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How to Own the Sunshine...

Spring is just about our favorite season here at Bridal Fabrics and so we are totally in our element right now. There’s just something so special about the quality of the light and the freshness in the air that gets our finely-tuned aesthetic sensibilities going! Though each state of the US experiences the seasons differently, the springtime seems to be pretty popular with everybody. Check out some of our crystallised dress motifs to put a spring of bling in YOUR step…

When the light is as sweet as it gets, then you need to capture some of it. The perfect spring sunshine will find a natural, immediate and intensely welcoming home as it reaches the crystals in your favorite motif: but only for a moment. Refracting, reflecting and generally having a whale of a time at light speed, that sunshine is straight back out of the crystals with a touch more pizazz than it entered with. Not to worry; springtime has bags of sunshine so your crystals will be aglow constantly.

You often hear that a bride looks ‘radiant’ and of course everybody knows about the proverbial blushing bride. With a carefully-chosen crystalised dress motif that is just right for your dream dress, you are going to take radiant to the next level and way, way beyond. Just make sure you don’t rival the very sun himself!

Aquarius Crystal Embroidery

The age of Aquarius may have dawned way back in the 70s, but now you can have your very own as the soft spring light reveals you as a bewitching, hypnotic vision. Dawn might be a little too early for everyone to get up, even on your wedding day, but you will of course be wide awake enjoying a private moment of pure excitement and happiness at the day soon to unfold.

Constellation Crystal Embroidery

Never mind being the star of the show, when you step out with this as part of your outfit then you are going to be a whole galaxy of crystalline beams. Radiating light in a unique way that is at once intense and subtle, Constellation will lie at the heart of the star-cloud you inhabit.

It’s time to discover YOUR perfect crystal embroidery… are you ready? Click HERE.

Conformity, Convention and COLOR....

There’s a certain kind of bride-to-be who wants to do things a little differently. The non-conformist, unconventional type who wants to really let go and enjoy what is one of the most exciting, special, fun and terrifying days of a woman’s life. You know who you are. Not for you the standard wedding; you’re going for a wacky but clearly cool location, interesting catering, a party that will live in memory for decades and… a gown that gives a cheeky nod to convention with classy lace but that defies all expectations when it comes to color…

For a start, REFUSE to be bullied! There are always the traditionalists around to try and get you ‘back to normal’ when you suddenly announce you want to get married wearing deepest scarlet. And there have been many cross words between mothers and daughters when the heirloom dress hasn’t quite come up to par. Choose and wear what makes you feel good because that’s the secret to FEELING good: simple, right?

Ok, so you are a Pandora and have decided to throw caution to the wind, opening the paintbox. And now the rainbow appears before you, where on the spectrum do you land? Wherever it is, we will have a lace color that thrills your eyes and will make you look AND feel like the beauty you are. Perhaps you can be tempted by..

Sasha Magenta Lace

Hovering in a rich, exclusive color zone somewhere between blue and purple, this is an understated yet particularly regal design and is ideal for the bride who isn’t a fan of the floral look. Repeating paisley motifs run throughout the lace, giving a hypnotic effect.

Elspeth Peacock-Blue Embroidery Lace

The peacock is known as one of the show-offs of the avian world, his glorious feathers creating a display unmatched in nature. The peahen, conversely, is rather a drab bird and we think it's time to even up the scores! So steal the peacock’s colors with this deeply attractive lace and be the centre of everyone's attention.

This is just the beginning of your journey through our rainbow of coloured laces… click HERE to enjoy many more.

Did Somebody say BODICE PANELS?!

We are head over heels in LOVE with our new range of Bodice Panels and, judging from your emails and phone calls, you are as well! We knew you would; our customers have got the very best taste which our expert fabric sourcing team are finely tuned into. So we are going to be really self indulgent this week and bring you along with us, as we take a look at some of our Bodice Panel designs. Fabric Heaven, here we come….

Ivory Beaded Lace Applique - CayenneBridal Bodice - Phi PhiBridal Bodice - St Martin

Cayenne Bridal Bodice

Put a bit of spice into your gown with this bodice piece, a single applique to grace the front, reverse or both if you're feeling like a bit of double luxury. Tasteful yet exotic embroidery gives way to cascades of dazzling embellishments and, if you prefer the look without the beadwork, then we also offer this style as Lennon.

Phi Phi Bridal Bodice

Don't be put off by the intricacy and delicate appearance of Phi Phi; it’s actually really easy to work with and affix to the wedding dress. Once you step into the glorious ring of dazzling light and class created by this sumptuous bodice panel, nobody is going to have eyes for anything, or anyone, else.

St Martin Bridal Bodice

In the nursery rhyme, “you owe me five farthings” said the bells of St Martins. Well, this premium, luxury bridal bodice may cost somewhat more than five farthings but the sheer quality is like actual magic. This is absolutely brand spanking new to our collection and is already enjoying status as queen of the bridal bodice section. Totally indescribable. Literally. There are no words that do justice to this pinnacle of aesthetic glamour so head over to the product page now and see for yourself. Quick; before we decide to stop selling it and just keep it all for ourselves…

These are just three of the bridal bodices we now have in stock so explore and find your favourite. As with every piece of fabric that we send out, you are guaranteed 100% professional quality from start to finish and, if you aren’t quite sure where to start, simply get in touch with us and let us be your guide. Please; we need another excuse to go and look at the bridal bodices in the warehouse!

Experience our Fabrics: By Appointment Only

To try and share with you the beauty and quality of our bridal lace and other wedding dress material, we use a variety of methods. These include detailed descriptions, HD zoomable photographs and, for some of our newer designs, short videos. Try as we may, there is never going to be a way that is as good as actually seeing and feeling the lace for real and so you are invited to make a very special appointment…

Our full range of bridal lacesPolyester crepe fabricPolyester speciality fabrics

All of our lace and wedding dress material is chosen for its high quality and beauty of design. For our lucky staff here at Platinum Bridal Fabrics, it means they get to spend lots of time closely examining bridal lace and deciding which examples are going to make our collection. We have been busy creating a collection which will be showcased at one of the finest textile merchants in London and YOU are cordially invited to view it, by appointment only, at Bradshaw & Bradshaw in London.

Bradshaw & Bradshaw are agents for some of the very best textile manufacturers around the world and Platinum Bridal Fabrics are extremely excited to have our collection hosted there. Clients enjoy a wide range of choice from such manufacturers as Solstiss, which is the premier lace manufacturer in France. They also carry a range of velvet from Denholme, one of the largest manufacturers in the United Kingdom.

The collection we have put together for Bradshaw & Bradshaw has been carefully selected to represent an accurate cross section of our style here at Platinum Bridal Fabrics and we look forward to adding more to ot in the future. Bridal lace styles are changing all the time and we have a reputation for being right there at the vanguard so we are confident that our collection will be well received.

Bradshaw & Bradshaw can be found at 30 Great Portland Street in Fitzrovia, London W1W 8QT and you can book an appointment to see our collection by calling them on 020 7255 2333. Let us know what you thought by sending us an email or connecting with us on social media channels; we look forward to hearing what you think!

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