Chartreuse Lace - A Brand New Colour Added to our Palette

The Platinum Bridal Fabrics range of coloured laces is incredibly popular and features more than 20 exciting shades from the funky exuberance of Candy Pink to the understated elegance of Antique Grey. A new shade, Chartreuse, has been added to the available colour palette, perfect for the intense light of summer.

Chartreuse is a tertiary colour, a combination of yellow and green. The name is taken directly from the French word meaning 'charter houses', the living quarters of a Carthusian order of monks who, in the 18th century, began producing a yellow-green alcoholic drink that came to be known simply as chartreuse. The delicate yet vibrant tones of this rare and exotic drink are perfectly captured in our dyeing process, locking in an evocative charm that will be remembered long after the event.

Some of the laces available in this gorgeous new colour are detailed below; please enjoy browsing the full collection.

Lillian Chantilly Lace

With an absolutely classic design, Lillian is bold, elegant and refined, all at the same time. Matching fringed borders and scalloped edges frame the main body of this special design, which features floral bouquets alternately shaded and highlighted to create a dramatic, eye-catching effect. Lillian has an above-average viscose content, giving it one of the softest handles of any lace in our extensive collection.

Jessica Beaded & Corded Lace

An extremely fine tulle forms the base for this lace design, the undulating curves of which create a dazzling hypnotic effect enhanced with the use of gold filigree yarn. The main design is composed of a series of bouquets growing in size, leading the eye outwards to the identical, scalloped-edge borders. Throughout Jessica lace, embel­lis­hments such as beads, sequins and cording have been carefully selected and placed to make this material truly like something from a fairytale.

Chloe Beaded Border Lace

Two flower motifs, distinct from one another yet both of equal beauty, form the repeating pattern that makes Chloe lace so memorable. Each motif is based on an expertly-embroidered ground which has been lavishly overlaid with a selection of beads and sequins before being finely highlighted with stunning filigree. The identical edges are gently scalloped, supporting the delicate and exquisite finishing touch of a soft and feminine fringe.

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