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Stacey looks Ace in Lace

Stacey looks ace in lace.

 We love receiving photos of our wonderful customers in their dresses and most days, we wowed with another beautiful bride. We love to showcase them in our gallery to show other designers and brides the range of what is possible with some creativity and no little skill.  It really is the best part of the job.

Today we focus on Bride Stacey Humphreys, who has emailed us some beautiful images of herself getting ready for her big day. The ivory bodice fits like a glove and is a drop waist style and is covered with our Stacy lace and Trim. In Stacey’s own words “very appropriately named” (it was meant to be!) The trim has also been used very cleverly to brighten up the straps on the gown. Originally Stacey was only going to use the trim but loved it so much she decided to have it all over—great choice!

If you have any images of wedding dresses that you’ve made or designed, please send them to us on info@bridalfabrics.co.uk

Bonjour! New Laces from Paris

Looking for some fresh inspiration for Spring/Summer 2017? Keep an eye on our New Lace Section . These designs will be available for purchase by December 2016 but of course are available for pre-order.

We've just returned from a fantastic sourcing trip to Paris and have carefully selected 47 new designs from French, Indian, Turkish, Italian and Far Eastern suppliers. With such a large existing range, it is increasingly difficult to find something new that will capture your imagination. Don't worry though, our fantastic customer service team are on hand either by email or phone (+44 1254 873333) to help you through the myriad of alternatives.

So what are this year's new trends? We have noticed an increasing popularity of larger scale designs with high levels of embellishment, whether it be beadwork, diamantes or 3 dimensional embroidery. Many of our laces are machine embroidered or woven in one country but then hand adorned elsewhere to present an eye catching effect.

Here are a just a few of the new laces that will be available to whet your appetite. You'll notice a theme of abstract and non-traditional designs. More will appear shortly so up to date with our blog and new lace section.

As always, we look forward to helping you with your questions or enquiries on info@bridalfabrics.co.uk or by phone.








Rainbows on the Runway — Silk Dupion

Everyone wants their wedding gown to have that designer look, as if it has come straight off the runway or red carpet. If you are a bridalwear designer, then this emphasis is ever more important to make you stand out from the crowd — you can achieve those magical, extravagant and dramatic effects using Silk Dupion, available from Wedding Dress Fabrics in a sumptuous, extensive range of colors! And now, you can give your customers the full rainbow experience with our brand new Masquerade Silk Dupion Shade Cards.

You may use silk dupion all the time, but do you know why it is such a uniquely-textured, luxurious fabric? Well, it all starts with two silkworms who form a loving bond a little bit closer than the lesser worms around them, spinning their cocoons in extremely close proximity. ‘Dupion’ comes from the Italian meaning ‘double’ as the cocoons fuse into single units. This results in the ‘slubs’ (twisted double rolls of fibre) evident throughout the fabric, making it rustle and bustle and ruffle in that haute couture style!

With our excellent and extensive color range, now gathered together for convenience on our new Shade Cards, you can always be sure of satisfying even the most choosy bride. We love all the colors (of course!) but we have cherry-picked a few favorites just for you…

  • Cherry — speaking of that fabulous fruit, Cherry is our first favorite! A deep, rich and powerful tone that will make your customers look the pick of the bunch

  • Turquoise and Teal — two perfectly-complementary tones that are just begging for permission to star in their very own bridal drama together

  • Amber — warming, soothing and ultimately contemporary, this colour is definitely idea for fall weddings

  • Cappuccino and Cinnamon — for many of us here in the USA, fall weather lasts about five seconds before giving in to the harsh demands of winter! These cheery, spicy colours will make sure you keep glowing throughout the ceremony

  • Magenta — colors on the spectrum between blue and red are immensely popular right now and Magenta is perhaps the most striking, yet also conversely the most subtle, of these regal hues

  • White, Cream, Black and Ivory — naturally, all of the most popular colors are available when you choose silk dupion from Wedding Dress Fabrics

Order our new Masquerade Silk Dupion Shade Cards TODAY — give your customers the gift of color.

A Date in Paris, France...

