Going for Gold! Bridal with Bling

As one of the most precious metals on Earth, gold has always been associated with regal, sophis­ticated qualities.

Gold wedding lace is currently featuring in many haute-couture fashion shows so check out three of our brand new gold lace designs...

Gold Corded Lace: RiazGold Corded Lace – Riaz

Featuring classy embroidery which is applied in the form of delightful floral motifs, Riaz corded lace is an especially eye-catching design.

The lace is framed with matching scallopped edges and creates a magical effect which can also be enjoyed in coral, navy, black and teal.

Gold Embroidery Lace: BetsyGold Embroidery Lace – Betsy

Starting with a tulle base rendered in a rich Champagne colouration, our designer has added tasteful embroidery to create a stunning pattern.

Matching scalloped edges give a purity and femininity to the design, which is embellished with gorgeous beads and sequins.

Gold Beaded Lace: BritteGold Beaded Lace – Britte

Britte has become an instant bestseller since we added it to our collection and it's not hard to see why! A delicate mesh fabric is used as the base and is heavily embellished with beads and sequins, which create the main design.

A silver thread runs throughout to enhance the bling factor! Britte beaded lace is also available in a choice of other colours.

Win the gold every time with gold lace from Bridal Fabrics! Browse our ever expanding range of Gold & Champagne Laces!

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