Hand Beaded Chantilly Laces

Ivory lace


We have selected a number of our divine Chantilly Laces and hand beaded them in India using only the most skilled craftsmen.

Literally, each individual bead, pearlescent bead or sequin is attached by hand so that the fabric is wonderfully sparkly, delicate yet exquisite.

Chantilly Lace is a very fine and delicate lace with a soft handle.  Gorgeously tactile, delicate and feminine, with a sweeping drape unlike that of any other wedding material, Chantilly Lace is a staple of bridal couture.  Hand embellished Chantilly Lace is wonderfully artisan and sparkly fabric to use on a dress.  Have a look at BryonyPhilamena and Anastasia.

Our first two samples are supplied Free of Charge - please click on Request Sample on each product page to order one.

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