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How To Choose Complementary Colors

At Bridal Fabrics, we firmly believe that every bride should feel like nothing less than a queen on her big day and we are here to make it happen. Every day, we ship out hundreds of yards of bridal fabric along with thousands of accessories, all bound for dressmakers and designers who will create the dresses that make dreams come true. We love seeing what these fabrics are transformed into by our talented customers - and here is one to REALLY take your breath away…

The Mediterranean paradise of Gozo, the sister island of Malta, is the setting for this story, which begins with VickyAnn, a talented and highly-renowned dressmaker. She creates bespoke gowns of extremely high quality and, in her own words ‘fell in love’ with our website as soon as she discovered the massive range of delightful wedding dress fabrics we have on offer every day. She sent us a picture of her latest creation, which is a shimmering, delicious dream and made the bride feel beyond beautiful as she took her sacred vows.

VickyAnn (www.facebook.com/vickyann.xuereb) and Duncan Weisters, our Managing Director with years of experience in the business and a highly-trained eye for haute couture, worked together to choose the fabrics and tones for this gown, which were:

Victoria Lace - Russet

Russet is a much-neglected color and we are glad to see evidence of how great it can really look when it is used in the hands of a confident, creative designer. This is an embroidered lace featuring bursts of floral bouquets, each corded and given glamour and glitz with sequins, beads and a single, continuous silver filigree thread running throughout. Simply stunning!

Splendor - Peony

Duncan knew right away that Peony was the best color to team with the Russet of the lace and so recommended it for the silk crepe backed satin. This fabric has rightly earned the title ‘Queen of Fabrics’ and its regal, heavy and luxurious drape ensures that anyone who wears it will feel like a member of the English Royal Family!

VickyAnn, we think your dressmaking skills are out of this world - and Gozo doesn’t look half bad either! Thanks for sending in your pictures and for your lovely email.

Want to discover the many other colors of these fabrics we have available? Just click HERE..!

How to Match Lace and Silk — The Expert Way

We are really being spoilt with the most gorgeous photos recently - brides and designers from all over the world are sending in their wedding snaps and we are glad that we are not judging a competition - you ALL look FABULOUS! Here we share with you a particularly pretty gown, created by exclusive designer and dressmaker VickyAnn Xuereb - take a deep breath because this really is BREATHTAKING!

VickyAnn (https://www.facebook.com/vickyann.xuereb) sent us a lovely email - in her very first communication with us, she told us how she had ‘fallen in love’ with our fabrics from the moment she found our website! It is really a great compliment indeed - VickyAnn is a highly-renowned designer in Gozo, Malta’s sister island, where she lives and works. One of her clients had decided on a style of gown but wasn't sure about what fabric was best - working closely together, VickyAnn and our own Duncan Weisters selected Victoria Lace in a beautiful Russet tone teamed with Splendour Silk Crepe Backed Satin in deep Peony. Of course, a little chiffon was also used to add drama and texture!

Splendour - Silk Crepe Backed Satin

An absolutely classic wedding dress material, Splendour has a regal, heavy and luxurious drape that makes the wearer feel incredibly special from the moment that it touches their skin. Smooth, tactile and delightful, the fabric runs through your fingers like a magical liquid and has clearly earned its popular title of ‘Queen of Fabrics’. VickyAnn’s client certainly felt like a queen as she sailed down the aisle in her gorgeous gown, which was the deep red of Peony in colour. There are 39 other colours to choose from so it isn’t always an easy decision - unless you’re bridal expert Duncan Weisters, whose trained eye and innate sense of fashion led him to recommend this colour right from the start.

Victoria Embroidered Lace

Three distinctive floral motifs combine harmoniously in this elaborately designed wedding lace - each bouquet is lovingly corded on an embroidered ground to give a three-dimensional effect which is enhanced with a subtle single silver thread. Our designer, perhaps feeling that they had been a little too refined and restrained, has allowed a touch of glitz with a few carefully-placed sequins and beads which compliment the sharp zigzag of the scalloped, identical borders.

Thanks, VickyAnn, for sharing this gorgeous gown - we are sure your client was extremely happy and we would like to wish her and her new spouse all the best for the future!

