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Lace applique and Crystal Dress appliques

A range of lace appliques and decorative motifs to create a fabulous finish.  Please use the filter to help you with your choice. 
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Lace Applique are decorative motifs which are usually sewn to an existing fabric such as tulle or netting often with a matching lace or lace trim.  They are supplied in symmetrical pairs or individually and and are highly decorative. Our lace applique and crystal motifs are of extremely high quality and create a fabulous finishing look.­  These beautiful wedding dress embel­lis­hments, as used by top fashion designers, are transforming wedding gowns into flamboyant, dramatic creations, bringing back glamour, sophis­tica­tion and a dazzling sense of drama to both aisle and catwalk.­  A lot of lace appliques are actually handmade but there are many machine made variations too. Our customers also use appliques in jewellery manufacture, wedding and evening shoes and handbag design.­