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Girl Power: Spice is NICE!

Now, we don't want to make you feel old but it is now TWENTY-THREE years since The Spice Girls bounced onto the pop scene with their oh-so-catchy debut single 'Wannabe'. Little did anyone realise just what a global sensation the five fresh-faced girls were going to become...

As well as revolu­ti­onising music scenes across the world and five-handedly creating 'girl power', Sporty, Ginger, Scary, Baby and Posh had a huge influence on fashion and, as a couture fabric supplier, that's what we're interested in here at Bridal Fabrics. Let's look at each spice in turn...

Sporty Spice

The name says it all: Melanie 'Sporty Spice' Chisholm was the tomboy of the group, famed for her casual tracksuits and trainers. After the original group broke up, Mel C went on to sell 20 million records: all of the girls had a pop at a solo career but Mel C's was undeniably the most successful.

Scary Spice

Famous for her leather, leopardskin and latex, sometimes all in the same outfit! Melanie 'Scary Spice' Brown is now best known for her appearances as a judge on TV talent shows such as The X Factor, America's Got Talent and The Voice: Kids.

Baby Spice

Sweet, pretty and innocent, Emma 'Baby Spice' Bunton reminded us all of Barbie in looks and dress. She has since appeared as a Dancing On Ice judge and on the comedy show 'Absolutely Fabulous'.

Ginger Spice

Geri 'Ginger Spice' Halliwell wore a mix of styles but will also be remembered for 'that dress', which was emblazoned with a Union Jack. She was the first to leave the band and went on to have three number-one singles in the UK.

Posh Spice

Arguably the weakest singer in the group, Victoria 'Posh Spice' Adams attempted a solo career which was universally slated. After marrying soccer legend David Beckham, she was free to concentrate on her true passion... for fashion! Her eponymous label produces world-class fragrances and clothing and she has even created a range of wedding wear, which is characterised by sleek, sensual lines.

Love them or hate them, it's impossible to deny that The Spice Girls have left a lasting imprint on the world, both as a group and as separate artists. Who's your favourite? Let us know by sending us an email and subscribe to our newsletter to find out the results of the poll....

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