What are the perks of YOUR job? Every job has them, but we are willing to bet that those enjoyed by the Wedding Dress Fabrics sourcing team are some of the best around! In their quest to find the very best wedding dress material to bing to our customers, along with sharing some of our own inspiring favourites,, the team jet off to the fashion centres of the world - this time they are off to Paris, France, traditionally one of the world’s most fashionable, and romantic, cities. Sacre bleu!

Bohemian, trendy and full of activity, Paris has long been regarded as a centre of fine culture - and that includes the clothes. Walking down a Parisian sidewalk, you are confronted with such an amazing mishmash of styles but everything is just that - stylish. Whatever they wear, Parisians wear it with panache and even the old clochard drinking red wine on a bench in the street is likely to be wearing his battered old hat at just the perfect rakish angle. Lace is always big news in this vibrant city and some extremely fine examples of the fabric are to be found in France - Chantilly lace is regarded by many to be the finest in the world and, if you feel like spoiling yourself (which of course you do, and why not?!) then check out our excellent range of Chantilly Lace HERE..

So, you can imagine what the atmosphere is going to be like at Texworld, the huge and highly-prestigious trade fair that our sourcing team have been whisked away to. More than 600 international buyers and suppliers will gather together over four days (12th Sept - 25th Sept inclusive) to discuss ideas and share knowledge and information, each learning a little from the other to create the dazzling multicultural melange that is so evident in fashion, from high street to wedding aisle to couture catwalk and red carpet.

Texworld is one of the many bridal trade events on the calendar but is particularly important due to its central European location. Though its home and heart is in Paris, Texworld does have a presence in the USA as well and there was recently a trade fair at the Javits Convention Centre in New York. Look out for a full report with all the gossip and details about the event coming soon - subscribe to our newsletter to be among the first to get your hands on the exclusive information!

Perks of the Job...

Every job has its perks and, for some of the luckier members of our company, these perks include jetting off to some of the most fashionable cities in the world on a journey of discovery – seeking the finest wedding lace and other bridal gown material to bring back home and add to our collection. This time, it is the most fashionable and romantic city of all that is calling, the wonderful and bohemian city of Paris, France. Ooh la la!

Though it is of course always fun to travel and experience a new city, our bridal material sourcing team are not idle while they are away! It isn't simply a case of browsing from here to there, looking at a few pieces of material and bringing them all home. Unlike many other, lesser, suppliers of wedding dress material and lace, we insist on maintaining a striking and unmissable presence at the most prestigious fashion and couture events along with all the biggest, most important trade shows.

Texworld is just one such show but has a significant spot on the bridal couture calendar. The show is known and takes place at many different venues around the world from New York to Istanbul but Paris is where its true heart resides and it is to Paris that the biggest, most influential names from both the continent and stateside will gather.

Wedding laceWedding laceWedding lace

Around 600 international representatives of bridal material suppliers will be in attendance at Texworld, including Bridal Fabrics. Not only are we on the hunt for the freshest, most unique and luxurious lace and wedding dress embellishments to hit the market, we have also got lots of our own products to share and the show represents a fantastic opportunity for the very best to meet with the very best. The result? Better-dressed brides the world over!

Texworld takes place from Monday 12th to Wednesday 14th September and the show is open all day from 9am until 6pm. Due to popular demand, an extra day has been added on Thursday 15th September though the doors at Le Bourget in Paris’s Parc des Expositions will close at 4:30pm.

We do have many couture designer customers so if you are at Texworld then come and say hello!

Look out for a full report on the event coming soon – subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss out.

Going for Gold. Bronze, Silver Gold Lace

Our TV sets have been infused with international sports for the past few weeks and this week we’ve welcomed home our Olympic heroes, majority of them with a bronze, silver or gold medal in tow. Do you want to shine like the stars? You can with our range of beautiful metallic laces. These range from feminine floaty laces to striking embroidered ones. Whether they’re for daring brides or an evening gown we have something to suit all. As well as show stopping laces we have sensuous silks that can be used either on their own or to co-ordinate with one of our lovely ladies. If bronze, silver and gold are too harsh for you then why not try neutrals, matt silvers and rose golds. Not only will you look a vision of beauty you will also be bang on trend. According to Nicki Lynn, designer at True Bride we can “expect to see metallic lace details, of gold and nude matched with shimmery sequins”. We offer an order to dye service on selected laces, check out these powdered pink beauts. Let’s not forget the groom or his men. It takes a real man to wear pink so why not kit him out in one of bespoke jacquard designs.

