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Go 3D for 2018...

One of the latest fashion trends to emerge on the Bridal scene for 2018 is 3D floral lace and, as we are always at the vanguard when it comes to haute couture, we here at Bridal Fabrics have several examples of the exciting style ready for you to discover. Make sure you’re sitting comfortably because these three styles are truly breathtaking…

photo-to-show-main-border-of-champagne-lace-blakeBlake: Champagne Beaded Flower Lace

First on our exclusive list is Blake, which features a riotous display of three-dimensional guipure flowers. Lying on a carefully-embroidered base, these floral motifs are surrounded by a generous scattering of pearls, beads and sequins. The main edge of the lace teems with flamboyant bouquets which extend deep into the pattern’s body - each flower features diamantés and pearls and is created from several layers of fabrics to add height from the base tulle. On the other side, the border is simply-scalloped, interspersed with repeating flower spikes that add an immediate sense of refinement and elegance.

pink-floral-lace-mackennaMackenna: Blush Flower Lace

Blush lace is increasingly popular for wedding gowns and this captivating example is right on point with the trend for 3D floral designs. The fabric is adorned with the cutest pink buds and delicately rendered flowers, creating an extravagant whole that is fun, flirtatious and guaranteed to deliver the wow factor in bundles. Each flower is made up of the finest satin and chiffon, with several of the blooms expertly embroidered to give an eyecatching relief. Some of the flowers feature small beads and pearls at their centres; this detailed embellishment combines with applique and embroidery to create one of our most beautiful offerings.

ivory-embroidered-lace-alijaAlijah: Ivory Embroidered Lace

A fine tulle background has been selected as the base for Alijah, a stunning ivory lace that features a cleverly embroidered floral pattern. The 3D element is delivered with guipure styling on many of the flowers, each of which centres on beads or pearls to produce a glistening yet subtle effect. Throughout the body of the lace, the pattern becomes less dense to give a unique effect and the generous width is capped at both ends with a small scalloped edge.

Enjoy examining these fabulous lace designs and go 3D for 2018 with Bridal Fabrics!

New Lace for the New Year

Happy New Year! 2017 has been full of excitement here at Bridal Fabrics and we know that 2018 is going to be even better. To start us off, we have got three brand new lace designs available and here is the lowdown on these fabulous fabrics…

Daenerys Ivory Beaded Lace

Daring, dramatic and dynamic, this is a lace design from which we expect to see some truly amazing creations. Daenerys is a floral lace featuring corded motifs of flowers which seem to grow organically across the body of the design. The base flowers give way to leafy fronds which extend upward, becoming less dense to make room for small embroidered islands which punctuate the tulle at intervals. Similar motifs reach towards this area from the opposite side but here these incorporate much detailed mattice work. Embellishments of oblong beads, crystals and pearls complete the breathtaking design.

Chanel Blush Lace

You often hear of the proverbial blushing bride and here is the perfect lace for her! Delicate, beautiful flowers are densely packed together in a repeating even pattern right across the lace, each tiny bloom adding to the overall image. For those brides who want to let their own blush take centre stage, we also offer this lace in an ivory colouration.

Dorothy Black Beaded Lace

If you love embellished lace then Dorothy is going to become your firm favourite. The design is different on both of its edges and the non-matching borders mean that it can be used either way round to create exciting effects. Dorothy has a large scale design and measures 140 cm in width, with an ivory coloured option also available for those brides who prefer a less dramatic look.

We invite you to check out these fabulous new designs and to marvel at their exciting, yet totally different, visual appearance. As always, samples are available so that you can examine the lace in the comfort of your own home, and our expert bridal team are always available to offer advice and information when you need it.

Give us a call here at Bridal Fabrics and have a happy,exciting and beautiful new year!

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