Classic Combinations

Welcome to the third in a series of blog editions that focus on combining some of the many different styles and types of wedding dress fabric that we supply. Here we present two different combinations to inspire the creative, fashion-forward wedding dress designer.

Combination #1: Philine and Maggie

Philine: Ivory Corded Lace

The name 'Philine' comes from a Greek word meaning 'lover' and we're quite sure you will fall in love with this entrancing example of bridal couture fabric. Philine is a recent addition to our portfolio and has already made a big impression on our couture clients with the bold pattern of geometric shapes and bands than run across its width. Elegant cording and fringed edges complete the exultant aesthetic.

Maggie: Ivory Corded Raschel Lace

Maggie, a floral raschel lace, is the perfect partner to Philine. The soft handle feels just like brushed cotton and this tactile aesthetic is matched by a stunning visual featuring delicate cording. A dense pattern of flowers opens out at the fringed edge of this divine wedding dress lace, incor­porating a beautifully baroque design between these magnificent motifs. Maggie wedding lace is also available in black.

Combination #2: Nicole and Contessa

Nicole: Ivory Beaded Lace

Distinct motifs of four- and two-flower bouquets alternate in rows across the body of this elegant lace fabric. Framed by identical double-scalloped borders with a short fringed edge, the lace features beading, sequins and gold filigree thread. Exclusively available in ivory, this is an extremely classy design. Matching lace trim is also available.

Polyester Non Snag Duchess Satin: Contessa in Antique Rose

The name 'Contessa' is a feminine Italian word meaning 'royalty' and is perfectly suited to this rich, regal satin fabric. Made in Japan from twisted yarns that create a dense weave and signature non-snag performance, Contessa has a firm handle that makes it ideal for full gowns, waistcoats and corsets. 20 different colours are available but we think that antique rose is the perfect match for Nicole lace.

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