Deliciously Dark — Black Lace and Trim

White weddings. Ivory gowns. Black lace?! Yes, black lace looks to be very much the odd one out from that little selection but that is just old-fashioned thinking - today’s brides have thrown away the rulebook and are swanning down the aisle wearing whatever color they please! Black lace is enjoying huge popularity and you can get that exciting, dramatic couture look for yourself with our brand new selection of lace and trim. Enjoy discovering your dark side!

Here is our new selection of black lace trims, all ideal for adding the perfect finishing touch to a wedding gown, theatrical costume or delightful eveningwear garment.


You will be jetting off to another world - a fairytale land of exquisite beauty - when you choose this black lace trim. A scalloped edge and a straight edge combine to form an extremely exciting and eyecatching design.


Purely feminine, this delicate fringed lace trim is double scalloped. Perfect for floaty, ethereal wedding gowns with a touch of evocative spice.


For the European look, try Valentina black lace trim. We guarantee that, when you slip into a gown with this gorgeous embellishment, you will be the first to say Ooh La La!


A riotous design that knows know bounds when it comes to frivolity, Ember has a unique and unusual beauty. This makes it extremely versatile and once you start using it, you won’t want to stop!

We have also added two brand new lace designs to our collection, which are:


Now this really is something to get excited about - Damaris is a black lace with an amazing gold overlay, which gives it a shimmering, captivating effect. A stunning design that really draws you in, Damaris is a choice for brides who love a little luxury. In fact, strike that, this is a choice for brides who love a LOT of luxury! Need even more regal appeal? Try Damaris in gold-on-gold…


To really appreciate the true beauty of Maverick, which is a black lace of extremely beautiful appeal, you really have to see it for yourself. Luckily, you can do that right now from the comfort of your chair, by checking out our video!

We know you are going to enjoy browsing these new fabrics - the only question is which will be your favourite… Let us know your views by emailing us at Wedding Dress Fabrics TODAY!

Go Back to Black and Discover YOUR Dark Side

What colour first comes to your mind when you think about weddings? You almost certainly answered ‘white’ or ‘ivory’ - chances are that you did not say ‘black’! But, against all odds, black lace is actually a popular choice for wedding wear, from full-on dramatic gowns to the little accessories and enhancements that make it unique. Also excellent for theatrical costumes and eveningwear, black lace is firmly on the couture map and we have added lots of new black lace and trims for you to browse. Enjoy!

Black Lace Trim FoxyFoxy Black Lace Trim
This is just as foxy as its name with its delicate, feminine and evocative fringed edges. Double-scalloped, this is a design that really catches the eye.


Black Lace Trim- JettJett Black Lace Trim
This is a wide lace with asymmetric edges - one gently scalloped and one straight. The addition of spandex during manufacture makes this a very stretchy fabric, so complex designs can be easily created.

Black Lace Trim- EmberEmber Black Lace Trim
An ebullient and energetic design with double scalloped edges, Ember is particularly attractive. No matter how you use this lace trim, it is going to look absolutely divine.


Black Lace Trim -ValentinaValentina Black Lace Trim
Bring on the romance! This lace trim has a lovely continental feel to it and is sure to add just the right amount of Ooh La La to your wedding gown!


Gold on Black Raschel Lace- DamarisDamaris Gold on Black Lace
If you like luxury (and who doesn’t?) then Damaris is going to give you everything you have ever wanted - and then some. The dramatic gold-on-black lace is a real stunner, with its complexity of design that invites the eye to linger and discover. Choose Damaris for the wedding gown that will never be forgotten by anyone. If you’re feeling really queenly, then this fabric is available in gold.

Black Raschel Lace- MaverickMaverick Black Lace
A captivating fabric, Maverick is one of those that is difficult to explain properly with words, as its unique beauty is so unusual. So, let the lace do the talking and check out our video on the product page!

If you are attracted by the idea of going back to black, then dive into our newest selection of black lace and black lace trim today - don't forget our free sample service!

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