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Oh Pippa!

Pippa Middleton looked stunning on her wedding day in a high necked, full skirted guipure lace gown.  The dress featured cap sleeves and a heart cut out back.  The full skirt was created with layers upon layers of organza and tulle ensuring the dress had plenty of movement and 'swish'. The Giles Deacon designed gown featured hand appliqued lace to ensure no seams were visible.  A long tulle veil with pearl embroidered detail enhanced the demure appearance of the bride.  The tight bodice featured pearl embroidery onto the beautiful floral lace design. Get that look with our range of guipure laces.  Start with Courtney, Lucy or Miracle .

Doctor Jekyll and Mrs BRIDE!

In our lives, most of us have more than a touch of the Jekyll/Hyde syndrome about us. While we aren’t drinking secret formulas and transforming into sinister personalities to stalk the streets and cause mayhem during the night, we all sometimes have conflicting thoughts, often at one and the same time. Confused? You will be…

In his legendary dystopian novel ‘1984’, George Orwell describes a peculiar aspect of human behaviour that his characters display, wherein they are able to simultaneously have two completely conflicting thoughts or feelings at the same moment, while simultaneously believing in the complete truth of both viewpoints. He even gives it its very own word: Doublethink.

In the novel, doublethink is practiced by everyone and is particularly important politically, albeit in a very sinister way. We feel nervous and judgemental of those who practice doublethink but really it is something that happens to all of us, every day. We want another chocolate bar but we don't want to put weight on. We think our neighbor is amazingly intelligent but also rather stupid. And we want to buy all sorts of things, but we have to save up for something else.

While we aren’t able to help you out with most of these daily decisions, we CAN clear up something right here and now: ‘the best things in life are free’ is pure doublethink when it comes to weddings! Your partner and the love you share have no price tag - but the rest of the wedding does. And we believe that, as it’s a very very special occasion, you should splurge as much as you can for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

That said, the average wedding keeps getting more expensive, so where are you supposed to make savings? Allow us to help with that! We always have big discounts on a changing selection of wedding dress material and right now you can get a massive 15% off ALL new fabrics when you purchase from us.

Don't forget to do the last bit of doublethink: one side of you will feel proud that you have saved lots of cash and not had to sacrifice any quality whatsoever. The other side of you will be wondering what luxuries to blow the savings on! Click HERE and enjoy!

Proverbial Proof or Silly Saying?

Even though the age of superstition, proverb and myth has (supposedly) passed as we humans head ever deeper into the world of hard facts and technology, you don’t have to look too far to see how it still features in our lives on a daily basis. From the language we speak to the clothes we wear, it’s clear that we are not ready to give up all the magic just yet…

It is during the big, life-changing and unique (yet surprisingly similar to one another) major life changes we share that our love of a more magical time is really visible. Births, deaths and the birthdays between are particularly rich with superstition and ritual, allowing us some deeper connection with our more mystical past.

And of these events, it is the wedding that really goes all out for old-time wisdom; almost everything we do at weddings, pretty much without thinking, has a fascinating history behind it (throwing rice, old/new/borrowed/blue, the wedding veil, cutting the cake… the list goes on).

There is one old saying we all use regularly yet don't always truly believe: “the best things in life are free” (sometimes also rendered as “money isn’t everything” or similar”. On the one hand, the truth of the statement is obvious and undeniable but try living without money for a couple of days and you will soon change your mind!

When it comes to weddings, the proverb is again both true and not-true. Of course, the very fact that you’re getting married would not be so if it were not for love, which is completely free of charge. But it’s nice to have some spare cash in your pocket for treats, all the same!

The average wedding budget is always on the up and even those who want a low-key, cost-friendly ceremony can end up shelling out far more than they intended even if they economise, due to increased prices across the board. And so, Platinum Bridal Fabrics ALWAYS have a selection of fabric with all of the quality but 15% less of the price!

Our current discount applies to ALL new fabric so you can get the most cutting edge look without worrying so much about the cost. The best things in life are free, but the discounted stuff is pretty awesome too! Go wild for your wedding and enjoy extravangance courtesy of Platinum Bridal Fabrics. Get ready to be spoilt for choice!

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