Poly/Viscose Brocades

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Benita Lace

Our current selection of bodice brocades are slightly different to normal brocades in that they are excep­ti­onally light weight with a feminine drape to them.

Bodice brocades are as the name suggests often used for the bodice part of a bridal dress although they can have other uses too.  Woven in Lancashire, they use lightweight weft and warp yarns to give an illusion that the weave was in fact embroidered on. We have them available in white, ivory and silver.

Brocades are decorative woven fabrics with a raised design, resembling embroidery.  Often made with a variety of colours, a range of patterns and with a contrast or matt finish.   Our range of Brocades are woven in the United Kingdom and include both 100% Silk fabrics and Polyester/­­Viscose blends.  These jacquard woven fabrics are perfect for slightly textured dresses or bodices and can be popular with couture clients making more ornate dresses.  Look at Regal or Dijon as examples of Brocade woven fabrics.

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