What did YOU wear on your big day? Share it with us, and the world. Simply send your photos to us via email!

Is This The Lace You've Been Looking For?

Ooooh we’re so excited - and we just can’t hide it! There are packages arriving daily as we receive the newest bridal materials selected by our talented and extremely lucky fabric sourcing team. As each parcel is opened, there is a hush of expectancy which lasts for a moment until one of us here at the office (usually your faithful writer!) breaks the silence with an Oooooh of appreciation. We think you’re going to share our sense of wonder and delight - here are three of our favourites (though it was NOT an easy decision to make).

Silver Embroidered Lace - CarterSilver Embroidered Lace - Carter

We might as well start off as we mean to go on - with a burst of glittering fabulousness that is going to make some lucky bride into the brightest star in the firmament for her one special day and night. The silver colouration of this super-special wedding dress material is designed for a woman who really knows how to wow the crowd, wearing her dress like nobody else could. Shimmering, shining and glowing with radiant beauty, the luxurious embroidered fabric slides between your fingers like the finest sand and is an experience of a lifetime.

Ivory Embroidered Lace - ShelleyIvory Embroidered Lace - Shelley

Glam is the keyword with this elegant yet striking fabric, which comprises a soft ivory tulle base decorated with complex, expert embroidery. A rich and especially lustrous thread forms a floral design so realistic that it is almost fragrant - a light dusting of sequins adds an absorbing, mesmerising element of magical realism to the effect. Stray rays of light will find a dazzling way to reflect back into the room in the form of subtle silver threads, woven deeply into the rich embroidery

Ivory Embroidered Lace - BeatriceIvory Embroidered Lace - Beatrice

When it comes to sheer complexity, there are few bridal fabrics to beat Beatrice! Swirling, sinuous shapes wind lazily across the fabric to the asymmetric edges - one of these is subtly scalloped while the other features more prominent curves. There is no need for further embellishment with this fabric (though some say you can never have too much!) as pearls, sequins and beads are already skillfully attached in all the right places.

Our New Lace Designs section is always a popular one, just check the whole range and you will see why!

Mum & Daughter — Who Wore it Best...?!

There isn’t much that is cuter than seeing a daughter follow her mother down the aisle in the important role of Flower Girl and, when the pretty pair wear matching gowns, the effect is complete. We recently received a lovely email from bride Ivett Bosnyak with these wonderful photos attached and are pleased to share them with you here.

Naomi White Flower Lace

The story of these two gorgeous gowns includes another generation of the family - Ivett’s mum - who designed and made both of the garments. Working skillfully with Naomi white flower lace and Glitterati tulle, the matriarch of the family painstakingly stitched the dresses from scratch and was impressed by the quality of the material, which was easier to work with than she had thought that it would be.

Naomi White Flower Lace

This corded border lace is extremely versatile and can easily be used on veils and other accessories. It has a particularly-fine tulle ground which has been excitingly enhanced with an abundance of 3d laser-cut flowers arranged in an eye-catching bouquet. Two further flowers, each made from lace and laser-cut fabric, are centred with a large, glittering diamante and form the centre of attention on this stunning design.

Heavily-embroidered leaves are also a big feature of this design; covered with hand-sewn beads and edged with exotic silver filigree, they produce a breathtaking effect and the whole is framed by identical, expertly-designed borders. Each metre of the fabric contains approximately 36 motifs and these can be individually used as wedding dress embellishments.

Glitterati Tulle

Taking the brave decision to risk being upstaged, Ivett decided to add a little more sparkle to her daughter’s Flower Girl outfit! Our Glitterati tulle was absolutely perfect for the job, as you can see from the photos. Another highly-versatile fabric, creative designers can really go wild as Bridal Fabrics offer such a low price. Ivett used our Facebook page to get advice on which fabric to use with the Naomi lace and got a quick, detailed response - are YOU part of our FB community yet?

Ivett’s wedding took place at the beach and somehow ended up covered in seawater! She washed the dress and tells us it now looks as good as new thanks to the quality of the fabrics. Phew!

We would like to thank Ivett for sending in her email and invite you to do the same. You could even end up on these very news pages yourself! Go on, drop us a line to info@bridalfabrics.co.uk

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