry Couture using wedding dress material from Bridal Fabrics, the gown is truly stunning and unique. How can YOU get the look for yourself? Read on…

Simon is something of an expert when it comes to textiles and his talent can clearly be seen shining from every last thread of the gorgeous, breathtaking dress pictured here. Having published three internationally-successful books on the complex and artistic subject of dressmaking, he is a respected authority on the subject and is always in high demand for his couture wedding gowns as well as prom dresses and red carpet outfits.

An international couture client list featuring many celebrity names proves the innate talent Simon has for creating clothing of extremely high quality. As well as working independently, he also designs and samples surface embellishment and embroidery for other couture houses, with a speciality in tambour beading, digital machining and goldwork. Lots of knitting and crocheting feature on his extensive CV and his self-designed patterns have appeared in publications all over the world.

As if all of this were not impressive enough, Simon also finds time to be a successful quilt-maker and tutor (for which he has won awards), beauty therapist, masseur, make-up artist and hair stylist - we wish he would share his time-management secrets with us!

The gown pictured here was created by Simon using two of our wedding fabrics:

Duchess Satin

The soft ivory colouration of this no-snag fabric is beyond beautiful - rich yet refined, elegant yet flamboyant. Simon, who has experience working with almost any fabric you can name, says that our Duchess Satin ‘sews like a dream’ - high praise indeed!

Adelaide Chantilly Lace

Matching scalloped and fringed edges frame a delightful floral motif that extends deeply into the lace body. Throughout, more floral motifs vie for your attention as the pretty, feminine lace continues - there is something indescribably beautiful about the pattern the motifs create and this lace has bags of couture style.

Find out more about Simon’s work by visiting simonhenry.com - maybe you will be luck enough to get on his bustling client list!

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