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Embellished Tulles and Nets

Diamante Tulle Gia

Temptation Superba

We offer a stunning Italian tulle that has been embellished by 4 different sizes of Swarovsky Diamantes and a tulle decorated with silver glitter.

Tulles are a light weight and extremely fine man-made netting which are often starched to give them different degrees of stiffness or drape.  Using a hexagon shaped weave, tulle can be made from various fibres, such as nylon, rayon or silk. We offer nylon and silk tulle in a  range of colours.

Originating from the City of Tulle, Southern France, back in the early 1700's, tulle became commonly used to accentuate a fuller skirt and provide a floaty look as it is much more lightweight than layers of fabric.

Tulles are commonly used for wedding veils, gowns, under or over layers for skirts and stiffer tulles or net for ballet tutus or costumes.

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