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Visiting LA this Month? Come Say Hello!

It’s showtime! And, as one of the cherished stars of the show, Bridal Fabrics are getting ready, gearing up and looking forward excitedly to it. Hang onto your wedding hats, because it’s time for a trip to the glamorous climes of LA….

Bridal Fashion is massive all over the world and those involved with it like to get together and share the news every now and then. We like to do this at big bridal shows, trade events that have got our name written all over them. One of the very finest of these is LA-TEXTILE, which definitely lives up to its market hype of being ‘the fashion industry’s premier West Coast destination for textile, design and production resources from around the globe’.

If you want to see the cream of the crop, then LA-TEXTILE is really the place to be. We are going to be exhibiting our unique collection of bridal fabrics alongside hundreds of other exhibitors but, if you’ve had even the briefest glance at the material we provide, then you’ll know that we are going to stand out as decidedly different, from all the right reasons.

As well as strutting our own stuff, we will be sending our lace experts around the show to check out the competition, maybe sharing a few tips and juicy tidbits of haute-couture gossip. We will have our eyes on the prizes at all times, and make sure that we choose some of the most exquisite new lace designs to bring back with us and share with you.

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Are you able to come to LA-TEXTILE? We would absolutely love the chance to meet you. The show will be open from 9am until 4pm between 27 February and 1 March 2017 and it’s elegant venue is The Penthouse, 100 East Street at Main, Los Angeles CA. See you there!

Preparations for an Exciting Exhibition...

It is an exciting time here at Bridal Fabrics as our representatives get ready for one of our famous exhibition trips and this time we are off to the good old US of A. As well as discovering the latest bridal fashions and carefully choosing the very best ones to bring back with us, we will also be showcasing our own favorite styles. So, where is the big event?

You can probably guess from the name of the show. LA-Textile. Yes, we are heading out to the West Coast to Los Angeles in California, where hopefully we will be able to catch a few more rays of sun than there are here in the UK at the moment. The glamorous setting is perfect for getting everyone in the mood for fashion and there will be tons of it on display at the event.

LA-TEXTILE is billed as ‘the fashion industry’s premier West Coast destination for textile, design and production resources from around the globe’, making it the perfect place for our bridal fabric experts to do their stuff. We will be joining hundreds of other exhibitors at the event and, with our own unique selections from the UK, we are bound to stand out as stars. It is an excellent opportunity for networking as we meet up with the other bright stars of the bridal firmament, sharing tips and info that will eventually end up benefiting our loyal, stylish and savvy customers.

Crystal dress trim galacticoGold blue leavers lace seraphinaSalmon pink beaded raschel lace xanthe

Thinking of heading out to the show? If you are a bridalwear designer, then you could really expand your horizons with a visit to the event. There will be another show in September if you can’t make this one so don’t worry! All of the details from that show will be revealed in more detail closer to the time. This month’s show takes place from Feb 27th to March 1st and will be mainly focusing on Spring/Summer 2018 collections. You can visit anytime between 9am on 4pm on show days, and the venue is at the elegant The Penthouse on 100 East 9th Street at Main.

All the gossip from the show is to follow so make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter!

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