Ivory Beaded with Ivory Feathers Lace – Chantelle

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Chantelle is an extremely heavily embellished ivory lace into which our designer has composed a flamboyant design with "Wings" that extend 48 cm (19") into the design from both sides. The wings are extremely heavily embellished with a variety of beads and pearls, so that the fabric has a wonderful heavy "swish" to it. This version has white feathers, but we also offer one with white feathers. 

A champagne filligree thread runs throughout the pattern also and then inter­mit­tently are spaced luxurious white feathers. The lace measures 132cms (52") across the width and has matching borders. There are 3 pairs of wings in each metre of fabric along the borders, that all have the same orientation.

This is not a lace for the mainstream bride but will give any dress the ultimate Wow Factor.



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12th Nov 2019, 19:25
Caroline Dowle
Whether you are looking for 1920's glamour or fairytale romance, this lace will provide not only these, but as many other looks your creativity can dream up. Rather than use the the lace in whole piece, I have decided to cut out the wing shapes to curve around a corseted bodice. If you're going to cut the lace like this you need to be aware that the large pearls can work loose, but it's a moment's work to sew them back again. Elsewhere, the bugle beads and smaller pearls are sewn very robustly to the design, and as they have been sewn in seperate groups, you can cut out the wings and the details toward the centre of the lace to use for applique without fear of them working loose. It is relatively simple to remove the ostrich feather detail, and there are beautiful feather shapes embroidered underneath them. These are so pretty it would be a shame to hide them, and you could easily sew the ostrich feathers back on elsewhere if you wished. A meter of lace will give you three wings on each border, enough to drape around a bodice. You may need a little more if you want to preserve the continuity of that fabulous swirly border, though.
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