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Weddings, Wings and Weird Words...

An important part of the design process for a unique wedding dress is the art of combination. If we were to express in words, we would have to say its like the Bake Off! Every one starts off with the simple ingredients and before you know it a beautiful unique masterpiece has been created in so may different ways.  

Ivory Beaded Lace - Chantelle Ivory Corded Lace Applique - Peacock

Anyway, the important thing is that the right combination of these essential components can create WAY more excitement, drama and oh-my-god-she’s-so-beautiful than you at first intended, with each garment increasing the effect of the other into an exponential whirl of inspiring, bubbly, bridal delight.

Let’s show you exactly what we mean. Our bridal experts have been ‘working’ hard to create a combination that captures everything we’re describing right now. We use the inverted commas on ‘working’ because really they’ve been having the time of their lives, given permission to spend the day doing what they enjoy the most; immersing themselves in the bridal fabric world. And, credit where it’s due, they always come up with the goods.

The lace is presented first, which is how it should be. Behold Chantelle; this is an ivory lace that takes flamboyant by the scruff of the neck and replaces it with only superlatives. In fact, we’re not sure that even words such as ‘prettiest’, ‘loveliest’ or even ‘best’ quite match up. We would make up words to describe the heavenly embellishments, wing-shapes, luxurious pearls, white feathers, Champagne filigree, unique borders and heavy, oh-so-sophisticated swish but we think its better than perfect meringue peaks.

So, which lace applique is up to the job of sharing such close proximity with the divine Chantelle? Our designers have unanimously agreed on Peacock, which given the size and complex pattern design is a perfectly-apt name. Ivory tulle is the base for the careful, artisan embroidery which is then further beautified with expert cording technique.

Once again, words are sadly not up to the job of truly conveying to you just how precious this piece of heaven really is. So we will stay on the practical side and tell you that Peacock is just perfect for the back of a wow-oh-my-god-it’s-amazing wedding gown but, if your creative urges lead you to position it elsewhere, then we think you should go with it. And send us the pictures!

Check out this dynamic duo HERE and HERE.


No Old, No Borrowed, No Blue, Just NEW!

Never mind the old. We don't need anything borrowed. And thanks, but we can live without blue as well. Because today is all about NEW and we are heart-racingly excited to bring you a tempting trio of treats, freshly added to our collection and ready for you start getting semi-hysterical about too! Someone fetch our smelling salts….

You can’t tell, but half an hour has passed since that first paragraph was written. We’ve calmed down, had a cup of tea and cancelled the marriage proposals we impulsively sent to everyone in our email contact list, just so we could get a chance to wear these new designs ourselves. And so without further ado, here are those crucial details of the new fabrics that have got even us, who work with bridal material every day, in a tizzy…

All of the designs are rendered in ivory, which is on one of its pendulous swings back into the top spot that it shares with white. So as well as being the latest styles, they’re also in the most fashionable colour in haute couture right now and will be even more on trend at your wedding.

Ivory Beaded Lace - LourdesIvory Sequinned Lace - PleasanceIvory Hand Beaded Lace - Brianna

Lourdes: Ivory Beaded Lace
Lourdes will mean one of two things to you: either the site of a miracle healing or Madonna’s beautiful daughter. Whichever you’re on the right lines because Lourdes lace is both miraculous AND beautiful, with a combination of bead styles forming a striking foliage-and-flowers pattern. SImply gorgeous.

Pleasance: Ivory Sequinned Lace
For those of you who prefer a non-floral design, Pleasance is a real treat for the eyes. This lace knows nothing of minimalism and instead glorifies in a style reminiscent of the rich, exuberant and luxuriant Art Deco period. Though definitely not minimal, that doesn’t mean without subtlety and the soft sequins ensure glitter without garishness.

OK, we stayed calm and made it all the way through the article. Now we’re going to go and look at the fabric again. You know, just to check it’s still there. If we can find it in our hearts to share this good fortune with you, then you can order then new lace designs!

How to Look Heavenly!

If there’s any place to get wedding dress inspiration online, it’s got to be the Rock My Wedding blog,, which is gaining in popularity all the time as more and more people flock to the fabulousness! We are always having a sneaky look to see what’s new on the blog and a very attractive gown recently caught our eye…

As soon as we saw it, we knew that this gown had to be the work of a very talented designer with lots of experience. When we found out that the designer was Lisa Keating, it all clicked into place as Lisa has been a customer of ours for many years. She utilises a careful selection of our fabrics as part of her bespoke dress design service, which is operated from her website at LisaKeating.

A significant proportion of brides-to-be want their dress to be absolutely unique, designed for them and only them. The service offered by experienced designers like Lisa is there to oblige and is a world away from the off-the-peg bridal shop dress experience. Every bride is made to feel confident, beautiful and special as Lisa chats informally with them, blending her own ideas with the customer’s to create an enchanting, unique gown for each.

The gown featured on Rock My Wedding is a perfect example of Lisa’s work and is inspired by the 1920s era, when sophistication was standard. Angel wings were added to give that heavenly feeling and all of the shapes are authentic to the era, having been thoroughly researched by Lisa as preliminary work to making the dress.

For many years, Lisa has been sourcing her fabrics from us and said that she likes our customer service and the family-business feeling we have. Thanks Lisa,; we’re just doing our job and now we’re blushing!

The angel look is an enchanting one and is thus perfect for brides. If this gown has inspired you to add a bit of heaven to the wedding scene, then you can check out our feather trims HERE and enjoy a wide selection guaranteed to deliver that angelic appearance. We would love to see what YOU create so please send your photos to us and you could feature in your own article here in these pages!

Heaven is Missing an Angel...

If you don’t already know about the Rock My Wedding blog, then you’re late to the party! But you’ll still be made most welcome and, if you’re looking for inspiration, you’ll find it by the metre with an astounding array of gowns featuring in its eye-poppingly pretty pages. We got in touch with the designer of one of these gowns that caught our attention…

Lisa Keating is a dress designer with more than 35 years of experience. She currently runs the website LisaKeating, which attracts brides with a real desire for luxury and sense of individuality; using her talent and understanding of both personality and fabrics, she creates each dress around the particular client, weaving a magical experience for them.

Our team of bridal experts know a good, classic bespoke gown when they see one and we were not surprised to find that the designer was an old friend of Platinum Bridal Fabrics when we looked her up. Lisa knew us many years ago as simply ‘Weister’s’ when she was working as the head of design at Alexandra Workwear in what she calls her ‘corporate clothing days’ and has been regularly buying fabric from us to create her dream gowns.

The gown featured in the Rock My Wedding blog is inspired by the classic sophistication of the 1920s, with the angel wings adding a uniquely beautiful touch. The fabric and trim worked perfectly with the embroidered wing shapes and feathers, making the gown truly heavenly. After researching into the shapes and styles of the era, Lisa designed the gown and cape, created the pattern and set to work using our fabrics and her talents to create something out of this world.

Lisa told us that she has always enjoyed her experience with Platinum Bridal Fabrics, and particularly our ‘family-type friendly business’ which keeps her coming back for more and more fabrics! We are proud to supply to such a talented designer.

If you are inspired by the angelic look, check out our feather trims!

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