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Go Back to Black and Discover YOUR Dark Side

What colour first comes to your mind when you think about weddings? You almost certainly answered ‘white’ or ‘ivory’ - chances are that you did not say ‘black’! But, against all odds, black lace is actually a popular choice for wedding wear, from full-on dramatic gowns to the little accessories and enhancements that make it unique. Also excellent for theatrical costumes and eveningwear, black lace is firmly on the couture map and we have added lots of new black lace and trims for you to browse. Enjoy!

Black Lace Trim FoxyFoxy Black Lace Trim
This is just as foxy as its name with its delicate, feminine and evocative fringed edges. Double-scalloped, this is a design that really catches the eye.


Black Lace Trim- JettJett Black Lace Trim
This is a wide lace with asymmetric edges - one gently scalloped and one straight. The addition of spandex during manufacture makes this a very stretchy fabric, so complex designs can be easily created.

Black Lace Trim- EmberEmber Black Lace Trim
An ebullient and energetic design with double scalloped edges, Ember is particularly attractive. No matter how you use this lace trim, it is going to look absolutely divine.


Black Lace Trim -ValentinaValentina Black Lace Trim
Bring on the romance! This lace trim has a lovely continental feel to it and is sure to add just the right amount of Ooh La La to your wedding gown!


Gold on Black Raschel Lace- DamarisDamaris Gold on Black Lace
If you like luxury (and who doesn’t?) then Damaris is going to give you everything you have ever wanted - and then some. The dramatic gold-on-black lace is a real stunner, with its complexity of design that invites the eye to linger and discover. Choose Damaris for the wedding gown that will never be forgotten by anyone. If you’re feeling really queenly, then this fabric is available in gold.

Black Raschel Lace- MaverickMaverick Black Lace
A captivating fabric, Maverick is one of those that is difficult to explain properly with words, as its unique beauty is so unusual. So, let the lace do the talking and check out our video on the product page!

If you are attracted by the idea of going back to black, then dive into our newest selection of black lace and black lace trim today - don't forget our free sample service!

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