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Save 15%: Take YOUR Lucky Dip...

If you’re getting ready to enjoy a nice, relaxing Easter weekend, then make sure you put aside some time to check out our very special offers. In fact, you might want to set aside quite a lot of time, as we have added more than 130 items to the special sale; each one is available with a cool 15% off, which is bound to put a big smile on your face and an extra jingle in your purse. No you’re NOT allowed to spend it on more Easter eggs!

Crystal Embroidery - MercuryWith so many items featuring in the sale, it's obviously impossible to look at each one one in detail so we propose one of our legendary lucky dips into a sweet, sincerely special collection. Let these random choices be a springboard, sharpening your eye for design and acting as a beacon to start your journey through our collection. Or maybe, if fate is on your side, we are about to choose your very perfect fabric for you, as if by magic…

Mercury Crystal Embroidery

Our first choice is certainly apt, as its embellishments have been added with a generous and extravagant hand, creating a truly magical effect. Pearls, beads and glorious diamantes glisten and gleam in harmony with one another, no mean feat when you consider how many there are. Yet none jostles for attention; each is a necessary part of a perfect whole. Elegant, charming, couture… need we say more?3

Hydra Crystal Dress Trim

Hydra Crystal Dress Trim

Crystal trims always look luxurious and exciting and this premium example is perhaps the most thrilling of all. A stylish, artistic star is the centre setting for the piece, which also feature undulating edging surrounding silver beads and opaque sequins. Opaque crystals team with softly enticing marquises to really up the game for this beautiful adornment to a classy, showstopping wedding gown.

Why not try out your own lucky dip? Our sale items are all listed together across four pages and, for those who want to go right through and make sure they don't miss anything (which is most of you!), you're going to find a set of even better deals; there are lots of products reduced by a massive 50% too! What will you discover? 

Crystal Motifs are Designed to Shine..

We all love a bit of sparkle. In fact, we all love a lot of sparkle! And where else would you find the very best, most sparkly stuff of all except right here at Bridal Fabrics? We have got an absolutely gorgeous collection of crystal motifs that are designed to make you look like a star on your most special day.

Adding a crystal motif to your dress can completely revolutionise it, giving it a new aspect that you never thought you could have. The way crystals catch the light gives the dress a sense of movement and excitement, becoming hypnotic to those who see you wearing it. So if you like all eyes to be on you, especially on your wedding day, then crystal motifs are the perfect idea. Let’s have a look at some of the gorgeous designs we currently have available.


At the centre of this motif is a complex and beautiful arrangement if wire and it is surrounded by glistening diamantes. An extremely luxurious design with a surprisingly low price tag! If you feel like being adventurous, then this could be the motif for you.


For those of who who like a lot of embellishment, get ready to be wowed! The designer has let their imagination have free rein and has added beads, diamantes and sequins to the softest ivory tulle. Enhanced even further with fine gauze, this is really a design for the extravagant brides among you and is versatile enough to be used in a number of places on the wedding gown.


This is pure class from start to finish. SIlver yarn forms the base, creating gorgeous contours that add a vibrant feel. The embellishments follow in the form of sequins, pearls and diamantes which together create a three dimensional shape. Freesia is a futuristic design and will look amazing on any gown. Delightful!

So there are just a few of our crystal motifs and we are sure your appetite has been whetted to see more.. Just click HERE for our full collection

Sparkle and Shine.. with 15% Discount!

As predicted by Platinum Bridal Fabrics, crystal motifs have enjoyed a sharp increase in popularity this season. These beautiful embellishments, as used by top fashion designers, are transforming wedding gowns into flamboyant, dramatic creations, bringing back glamour, sophistication and a dazzling sense of drama to both aisle and catwalk.

Crystal Motifs

Crystal embellishments are a beautiful way to add excitement to wedding dress fabric. Playfully catching and refracting light, crystal motifs range from the subtle and delicate through to the bold and striking, providing an array of options to the gown's creator. Simple dresses can be turned into garments that truly display the 'wow' factor while already-complex creations can be given the finishing touch that lifts them beyond clothing and into the realms of art.

Crystal motifs utilise mixtures of sequins, diamantes and pearls to provide their exciting displays of refracted light. Designed to suit a variety of aesthetic tastes, our selection comprises only the highest-quality examples of these beautiful products that will, like the entire Platinum Bridal Fabrics range of wedding dress material, give complete satisfaction due to their superlative quality.

One of our most popular crystal motifs is Aries, a flower-shaped embellishment that works particularly well with a vintage lace style. Embroidered by hand onto a tulle background, this attractive motif features pearl-effect beads throughout its design, combined with an elegant silver filigree thread. An extensive variety of sequins and tubular beads completes the motif and gives an enticing, dazzling effect.

As part of the premium range of Platinum Bridal Fabrics crystal motifs, Scorpio is a truly arresting creation that is certain to turn any wedding dress into a work of art. One of our largest examples, Scorpio features diamantes, sequins and pearls hand-embroidered onto high-quality tulle and arranged in a beguiling fashion. Scorpio is one of our most beautiful crystal motifs and is designed for a bride with a sense of luxury, drama and ceremony.

These two gorgeous embellished fabrics form only a small part of the Platinum Bridal Fabrics range of crystal motifs which, in turn, joins our array of wedding dress fabric online. As one of the UK's best and most diverse bridal fabric suppliers, we insist on providing only the best brocade, wedding dress material, embellished fabric and bridal lace in order to maintain our reputation.

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