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Our superb range of Crystal Trims can be bought as samples in a choice of different ways.

Whilst we try hard to make our website as informative and user friendly as possible, we understand that there is no substitute for a physical sample of a lace or silk fabric - to see the lustre and feel the handle.

For our trade customers , help your business grow by showcasing a collection of  beautiful dress trims for your clients with our Sample Books.  Select your own choice of products (see below) or select volumes from our range.  Each sample book is profes­­si­­onally presented with swatches mounted on A4 cards with printed images and descriptions including specifi­­cations.­­

On most of our products, we are happy to offer 2 samples free of charge - this will be a swatched rectangle of fabric, small lace applique or lace, which is referenced for easy identi­cation. There is then a nominal charge for subsequent samples. Products which can be used in quantities of one, such as large lace appliques or crystal motifs cannot be sampled without charge, but we are happy to accept returns within 2 weeks of despatch.

We have 2 volumes; either buy both, one of our volumes or make up your own selection.

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