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What's the Hottest Bridal Trend..?

What's the Hottest Bridal Trend..?

There is a certain well-known brand of coloured candy that invites us to taste the rainbow as we enjoy it - well how about actually BEING the rainbow! Coloured lace is big news right now, something that has been gaining momentum for a while, and we have extended our range to now include dyed lace appliques. This means you can perfectly match with your chosen colour of lace - now the only choice is which colour! Oh, and which style too! We are really spoiling you, but you definitely deserve it.

When you arrive at the dyed lace applique page, make sure you’re sitting down. The spectrum of colour that leaps off the screen at you is just stunning, recalling all those dreams you had of being locked in the sweetshop as a child. China Blue nestles calmy against sweet Chartreuse, while Red and Violet jostle with one another to claim the most of the spotlight. All of these upstarts are kept in check, however, by the classic, authoritative presence of solid Navy, Orange and Plum.

There are some very modern tones packed into our new selection as well, such as the Russet that was recently featured in one of our news articles, used on a gorgeous dress made by one of our customers. Russet is a very versatile tone and extremely flattering to skin, making it ideal for weddings in bright sunshine. Lime Green isn’t perhaps the first colour that comes to mind when thinking about weddings but has actually been seen on haute couture catwalks recently, bringing rave reviews and leaving audiences spellbound.

You may be wondering if we have just gone out and bought some of every colour just in case - but not even our extensive warehouse is that big! We dye your chosen lace applique to your bespoke colour choice, a careful and methodical process that means it can take up to seven days to ensure an even, rich and fast coloured material that will be a fairytale embellishment to your big day.

So what’s YOUR colour? Fancy all eyes on you as you opt for dramatic Dark Green? Or prefer a more subtle approach with a light yet mystical Beige? Whichever it is, or somewhere in between, you will find it by simply clicking here…

What's the Secret of These Gowns..?

The competition is getting fierce here at Bridal Fabrics but the real winners are the lucky brides who get to wear the dresses created by couture designers using our fabrics. We have been in touch with a few designers recently who have been sharing images of their fabulous work and now we are REALLY being spoiled; allow us to introduce you the the fairytale world  of Natalya James…

Natalya james Bespoke Design and Bridalwear (www.natalyajames.com) is based in beautiful Northamptonshire, the perfect setting for her to create astounding wedding gowns and other unique garments like the ones you can see in these breathtaking photos. All but one of these dresses has a special secret - we will fill you in at the end of the article!

As a designer who is always in demand, Natalya is constantly visiting our website to order the quality wedding dress fabrics she needs to satisfy her discerning customers. All of the gowns on show here, at a recent photo shoot, use one or more fabrics from our collection and two of our favourites include:

Cygnus - Crystal Dress Trim

Embroidered by hand and inspired by the constellation of the same name, Cygnus boasts a softly undulating design, almost hypnotic in its fluidity. Crystal dress trim can make a huge difference to the final effect and natalya shows everyone just how it should be done! Small beads and pearls make sure you keep that subtle elegance while silver filigree thread makes sure you shine.

Dawn - Ivory Corded Lace

The ivory floral theme is as big as it ever was and thousands of brides take the plunge wearing this type of wedding lace. If you’re going to do something then there is no point in doing it by halves; choose Dawn ivory lace for a big bold statement with its large flowers and surrounding foliage, all embroidered with a loving skill and finished with a unique fringe… check the product page for more details!

So, what’s the secret of Natalya’s dresses? Apart from the 50s-style dress, which is a true one off, all of the other gowns feature a multi-wearable underlay - the satin beneath is the same but can be overlaid with a different garment for the evening without fuss or hassle. Genius!

Check out these fabrics and more on our website and let Natalya’s wondrous ideas inspire you...

Brand New Designer Gets a Big Thumbs Up!

The bridal couture world better watch out - there is a new contender for the crown and, after just leaving college, she is already designing award-winning dresses! Leah Carberry, who has just completed a HND in Fashion Technology, entered the dress in these photos to the Paisley Wedding Dress Designer of the Year 2016 competition and the judges were completely bowled over by its divine beauty and innate professionalism - we are sure you will be too…

Leah has already established herself as a designer of some repute and has been creating custom bridal and eveningwear, along with some children’s clothing for events such as Communion celebrations. She is growing her business as she creates each new item, each of which is designed completely around the individual client but always features her own unique, signature twist.

The dress in these gorgeous photographs is a Leah classic, featuring influences from a wide and diverse selection of sources. She wanted to create a dress that had all the elegance of traditional style but with a modern edge that brought it right up to date - as you can see, she certainly succeeded in her mission! It is daringly low-cut and given a classic silhouette with the mermaid shape, complemented by a silk organza train.

To create the award-winning gown, Leah used a selection of our fabrics (after ordering lots and lots of samples to be absolutely sure she was getting what she wanted!). These included Sublime white silk heavy crepe satin and Evolution white silk organza with two of our own favourite laces:

Alison - Ivory Embroidered Lace

Lustrous and exotic, this is a lace with a mesmeric swirling design that is simply breathtaking. The scalloped edges have a wonderful rise and fall to them and were used along the base of Leah’s extra-special gown.

Mallory - White Beaded Lace

Leah used this lace for the belt and the neckline trim. Mallory lace has been embellished by hand using clear beads and ivory pearls, which alternate to form a tightly-knit pattern of hypnotic delight. This is a very interesting lace and, teamed with the other fabrics, produced the amazing look that is unique to Leah’s work.

We just can’t wait to see what Leah is going to create next - watch this space! Send us your photographs and stories as we love to hear from you and see what you have all created using our fabrics. Is YOUR picture in our online gallery?

Which Two Bridal Fabrics Look Good Together?

Ivory corded lace dionne"If you want a job doing properly then do it yourself". So goes the old adage and in Caroline Yates's case, it certainly turned out to be true! She took the bold decision of making her own wedding gown from scratch and we are happy to say that she chose the material from our collection. Caroline, you make our fabrics look even better than they already are! We're sure you'll agree that Caroline looked absolutely amazing on her day; we got in touch with her to find out a little more about it....

As with so many shopping decisions these days, the first place Caroline headed was for the internet, hoping to find that ideal fabric for her wedding day. She quickly found our site but, like the savvy shopper that she is, continued her hunt to make sure that she wasn't missing something better! A good few hours' clicking later, she had assured herself that our range was the biggest, best and most reasonably priced - "beating everyone else hands down" in Caroline's own words!

Next, Caroline started creating her shortlist, which was actually a long list to be fair. She ordered lots of samples which were quickly sent although she still felt "spoilt for choice" at the array of magical designs. Realising that the clock was ticking, she went with her heart and chose Dionne lace with Duchess Satin in a rich yet subtle Porcelain colour. Designed and made from scratch, the finished dress was a boned bodice made from the satin and overlaid with the Dionne lace. Trendy 3/4-length sleeves brought the dress right into the present day but kept all of that old-fashioned elegance with lots pf beading and a princess skirt. 

Ivory laceIvory laceIvory lace

With bags of charm, Dionne Ivory lace is an instant eye-catcher but is also intricate and delicate enough to hold the attention. Identical scalloped borders give a stylish quality that is backed up by the complementary shapes of the floral designs. There is nothing quite like the beauty of ivory lace and Dionne is a truly gorgeous example - even better when it is used as well as Caroline used it!

Our fabric has been given a double life - Caroline used some of the leftover wedding dress material to create a Christening romper for her nephew. Duchess Satin is incredibly versatile as show by this extra make and you might find that, once you start making clothes, you won't want to stop! Find out more about this amazing material here.

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