Gorgeous Guipure

Guipure Lace is one of the most elegant of all lace qualities.  Picture Pippa Middleton’s exquisite gown and you can appreciate the drama and elegance guipure lace can offer.  The lace is made up of a continuous motif, which creates a denser, more raised pattern than other qualities, and often contains a floral or geometric design.  Splendid examples of geometric designs include Penny, Haven and Gretel.

The motif is made by a series of closely packed embroidery stitches onto a fine fabric that disin­teg­rates in the finishing process. This means that the ‘backing’ fabric cannot be seen in the finished article as with other types of lace.  For Guipure floral designs, explore Vita or AnoukLucy or Miracle are the go to laces to emulate Pippa Middleton’s divine dress.

With a heavier drape and handle to Chantilly, rather denser, Guipure Lace (also known as Venetian Lace) is a mainstay of the bridal industry and is one of the earliest and most enduring types of the essential bridal fabric. References to the beautifully-designed lace date back as far as 1327, when the clergy of Exeter Cathedral proudly listed four pieces amongst their possessions. Four more designs we recommend you explore are Joanna, Layla, Guinevere and Courtney -  all fine examples of Guipure lace.  It is surprisingly easy to use, being a robust fabric and can be used either in the bodice, skirt or train of a dress. Don't forget, we offer a free sampling service and have no minimum quantities - what's not to like?

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